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  1. Yeah, the changes was defined quite a while back, just waiting for them to get included in a 'future update'.
  2. We need a mod that adds 'Auto' to a weapons firing mode. That way we can turn Burst weapons into Auto-Burst. Cause Auto-Burst is great and way more weapons needs it. It's also easier on the trigger finger. Thanks for listening to my TedTalk
  3. I think we all know that the way Eclipse works was a gimmick when introduced, and if Mirage came out today, with held/tap and ability wheel being in the game, she would use some version of that to change which buff was active. Edit: I think it would be cool if it went from duration to drain, with 'Tap' activating and deactivating the ability, and a held click to switch between offense and defense.
  4. I was hoping the Xaku changes snuck into this update too, but the changes to Helminth are welcome.
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