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  1. Hi! Just a quick question about kuva farming: Are there any plans to make the Kuva survival kuva drops scale with the mission? For example, 200 base kuva + (50 * kuva extractions completed)?
  2. You can't add a base value and then use it in a "per this" situation. The more you kill, the better the reward. You spend 5 minutes either way. Now in the aspect of your value of the time spent, you may not feel like playing the game mode for x more pearls. That's where the afk players remain afk players even after the change.
  3. No and no. - The game mode was added to be a casual and fun game mode. People grind because they want the floofs. It was never intended to be such, although it is an option. Not everyone has the time nor willpower to sit in a chair all day playing a redundant gamemode to get a just few cosmetic items. - That contradicts your first point. If you are saying that it should be a grind, then in no way is rewarding better play the same as lowering the prices all together. To clarify, I think the event is cool, and I am in no way complaining about the game mode itself. DE doesn't owe it to us to make this, however there are some issues with the co-op aspect as far as the kill-stealing which is now a problem and a motive for toxic players to jump into.
  4. Watch the devstreams before you ask questions. They've addressed a lot of what you've asked.
  5. What don't you understand by accurate? If you want to use umbra, go ahead, but it's not accurate and you probably won't get even close to winning.
  6. Tell me how you're going to accurately represent a frame in the trailer without one of the three shown
  7. Have any accessories besides helmets ever been alert drops? It's a legitimate question. It stands to reason that primed helmets would be categorized differently than primed syandanas/armor sets because the regular helmets are categorized differently than regular syandanas/armor sets. Plus, apparently Steve said that there is a possibility that they will be on the drop tables. Just definitely not on release.
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