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  1. Yeah I was basically just trying to think of a way to make it more doable for players who have some time but not as much as others who can grind hours a day but don't have cash, and what you said about the scrap system sounds like a good option
  2. Tbf yeah some prime sets can cost less than normal frames but that doesn't mean people often buy nirmal frames, if anything if anyone even took 2 minutes to look and saw they could get a better version cheaper and get the expensive weaker version free later they'd do just that but yeah I can see with helminth maybe with vouchers but I'd say they make more money from priem packs, prime access and just buying plat in general which is more likely to be used on mods, primes and rivens and cosmetics rather than base warframes
  3. Yeah i get what you mean but doesn't take a hardcore player to run a mission for a few hours in just for 1 thing but yeah that makes sense Yeah I guess but like mentioned before there's so much grind for new players some don't think it's really worth it and feel they will HAVE to spend plat to get some things they want I don't see how that would make much difference to their businesses, just means a handful of individual players won't have to do as many runs for standard frames which people are far less likely to buy, they make more money when people want to buy prime versions
  4. So I have helped a fair share of players new and old, especially lately since I've been adding a lot of noobs to my clan from discord I've just been trying to help someone get wisp by farming ropalolyst, already done over 15 runs with him before and just done 11 more, still no neuroptics for him, all the parts have an even drop chance except the main BP which I think you can just buy so that shouldn't be there imo but yeah basically it's hard trying to get people into the game when they're having to spend multiple hours killing the same boss just for 1 part Does it seem pheasble smt
  5. Ah right I see what you're saying. And I agree with what phatose said I never knew there were clan based leader boards, had I known I'd have made my barracks before the event, however I am only adding members from a discord who are mostly all new to the game and can't play the event anyway, and since my clan wont get a reward for having a leader board score I'd rather not be included so I can continue sorting my clan out for new members which like phatose said is a massive over sight Because now if I want to add any new members I have to wait an entire month to do so which
  6. So I've nearly finished re building my dojo layout and have started trying to ass barracks so I can add more people who are new to help them, but when I tried earlier it said I couldn't construct the barracks due to the event (orphix venom on xbox) and I wouldn't be able to build until it was over, which is 30 days. Why? I really don't get why I can't add clan capacity during an event, I've only recently started trying to do more with clans so I didn't know this was even a thing and I just can't see why it's necessary to have that restriction because of an event cause now I can't let pe
  7. Game really needs a new UI that allows you to preview a 3D model of your clan rooms before you build and allow you to restructure,waiting several hours per room to deconstruct only to waif days to rebuild and find something won't fit or work is a pain especially if you are like me, starting to build a dojo years ago just so you can get research and later deciding to want to change the layout only to find you have to destroy dozens of rooms 1 at a time
  8. Something that always irritated me about clans. When I first started making my own, I never knew I wouldn't be able to move rooms around after building them and would instead have to destroy rooms and start from scratch, the thing is, a lot of rooms have prerequisite rooms to be able to build in the first place so when I started off I just built onto extentions etc and made what rooms I wanted when I could without really planning structure thinking I could change it down the line if needed which I never really cared about cause it was just my little chill place and something to do However
  9. Sorry if this is dumb but do you only reply on here using quotes? (new to using this site) And I get what you are saying but I think it's unreasanble, would be like saying oh people are leveling weapons and frames up too fast so we're reducing the amount of xp earned from stealth it just seems a bit silly imo especially since intrinsic points required become exponentially more per level, like now, I have a 4x boost in affinity with the event boost and my own booster, and at the most I get around 30 intrinsics average if I do gian point in the veil which takes me about 10 to 15 minutes
  10. So I have been playing rail jack again first time in a while, last I left off I had I think 7797 on my intrinsics and with the affinity booster I thought I'd go try farm, now I have done a good 10 runs and there's some things that still bug me, one is the game freezing at the end as you leave the area to dojo, and not getting reward, and other things that mainly irritate me is the way the game mechanics are altered. For example, if I want to gain xp efficiently on my own for weapons and now with the helminth system on some frames, I use equinox sleep ability, so exterminate on sedna and
  11. So I was trying the new iso vault last night, did the old ones to access new ones, used my freshly formad mech when I coudk to level it up, no problem except for the 3rd new vault bounty, where at like the last stage, there was something on the ground that was glowing a bright sort of green? To the point where most of my screen was blind and I couldn't see what was going on and got downed, and as I revived I noticed the necramech xp I earned had reset, which I though was fixed in yesterday's console update? I think the bounty stage had me look for those cysts to pop when filling a sack to mark
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