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  1. I wonder if DE will give you something for this project like that guy with 100 oberons.
  2. What if, instead of removing step 2, they remove 1 and 3? Every slide is now AoE pushing.
  3. Didn't they give out a primed chamber along side 100k 'lifetime' plat during a tennocon some years back?
  4. dev streams are 'events' and primed chambers have been dropped during those a few times 😉
  5. Hopefully Gauss will drop right after the dev stream 😉
  6. How long till the leaderboard is reset and the event is extended by a week?
  7. Looking forward to the event! We need a lot more of those 🙂
  8. "As a Community, you’re close to cracking the code" How much progress was scripted though? Awesome we got some mobility this quickly! I still hope we'll get a held dodge akin to a helicopter going full tilt at the cost of continuous shield drain.
  9. Her 1+4 combo doesn't fit the fast paced play style of Warframe. What her 4 needs is some way to move faster, like using a held version Hildryn's special dodge during flight in exchange for 50% more shield drain while using the extra energy for forward thrust. What her 1 needs is an alt fire that's better for clearing trash than the current charged nuke firing mechanic. Perhaps the Pax Seeker mechanic could be used for an alt fire, but only targeting enemies being affected by her 3 and/or 4.
  10. Any chance we'll get the auto-burst treatment for burst weapons that are less accurate/meant to spam fire more, like the Hema? I'm sure some other burst weapons needs it too.
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