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  1. Shiniko

    PC: Where's Update 19.12.0!?

    ==" *sigh* Guess I'll just study for midterms....or something.
  2. Yay free name change! Saved 200 plat today~
  3. The whole solar system's a ballpark!! :D
  4. We do? I thought we only only played Lunaro in arenas.
  5. Shiniko

    [Recruitment Is CLOSED!] Cephalon Shy

    Well, I'm currently studying commerce at UOIT in Ontario, and planning to go into HR or Marketing. My usual hangouts in meatspace are at church w/ friends making music or playing board games. I'm currently MR 18 in WF, maining Ember and Loki, and grinding Void when available. I also love trading, and have been using the current system extensively since its release :) Anything else ya wanna know about me, feel free to ask :D P.S my sarcasm and gutter-mind is on/past AGGP's level, please let me know if such humour is tolerated :D
  6. Shiniko

    [Recruitment Is CLOSED!] Cephalon Shy

    1. IGN: Shiniko 2. I enjoy Shy's sarcastic wit, And I'd like to be exposed to more of it <3. My current clan is quite dead, so I'm looking for a new group to enjoy the game with. 3. I'm in first year uni, an avid gamer, and I love to read (Warframe has been the subject of a few of my bad fanfics). I play Warframe as my main game atm, and APB Reloaded sometimes when i want a change of scenery :) In Warframe, I'm usually running Void for ducats, or doing invasions for whatever nice little tidbit is available. I've never played a raid, and I'd love to try one out sometime. Personality-wise, I'm sarcastic and humorous, and often make remarks at the expense of myself and/or others, but always in good fun. I guess that's all? Can't think of anything else to say :P 4. Steam is also Shiniko :D
  7. Shiniko

    It Would Be Great To See Darvo's Discounts
  8. Shiniko

    Update 17.7

    I too would like to know this.
  9. Shiniko

    Please Stop Putting Frames Behind Archwing Content

    And i just spent 2/3rds of my Thanksgiving weekend farming Elytron parts cause of just burnout from the normal game :P IMO, Archwing is a nice little breather from when the normal game gets dull.
  10. Maverick's still exist? O.o
  11. if those nikanas become tradable, they're gunna be expensive as hell cause not too many people do PvP XD
  12. Shiniko

    Some Kind Of Auction House? [Megathread]

    No. An auction house would kill all pricing.
  13. Shiniko

    Hotfix 15.13.2

    Not First, thanks for patch. XD
  14. Shiniko

    Build, Prepare, Endure

    "Endure" is right.
  15. Shiniko

    Update 1: Grate Prime

    If only this were really implemented for today.......