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  1. Can someone explain to DE that there are other ways to make video game besides making it a boring as hell farmfest?
  2. The drop rate on toroids is far too low and far too many of them are required to rank up. I really don't understand why DE wants to make VS rep such a hassle to obtain, but it's really getting on my nerves. 🛑 NO! STOP! DON'T! DO NOT POST ABOUT FINDING A FARMING GROUP! DO YOU THINK I HAVEN'T TRIED THAT!? THEY ARE TOO FEW AND TOO FAR BETWEEN! 🛑
  3. Same here. Good to know that it's not just me.
  4. Fine, don't believe me. I've seen what happens when other services start this crap.
  5. This is the same crap that Steam pulls and I'm not having it!!! I do not want to have to go find my phone (which is currently broken) every time I want to log in! Two-Factor Authorization does NOT increase security it just makes play more of a hassle! fun!!! 😡😠😡
  6. Why doesn't the interface explain how to rank up arcanes? I thought you were supposed to rank up 3 rank 1s and then combine them into a rank 2. Now I have a crapload of rank 1 arcanes that are completely useless! Which brings me to another point, why am I not allowed to break up the arcanes and get the unranked ones back? Really, DE? I thought we were supposed to expect better of you. 😡
  7. Thank you for that useless non-answer.
  8. If Season 2 isn't ready, then why do they need to cut off season 1 when people clearly need more time to finish?
  9. NO! BAD DE!!! I'm not at 30 yet! So sick of this game putting stuff in the vault! 😡
  10. My Interception mission failed because Wolf and his cronies showed up and made it impossible for us to cap points. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THIS, DE!? Take him out of Intercept missions or make him and his douchenozzle buddies unable to cap points! Also you idiots owe me a sledge head. 😠
  11. He's spawned 5 times for me, once as the mission was ending.
  12. NO FARMING! VOLT ONRY! FINAL DESTINATION!!! I feel you, fam. Sadly, you're gonna get people in here with the attitude I just described.
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