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  1. BlackRoseAngel

    Twitch Gear Bundle II is Live Now!

    This worked. Thank you.
  2. BlackRoseAngel

    Twitch Gear Bundle II is Live Now!

    18 hours later, still have not received items.
  3. I claimed the pack over 24 hours ago and the items still haven't shown up. What gives?
  4. BlackRoseAngel

    Twitch Gear Bundle II is Live Now!

    I claimed the items but never received them.
  5. BlackRoseAngel

    Is it supposed to be nigh impossible to sell valuable rivens?

    I was looking at the pricelines of Rivens of this quality and the price I put it up for certainly seemed reasonable. As I said I did get an offer, but the person never responded to my requests for a meet up. Also can we keep your personal opinions of my items out of this thread? I don't need people down talking what I'm trying to move. I wouldn't try to screw other people and I don't appreciate people trying to do that to me.
  6. BlackRoseAngel

    WTS Rattleguts Riven

    Rattleguts Vexi-Visican 800p MR13 Naramon Maxed Rank 8 Rerolls Stats: Damage +165.3% Multishot +86.2% Electric +74.0% Link to my sale on Riven Market
  7. I got a Rattleguts riven recently with incredible stats, but no one seems to be buying it. I got one offer from a guy, but he has made no attempt to contact me to make the trade. I don't understand how riven selling is supposed to work, am I supposed to sit in the trade chat for 20 hours a day and pray someone takes an offer on it?
  8. BlackRoseAngel


  9. BlackRoseAngel


    I finally got the Mantis Fusliage to drop and I lost it because it dropped in the god damned spy sortie and the alarm was tripped because I can't shoot the camera because it's melee only! GIVE ME BACK MY FUSILAGE AND GET RID OF THE LOSE ITEMS ON FAILURE!!! UNFAIR!!! UNFAIR!!! UNFAIR!!! UNFAIR!!! UNFAIR!!! UNFAIR!!! UNFAIR!!! UNFAIR!!! UNFAIR!!! UNFAIR!!! UNFAIR!!!
  10. BlackRoseAngel

    Sortie Lua Rescue WHY!?

  11. BlackRoseAngel

    Limit "Rare" bounty rewards

    And yet you felt the need to respond.
  12. BlackRoseAngel

    Sortie Lua Rescue WHY!?

    Increase the time to find the hostage or take it out of the rotation. As it is currently it's a dice roll that you actually find the hostage in the minuscule amount of time you get before he dies.
  13. BlackRoseAngel

    Limit "Rare" bounty rewards

    How about no?
  14. BlackRoseAngel

    Arbitration should allow you to keep drops if you die.

    I'm not your friend. Also, I didn't get that button because it was a defection mission. I turned a corner and was jumped by a bunch of infested and then the rest of my party ran off as I died. They refused to evac and made me wait, insulting me the whole time.
  15. Considering how long you're expected to be there and how you have no ability to contribute and if you die and your team decides to keep going you're essentially held hostage, I think it's very unfair that our drops our lost when the mission was successful. Also what am I supposed to do if the idiot randos on my team get me killed and they won't leave?