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  1. oh COME ON! So instead of making Silver Grove Specters immune to those abilities, so that handful of people doesn't abuse it anymore, you are gonna NERF a +4 years old acceptable behavior to punish everyone else? Can you at least buff the abilities chance to yield additional loot or finally do something about Hema research cost? The farm to get 5000 Mutagen Samples was already nauseously soul crushing but now, after this nerf it will be so much worse. Just cut it down to 1000 samples...
  2. oh... Can you please change it back to red? We have red health bars and red orb drops that restore health but this new green gear restore clashes with them and creates confusion.
  3. It's a little bit sad to see the last part of Warframe's beginning changing... but I can't wait to see how the new dark theme looks like :) While you are working on forum's changes can you maybe add one more thing? Can you make a little change to the polls so that we can see on what we have voted on? Like look at this: Can you tell me, what I have chosen? No? It was 2 So please can you add some sort of mark or highlight to see your vote after choosing it? Screenshot taken from a recent poll in Design Council.
  4. Thank you for this change! It's so much better now to immediately see the most important info. From the wording of the 2nd sentence it suggests that Aura would be always shown on the 2nd line regardless if a Relic is equipped. I just came back from testing that in game and I can gladly say that it isn't the case because the Relic is shown on a 2nd line like it was before the UI change. But Now there appeared another problem. As it only shows first 3 lines, the Relics with longer names take up 2 lines (radiant) which pushes Aura out of sight. It's just a minor thing but I thought that I should share this.
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