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  1. Intro First, I know there's a similar thread still being updated by Volzien. However, it's mostly about Dojo construction and Clan management. I'd like to talk more about the roles of Clans and Alliances in the game as a whole. There's a lot of potential for Clans and Alliances to grow as other features in the game have (parkour, main story, Prime loot, etc.) and I hope these ideas can be of some use to help them reach that potential in the future of Warframe. Clan Changes Clans are mostly seen and used for research, even though there are players that are looking for a co
  2. As soon as I heard Silica, I thought it was a good fit. Gara isn't a terrible name, but I agree that it's pretty on the nose and if it really is based off of 'Garasu' that's just laughable. And I mean that as in it's hysterical for a minute or two and then it's just sad.
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