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  1. Using "Eclipse" as Mirage causes significant texture issues on any other character you swap to in the simulacrum (confirmed for Prime not sure about normal Mirage) Medjay Predasite's "Infectious Bite" does not scale with any mods besides "Maul", this includes crit mods such as "Bite" and "Hunter Synergy". Vaykor Sydon's special ability does not work at all. The Tenebrous Ephemera shows the "Mutation" silhouette of Nidus in his Phyke skin despite being at 0 stacks. Replacing Nidus's first ability "Virulence" with anything removes his infestation stack tracker. One
  2. Fontaisha

    Lavos Bugs

    1. If Lavos infuses Gas into his abilities any enemy one shotted by his abilities will not proc Gas status, and thus not make the lingering cloud, contrary to how this works with weaponry. 2, Lavos' snakes have many animation bugs, such as when you are in the simulacrum and swap Warframes, a portion of the snakes body will linger on the next Warframe you swapped to. 3. There is also another bug where the snakes will freak out and move constantly, and it is client sided so sometimes the Lavos themselves will not see this happening but other people will. I am unsure of wh
  3. When I referenced its performance towards infested I merely said that it does not do bonus damage to the stronger units with which i was referring to bosses and deimos enemies. I never once said nor implied it did low damage to the Infested anywhere in my post The only other time I mentioned the Infested was when I said what the specialty of Gas damage was and I merely, to put it simply was saying that Gas should be better against other factions too. The attitude was not necessary in your post but I will take it as constructive criticism nonetheless.
  4. Ever since the status changes in Update 27.2 Gas as a damage type has felt underwhelming compared to what it used to be due to the dramatic shift in how Gas functions now. What was changed? New stacking effect that increases the area radius of the clouds. Gas clouds continue to tick radial damage even when the host dies. Removal of Gas damage being able to scale in any form with elemental damage mods. Gas clouds do not deal Toxin damage and status anymore, instead they deal Gas damage without any extra status effects. What is the issue? The stacking effec
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