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  1. I agree with what @(PS4)Hikuro-93 wrote. These were supposed to be some kind of trophy for YOUR efforts. So making this tradable is a big no. However they should require challenge to be unlocked instead of brainless grinding, like with Blazing Step Ephemera.
  2. Still, shape-wise it'd seem it is Paracesis' skin. Just my two cents.
  3. There's also one from Baro and there was one that was obtainable during last tactical alert in case you missed it.
  4. Reason: changing time of day in plains/Vallis.
  5. >When there's Index and people still complain about Credits. Huh?
  6. Seems like that wouldn't be the first time for him.
  7. Until auras get some rework Aura Forma is close to useless anyway. But I get the point. Though I myself have over 250 nitains it'll take ages for some people.
  8. Prawdopodobnie wina routera. Skonfiguruj, ustaw porty do forwardingu. Jeżeli nie możesz zrobić tego sam kontaktuj się z dostawcą internetu.
  9. Alternatywnie Banshee z augmentem pod Ciszę też się nada.
  10. That's awfully long time to fix something that, as I suspect, was good and got broken somewhere midway.
  11. Not years. More like bit of more than half year. But still too long. Commodore Prime also needs fix for belt clipping through leg in combat stance, hood needs to be better aligned with armor and they shoud fix that ugly cut on the part that was previously part of shoulderguard, but now is part of cuirass.
  12. Support pewnie zawalony pytaniami "GDZIE MUJ DARMOWY NEKROS PRAJM???!!!11". :v Czasem są obsuwy. Spróbuj ewentualnie zmienić hasło na stronie, jeśli masz taką możliwość i zalogować się z nowym hasłem.
  13. >Oh no, rewards don't fit my taste. They are so bad. If you don't want it then skip it. Not everything will be always to your liking.
  14. I, personally, find it lovely, that's it's the same problem that was there last year and there'll be mosty likely mass confusion, and A LOT of posts and threads like this one, just like the last time.
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