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  1. LMAO i found you! So this is how a grineer feels when they get sucked into vortex
  2. WTB > 25% kuva chakkhurr with radiation element
  3. WTB >any % Rad Kuva Chakkhurr Pm me in game 🙂
  4. yes exactly what i thought, it would be really nice to have this as this can be the true "end game" content for warframe , there is so many different roles (frames) in this game and it would be amazing , at least how i imagined it 🙂
  5. Just as the title says i know that once upon a time warframe had this feature but was taken away. I think it would be an amazing thing to have this feature again as players can fight each other (excluding conclave) for territory/rewards and maybe wreck each others clan dojo. I am really curious as to what other players think about the whole idea of this.
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