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  1. What did you have to do/use to create those incredibly satisfying sounds on the new Corpus radiation gun that was showcased on the previous Devstream.
  2. The new End of Mission screen looks really nice and I know that it's still a wip but I would like to give my feedback on it in form of points with questions and finish it up with my poor attempt at photoshop to show some of my and other people suggestions. - Item labels - everyone else who commented before me have already made excellent points on this matter. - Will this new EoM screen be used only at the end of the mission or for the one in mission too? - Why is the Mission Time only visible in Stats screen? if this EoM screen is gonna be used in mission the it would me more helpful to see it on the loot screen too. - Will only the positive faction rep/affinity gain be shown? if the negative gain will be shown too then they will immediately push out the equipment's affinity/focus gain, whose information I believe is more important to the players to see. This potential issue could be fixed by setting the shown order like this: Intrinsics > Equipment > Syndicates - Space usage - as it is shown in the wip screen, it is split in the following way: 50% visible Frame renders, 7% Names + contributions, 33% Affinity and loot info, 10% free space. I think it would look more balanced if it was changed to this division: 40% frames, 5% names, 45% xp/loot info, 10% free. With additional space in xp/loot, it would be possible to add an extra row to both of them, resulting in 8 spots for Affinity and 15 for loot. (sorry if my english got bad at the end but it was 2am at the moment of submitting this reply and I really wanted to share my thoughts on this topic as quickly as possible)
  3. Shared Affinity doesn't save after completing a mission and returning to dojo/orbiter. as you can see I have leveled Fulmin up to rank 14 but if you take a look at the upper left corner you will see that it stayed at rank 13 and the same goes for Intrinsics: showed as 6 but I only got 3. here are links to screenshots from another run: https://imgur.com/6Jb25QZ https://imgur.com/Cx6sfRS and here is a link to a reddit post with much better explanation on the issue:
  4. Thank you for those changes and especially for the improved flight controls that aren't mentioned in the update notes.
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