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  1. Type: In game. Description: Hystrix pistol cannot harm enemies afflicted by Xaku's Accuse ability. Visual: None. Reproduction: Play Xaku and cast Accuse on anything and then attempt to shoot with the Hystrix. Expected Result: Damage being dealt. Observed Result: No damage, no stagger, no status procs. Reproduction Rate: 100%
  2. Fire blasts augment (Healing flame, and Purifying Flame) does not grant heat damage to you and allies, that is the augment for Fireball which is named Fireball Frenzy.
  3. Passive (New) - Dragon skin Chroma recovers from primary elemental (Heat, Electric, Toxin, Cold) status ailments 50% faster. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Ability (Buff / New) - Spectral Scream Details Improve the damage, tick rate, and range to match the statistics of Effigy ability (400 scaling damage per tick, 5 ticks per second, and 20 meter range). Upon using Effigy, Spectral Scream will change into a new ability called Ire. Ire will cause Chroma to command his Effigy to create an elemental
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