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  1. From the dev stream page Other Tidbits We did a survey with the community, and a survey internally. It’s time to iterate both on Warframe and our internal processes to make 2020 the best year yet! Vauban needs more armour - Scott! Glass Maker is the name for Nightwave Series 3. New Rendering tech that we showcased last year will be coming as early as February to PC, as an opt-in for those wanting to push their rig! Cross-Save is something that we know the community wants and we’re working on it while we can. It’s a big challenge for us but we want to try! Looks like they hear us about survivability. Honestly aside from my disinterest in speed pad, giving him some pure survivability is all he really needs to be viable. Its probably substantially easier to work in a new frame for all those ideas (basically a combo of everything we suggested). I wouldnt mind playing the two characters a viable survivable vauban with this new tech frame. My suggestion is give them some kind of dual synergy. Dunno how to make that work but it would be cool to see them both in a game working in sync.
  2. Yea Tesla bank and fleccette orb greatly overshadow photon strike. I now see it as an assist for areas that aren't covered/locked down by fleccette orb.
  3. This is exactly what I was planning to do with my build more or less (maybe bit more power strength). But airborne dr and moa defense. It's sad that we have to go to such lengths. Essentially playing him like a weird zephyr... Just change vector pad to the corpus shield and hes good to go. I'm ready to settle for that lol.
  4. I feel they should do that, but also just give a flat 500 armor regardless if enemies are in it or not. Cuz wisps 1st ability greatly outshines it. (Bonus health plus regeneration plus PERMANENT FOR 25 ENERGY). Its too reliant on enemies having armor (mainly grineer) for it to be worth while. In orb valise it's not much use imo. I will say if they do the shield bubble and make it good then im.fine with Bastille as is (as it would be icing for his defense not the main source). Hell if they did that and made it synergize with Bastille giving him armor on top of the shield that would be good plus #synergy.
  5. If they replace speed vector pad with a corpus bubble and have its number of hits correspond to power strength he would be able to have a nice build set up. Also Bastille is not an effective form of defense/survivability for vauban.
  6. Ok so (as far as PC is concerned) fleccette is now a viable skill. Just wanted to take a moment to say to DE. THANK YOU! 😀. Even tho I'm on ps4 and cant experience it yet I wanted to mention that. Alot of us *@##$ and moan on this forum/thread but it's only cuz we love the game so much. Also keep the reworks coming! We are grateful.
  7. This. Death to bounce/ vector/ meme skill and put in this. It's already an existing element in the game. Its Corpus technology based which goes with his theme. It's not OP that makes him a tank. Gives him breathing room to actually set up his abilities. I think this would make him really fun.
  8. Especially since primaries and secondaries have exilus mod slots which you could put in an ammo mutation.
  9. So.... garuda got a buff to her skills. DE: what's your feedback on vauban community: vauban is in dire need of help DE: ok heres a buff to garuda Community:😑
  10. Honestly I'll even say this. I def want alot out of vauban rework. He's got so much potential. But at the very least survivability.
  11. I'm ok with people being "satisfied" with reworks... but for ther love of God DO NOT try to discredit everyone else who is not happy (the majority of us). It's extremely disrespectful to everyone who has put time into this thread.
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