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  1. Yeah, I really appreciate those players who go by this rule for the sake of others.
  2. Set everything to low-quality settings?
  3. I haven't tried changing that setting (Mine's at a 100). I enjoy seeing effects so it's kind of sad that I have to lower it down just because of these nausea-triggering weapons but I'll give it a try, thanks! I think it's just the red + green on blue makes it nauseating. Just looking at it hurts the back of my eye
  4. I finally got my Wisp and decided to level it on hydron only to be partied with someone who has a staticor (I think it's this weapon). It was blinding the heck out of me. I do not understand why this weapon has an effect that alters your vision (screen). The user kept on using it around us so I keep on seeing it and after a while, I felt nauseous, my head hurts and I wanted to vomit. I took a screenshot of what I constantly see when it explodes.
  5. My first few runs bugged a lot with it not shooting their laser. I think I had to abort missions for like 7 times
  6. I experienced it doing that. Just running around lol
  7. I've actually regretted buying frames before, even prime ones. I was new to the game so I was excited to get as many primes as possible and the ones I really like I would buy it. But now I just farm them, no matter how long it takes.
  8. It was somewhat okay before, we were confused about why she left and we needed something to cope with our loss, we needed to feel that she was still with us. But now that the story has progressed and from what we were told, I find it weird to hear her voice as someone who is on "our side" but that's just me. xD
  9. I personally like it. I like it better than other star-chart bosses. I don't have to sit like a duck waiting for their invulnerable state to have a "slight" opening.
  10. Farming Ropalolyst, listening to Natah talking and suddenly operator says, "For the Lotus"
  11. I only wish they would change Lotus' hologram to Ordis. It's kind of weird when Natah talks to us when farming Ropalolyst and then Lotus' voice explains to you why it's important to assassinate the target.
  12. I've always farmed using Nekros + other normal frames. The only time I get other farming frames is if my clanmates decide to farm efficiently. So I guess this doesn't affect me much since I've been okay with just Nekros
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