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  1. Hey all; I Know waiting a patience is hard. I too am chopping at the bit for the new flood of content. Two points though. First I think DE knows its own track record of breaking solid release dates, maybe, just maybe they don't want to possibly break a promise they are not sure they can keep. I think they are working hard to release this open world with as few game breakers as possible. As a second point they are working hard to put as much polish as they can before release, they take pride in their work and do not want to just shovel out an update that does not come anywhere near the hype that has boiling the last few days. As just an observation in regards to them going dark with updates the past few days, half of it is to intensify the hype, the other half is to temper that hype to a realistic expectation. Everyone knows, especially DE, that a Friday release is not optimal, but it will take as long as it takes. We all just need to breath, keep it cool, let the hype simmer. As my 6 year old says,"You get what You get and You don't throw a fit." Everyone, make yourself a great day!
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