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  1. Stats must include +3 -1 +cc +dmg +multi with a good neg (eg. neg: zoom/duration/ammo max/recoil) Do not hesitate to PM me ingame if i dont get back to you here :)
  2. yes I know this... What I am saying is that for example, DE should give older accounts in between a 101 days and 280 days a chance to choose their weapon reward as well , if someone came back to the game after stopping for awhile and is in between those daily tribute number after update 23.10 (eg. 101 to 230) wont have a chance to choose what weapon is given to them in the past and I am saying this is sort of unfair to those players.
  3. As a player of 5 years, if not mistaken in the past before the update 23.10 the daily tribute only allow players to have that SPECIFIC (Azima) weapon for the daily login reward at 100 days. How is it fair that changing the reward system and allowing players who played the game for such short amounts of time (only 100 days) get weapon like a Zenistar earlier than veterans in the game and on my end I have past the 100th login day wont have the chance to CHOOSE 1 out of the 3 weapons which players are given a chance to do after update 23.10 , instead I was given a fixed choice which is an Azima as my 100th day login reward. I think that older accounts should be given a chance to have access as well like newer accounts.
  4. sorry I think i accidentally clicked on it didnt notice
  5. Hello my dear Ninjas/DE!! I have been playing this game and been a member for 5 years, I have taken long breaks in between as it gets dry after a while but I always find my back to warframe. This is honestly one of the best games and I wont shy away from admitting that i have spent some money into the game as well. But after stopping for 1.5 years and coming back recently to see that they have changed the login rewards system and to see that it would take even longer for me to get the chance to get a Zenistar made me feel really sad... I am way past my 100 day milestone, but I feel it is so unfair for players who have dedicated so much time into this game to not get it but a fresh account which reach 100 day login to get it first seems a bit unfair. I just hope that DE rewards older accounts/players with an opportunity to choose 1 out of the 3 weapons. Please correct me if I got my facts wrong (this is a personal thought I just want to put it out there and hope that someone from DE sees this and thinks about it) Apology for tagging the megathread i didnt notice it thank you, Your Loyal Tenno
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