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  1. I already reported this moulty times but to no avail. but my game acc is corrupted because all my formas. a list of mods and even one of my bobble heads vanish from my inventory. and I don't realy care for it but the last nightwave before the new one out now wouldn't lvl up even thoe I filled its exp bar moulty times intel like 2 days after it was already ending then it lvl up once but was to late. and now I cant log in, join a mission or leave my arsenal with out constantly being promted with a psn error telling me my acc is corrupted because items removed from my characters gear such as bloodrush. ammo drum. and even my argon scope were all removed because the slots they were in had there parlarty marks change only instead of jest removing these mods they vanish all to geather. and no longer in my inventory wich probly why its saying my acc is corrupted. please help fix it. before I start to lose more of my stuff like my prime mods.
  2. hi idk if you see my other post yet but I thought id let you know my gear is still all missing and my account is still prompting me with the error telling me that because items that were on my character have gone missing my data is now corrupted and it be nice if you can help fix it before I start to lose more of my stuff or I end up spreading a corrupted bug. by playing with others. wich in the end will break you're game if it gets any worse. please help me.
  3. hi I reported these bugs back to back and now there getting worse first my nightwave rank wouldn't lvl up even though I filled the bar nere 10 to 30 times then. all of my fromas. wich was 14 normal formas 3 aura and 1 umbra. all vanish from my inventory. wich I had reported before. but now the nightwave is over the porlarty slots on my warframes and weapons had change some and the mods such as blood rush that was in the slots also vanish. and when ever I load up the game now or try to enter missions im promted with an breaf error saying that my data is now corrupted. please help me. before me playing a corrupted account breaks youre game. and not agnore this report like the other ones. and ps.. please try not to remove any more of my stuff 😞 I farm soo hard to get what I got and barely get to spend money on this game. and I got alout of frames and gear I don't want to lose.
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