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  1. DE, fix, plz. How did it even make it into conclave? Are you guys trying to just kill it or what?
  2. Oh wait, we are talking about the same thing, it's just we define the skill floor a bit differently, when I say that a game has a low skill floor, I mean to say that it is hard to get into. When you say that it has a high skill floor, you mean the exact same thing. X)
  3. Exactly, and that is why Conclave would be good for a competetive shooter. High skill ceiling, low skill floor. In Conclave you have very little to stand on besides your skills, and some of the op/"nooby" weapons (ex. Ignis/Plasmor/Dual swords.) you have barely anything that you can grasp to hold yourself against the higher skilled players. It's a very binary, adrenaline fueled experience. In some games you are the apex predator, and in some you are the prey. For me, in an ideal state, Conclave would be pure skill against pure skill. Ultimate test of wits and hand-eye coordination. Lose hard or win big, the more you play, the more you win. In some rare cases, that's what Conclave is, and for those matches I started playing, and I kept playing.
  4. High skill floor would mean that it would be relatively easy to fight an experienced player, even if you are a newbie. Believe me when I say this, it is not. Go ahead and try it! Ask someone who has spent significant time in the conclave to 1v1 you with mirrored loadouts. I've seen people that I wiped floors with, destroy entire lobbies of newbies without a hitch. The skill floor is low, and contrary to popular belief, high mobility if used incorrectly will just make you lose even harder against good players. Why? Quite simple really, to move quick, especially with rolls and basic bulletjumps, you often make your movement linear, and you will get destroyed, even more so if you add the +mobility mods. Trust me, I learned the hard way. Good players know how to counter mobility, because you trade off offensive capabilities for defensive capabilities. They can literally stand in one place and focus purely on aiming. You can't really shoot back, because you will miss a considerable % of your shots, and it is especially true for new players. This effect snowballs, they will get free damage on you, so you will try to move faster in order to not die, so even less focus on aiming. You need to be good in conclave to make proper use of mobility, or you will just get melted by a karak in 0.333 seconds, or headshotted by a rubico.
  5. I also belive that Warframe could catch some of that PvP pie, especially when it offers such an unique experience. Disregarding that would be really wasteful, I'm sure that if polished, Conclave can be appealing to way more people. Conclave kept me playing Warframe for around 2 years now, most of the other misc. content was either trivial and bloated, or really enjoyable but compact and lacked replay value. I'm glad that people can see the value of what I experienced, it is a shame to see so many people quit after geting done with the curent available PvE content, and never returning. It is great to have some content that you can play in-between PvE releases. One of the greatest problems that PvP is currently facing, a lot of PvE change bleed over to PvP and disrupt the already flimsy balance. No updates also mean that bugs and glitches that could be trivial to fix, go unaddressed. Black screen loop, a glitch that made a whole region unplayable, hydroid panthera glitch, telos boltace, and many, many more broken "features" that got into conclave through PvE updates. Please, fix. Having to use your friendlist to "matchmake" with people is annoying, and really not something PvP players should have to do in order to play the game. This is a problematic problem, there is a very vocal part of the community that will raise pitchforks if anything related to PvE gets added into PvP. If you could get anything valuable through conclave, we would see a civil war. While adding some proper rewards to PvP would definitely liven it up, many people will scream, a lot. Very interesting suggestion, probably not worth to implement it right now, as there are many balancing issues, and on top the playerbase is low. But, if PvP takes off, I would love to see it included. Conclave has a very, very high skill ceiling, perfect for a competetive PvP game. Very cool post, and on a controversial topic. Sweet!
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