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  1. 7 hours ago, Firedtm said:

    Most weapon and warframes that have effects that just blind you. black, dark gray, or dark colors are a must for these weapons and warframes. 

    I feel your pain @i.Faust 

    Yeah, I really appreciate those players who go by this rule for the sake of others. 

    2 minutes ago, Ced23Ric said:

    Does this help?



    I recall playing with the Redeemer, and holy heckies, it wasn't pretty.


    I haven't tried changing that setting (Mine's at a 100).

    I enjoy seeing effects so it's kind of sad that I have to lower it down just because of these nausea-triggering weapons but I'll give it a try, thanks!

    I think it's just the red + green on blue makes it nauseating. Just looking at it hurts the back of my eye


  3. I finally got my Wisp and decided to level it on hydron only to be partied with someone who has a staticor (I think it's this weapon). It was blinding the heck out of me. I do not understand why this weapon has an effect that alters your vision (screen). The user kept on using it around us so I keep on seeing it and after a while, I felt nauseous, my head hurts and I wanted to vomit.


    I took a screenshot of what I constantly see when it explodes.





  4. I've actually regretted buying frames before, even prime ones.

    I was new to the game so I was excited to get as many primes as possible and the ones I really like I would buy it.


    But now I just farm them, no matter how long it takes.

  5. 2 minutes ago, evilChair said:

    I think DE introduced holo-lotus with that in mind in specific because it creates a kind of really twisted sense of irony between the detached but allied Lotus that we're used to and Natah, who is now the real thing. It's good, tight, trim writing, all used and nothing wasted.

    It was somewhat okay before, we were confused about why she left and we needed something to cope with our loss, we needed to feel that she was still with us.

    But now that the story has progressed and from what we were told, I find it weird to hear her voice as someone who is on "our side" but that's just me. xD

    1 hour ago, XRosenkreuz said:


    Yeah, that's what I thought but apparently, our leader insisted it's "how things are now".

    49 minutes ago, DreisterDino said:


    Yes, I wanted to just have fun while helping our new players but instead we got choked by these "rules" that our leader forcefully enforced. It was not fun, I lost my mood. To me it did not matter if the door was open, enemies will come like they always do but our leader insisted on keeping it closed because my way (from my many past experiences playing this game) is wrong and our leader's way is the correct method because it's how things work "now".

    and yes, certain rules should be followed like sticking together in a corner if someone has a Nekros or a Hydroid and if none, gathering near life support and fight around it, but not too far to split spawns, those are good rules. 

    1 hour ago, Zelmen said:


    Yes, I am aware that enemies could spawn behind the door but at the end of the day, those same doors will constantly open as enemies start to enter which makes no difference if the door is open or not. Besides, there are no stopping enemies from spawning on blind spot corners anyway. 

    and rumors are just rumors unless someone does actual testing and provide concrete proof, if not then I see it as a myth. It's not uncommon though for games to have their own myths that some people believe in because it works for them. I remember there was a type where opening relics, one has to wait outside the extraction and let the counter reach 0 to get those rare drops and there are people who really believed that. Anyway, I rarely use my 4 on Nekro's because I find it annoying and I'd rather see my enemies clearly than have a bunch of them block our sight or attacks. I only use it for emergencies like when everyone is getting overwhelmed and I need some meat shield to redirect aggro.

    1 hour ago, trst said:


    I just recently acquired a pet but I've been with a party who brought them and so far, there have been no problems and if there was something, it's most likely small. 

    and yes, I have personally noticed that too, if we see our enemies in our minimap, they tend to be more aggressive in coming to you but I have no interest in doing tests nor do I have the attention span of repeating the said test for an X amount of times. It could just be normal and we just think they seem aggressive is because we see them coming to us compared to being blind as to where they are.

    56 minutes ago, Dark_Lugia said:


    Yeah, splitting up also splits enemies. I also notice that when someone tries to run to get life support. Though I'm not sure what happens to them when you return to your spot though. Do they chase you or do they stand there from afar waiting for you to come back or do they get erased?

  7. So I've played this game for a while and went on a hiatus shortly after PoE was introduced. I came back around Feb this year (I did return before that but they were just whims since I was bored or that I heard there was an update about the story). Now that I am back I have been farming left and right just to catch up. I'm even still using MOTE amp lol but I'm working my way up, I even found a small clan that's growing nicely.

    Anyway, our leader decided to farm for resources since some new members also needed them. I got nothing better to do so I went with them as Nekros. We did survival against infested.

    I was very surprised when our leader was strongly against bringing beasts in survival because it will mess up the spawn rate. I've been with parties before who brought pets and nothing really happened with the spawn rate but our leader said that monsters don't spawn in our line of sight and beast provides that line of site as well so it'll mess up the spawn?

    Also, our leader kept on insisting to "close the door" from where we were camping and not go near it so it won't open unless an infested gets close because it will also mess up the spawn rate if we leave it open?


    I'm really confused right now, I've been farming with Nekros for ages on survival with the door open and just blasting incoming beast with my Lenz. There are even moments when we go YOLO and just go out and melee everything that moves without spawn problems, even stayed longer than 40 minutes+ without using life support but to be forced to obey this "new rule" that our leader strongly insist on us to follow because it's "how it works now" (leader's words) makes me wonder if I missed something when I was on hiatus?

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