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  1. Glad it's ending soon. I'm sick of Nora and her complete lack of immersion and dialogue. Listening to her is so bad I had to disable transmissions. I thought the Cetus quest was bad, but holy hell you put no effort into her half-braindead innuendos and writing. Not counting the slide cutscene that is just as low budget as you get. Hopefully the next season is less of a time sink so those of us who work for a living aren't scrambling for free time.
  2. I don't recall Shinobi commonly (or at all) using bows historically. Either way I'm all for nerfing meta weapons though, so bravo.
  3. Like a chainfist? The problem is the mechanical weight and strength to keep the impaling devices or cutting application in target and chew.
  4. Thanks, my hair growth is too damn fast.
  5. Anyone spending more than 500 on a Riven is out of their mind and is saturated by a bunch of endgame tools and MR25 knobs with nothing better to do with their freetime than throw a digital currency around. Secondly Sweeper Prime with a high end riven is absolutely hilarious on anything lower than T3 Sortie. I don't think Sentinel rivens as lackluster because the weapons themselves are the problem. It would also help alleviate this issue by removing the bar from Sentinel mod sharing like you did with pets and Venari, but actually addressing that issue doesn't seem to be anyone's priority like several outdated things in WF. Still, a bandaid is better than nothing in WF's carcinogenic trading.
  6. The grineer camo isn't very elaborate so purple with black lines and red with black aren't mutually exclusive. I prefer Nightwatch simply from how different it is. However I do appreciate that Tusks are a reactionary force and they should start adding more mobility and firepower to the grineer across the system.
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