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  1. Nightwave is another carrot on a stick to keep people farming items while the devs do anything but develop the game. It's the same kind of mentality that brought you the Prime Vault.
  2. Maybe DE ought to work towards making the game suck less.
  3. Can't wait until the next Tennocon when they announce that the release date for Railjack is coming soon...again.
  4. It isn't true, but I'm well aware that the hivemind of DE fanboys will believe anything Rebecca tells them to.
  5. Yup, you just keep telling yourself that.
  6. Gauss is for people who want to rush to extract as fast as possible, essentially Volt on steroids. It really exists for no other reason but to give rushers another tool to ruin the game for the rest of us.
  7. DE functions under an assumption that the longer it takes for you to do something, the more money you'll throw at them.
  8. DE doesn't deserve your money anyway. They put no effort into making this game better and think they can just distract us with Tennogen and twitch thots. Unfortunately, that seems to work on most of the people here.
  9. Fixing the host migration system won't make DE any money.
  10. IMO Mastery Tests are completely pointless and should be removed from the game. They don't serve any actual purpose since the majority of them focus on skills you will NEVER use. But fanboys adore them for some unfathomable reason, I guess they like having their time wasted.
  11. Because the current system can be exploited and gets people to buy platinum. A trading system would make it harder for robber barons to rip people off, thus making it harder for DE to sell plat.
  12. If DE put 1/10 as much effort into development as they do into shoving crap into the cash shop, Railjack would have been out months ago.
  13. The only thing that should be done with the Prime Vault is deleting it from the game. The only reason it exists is to bilk players for money. As long as DE continues these dirty, underhanded marketing practices, I will not give them a dime.
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