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  1. - Remember to remain respectful and follow the Community Guidelines , if you see someone breaking the rules or harassing anyone please report the posts. Also if you need an idea of where to upload your pictures imgur works well for that! -Cleesus Hey everyone, On almost every game forum I've ever been active on, there's always been a "Post pictures of yourself" thread in the player introduction section. The last forum I was active on had something like 200+ pages of posts/images, and it went great. So, why not try the same thing here? 😄 Now, obviously with this kind of thread there needs to be rules. 1. No nudity. (obviously) 2. Nothing obscene (gestures etc) 3. Must be of yourself. So, no random pictures you got off Google images (we had that problem in the last thread, with anime characters -.- ) 4. If you are posting a group photo, I recommend either getting the others' permission, or just putting a black square over their faces. 5. No insulting other people. <-- This is the big rule. Don't screw around and insult someone's picture. 6. Refrain from being creepy. Females do play Warframe. If a girl posts a picture, don't reply 20 times and send her a thousand PMs asking for her ASL. This is a place for us to have fun, not be harassed. I have PM'd Rebecca about this, she gave me the all clear. However, given the nature of the thread, it's going to be on very close watch. Let's keep it clean and follow the rules. These threads usually go great, and I hope this one is no different. It wouldn't be right for me to start the thread and not post an image. I don't have a camera or anything, so I just grabbed these off my Facebook. Usually I wouldn't post stuff like this or tell people what I do, simply because people on the internet love to associate it with me trying to sound tough/show off. But, Warframe has proven itself to have one of the better communities out there, so I may as well. First one is of me in holiday in Melbourne. Was having a good time with that stupid orange that I won at Luna Park. Second was my after my first MMA fight. Don't be shy guys, get posting! (remember, do NOT break the rules) Just for fun, and because I have no shame. Here's a picture of Bob Dylan taunting me.
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