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  1. Thanks for all the input. After several weeks, the best I can do is the third wave. Working on maxing out some arcanes and seeing if that will make the difference.
  2. [laughs in Founder] It's still kicking my teeth in and I do have most of the good toys. My problem is that I'm not a berserker. I'd rather take my time and solo a level as Loki. This test pretty much goes totally against style. I'll kindly disagree with DE. This is not mastery, it's a speed run. I feel like I'm rushed/panicked and not a master of a damned thing. :-)
  3. Okay, tried it on Earth and I got the award. BUT, I don't think it was the location that mattered. I 'changed' the challenge from no alarms to no ALERTS. So, I avoid all physical contact and sight of the enemy. A run so perfect that only the Lotus and I knew we were there.
  4. Long duration invis Loki and I thought I was flawless. Will try again and see if some random goon is messing it up.
  5. Ditto, same thing for me. It seems kind of not challenging for an 'elite' challenge. Perhaps there is something missing like higher levels, nightmare spy, or something. Hopefully DE will shed some light on that one.
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