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  1. Yeah I hope the devs over at DE see this one quick, it's a bad one
  2. Right after the POE Hotfix 24.6.2, I found that all of my warframes, weapons, and sentinels were turned into open slots in my inventory (Pause>Equipment>Inventory). I noticed this after I tried to sell my Equinox so I could claim my Equinox Prime from the foundry. Oddly enough, it's just a visual bug. I can still use my warframes and weapons, etc, if I go to my arsenal. Just seeing if anyone else has this problem. https://imgur.com/a/N2WjBb3
  3. I didn't see anywhere in the promo-codes section of Warframe.com a rule saying "Don't put too many codes in!"
  4. Still IP banned...I don't mean to be impatient but I thought Warframe support dealt with suspension/bans ASAP? Starting to get frusterated with this "Entered too many codes back-to-back and get a punishment for it..."
  5. Here's one, I can't find other until later. Using my phone in bed. I have the others in my PC history.
  6. Yeah I found a Reddit thread while doing some research on the topic. So many people having the same issue that also say they did indeed enter in too many BAD codes, as in they've been used already. I went through a list and entered all of them and yes, I had quite a few bad ones 😕
  7. It's been over 4 hours I guess I'll have to wait another 6 for support to even have a chance at seeing my ticket...😥I was soo looking forward to buying that Nidus deluxe on the spot! I had been saving so much plat and just got my helminth! Besides the fact I spent over 350p in rhino and nyx prime sets -_- EDIT:(BTW(yes, this info isnt important whatsoever)I was also very excited to buy the rhino deluxe for my upcoming rhino prime :\)
  8. It turns out "servers are down" for me because I got IP banned for entering in too many glyph promo codes. 😓😥
  9. Hopefully the servers are down right now because they are adding it...
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