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  1. I suppose Auto-Charge wouldn't be too out there. Even it the base fire rate was reduced by 10% or so, I would still use it.
  2. Yeah, the changes was defined quite a while back, just waiting for them to get included in a 'future update'.
  3. We need a mod that adds 'Auto' to a weapons firing mode. That way we can turn Burst weapons into Auto-Burst. Cause Auto-Burst is great and way more weapons needs it. It's also easier on the trigger finger. Thanks for listening to my TedTalk
  4. I think we all know that the way Eclipse works was a gimmick when introduced, and if Mirage came out today, with held/tap and ability wheel being in the game, she would use some version of that to change which buff was active. Edit: I think it would be cool if it went from duration to drain, with 'Tap' activating and deactivating the ability, and a held click to switch between offense and defense.
  5. I was hoping the Xaku changes snuck into this update too, but the changes to Helminth are welcome.
  6. Using mods that turn spent energy into shields does not work on Energy / Target abilities, such as Ember's Inferno. It makes perfect sense for it not to work on drain abilities, but this is a 1 click 1 cast ability, so it should work.
  7. Finally, stuff to do! Thanks for the update 🙂
  8. I vote Letter13 for best community moderator.
  9. I just tested it out and the spawn rate seemed to have been massively reduced, I barely got 100 kills during the first round where I would usually get 500-2000 depending on frame and tactic.
  10. Hello. Whenever I enter a game with a leave with reward or continue choice as the round is about to finish, I'm unable to do anything. It looks like this:
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