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  1. MR30 and I didn't know you could swap weapons.
  2. I tried a Mesa build and was not happy. I decided that I could not beat it alone. So, I a spawned a Cosmic Rhino specter and a Celestial Twin with a god bow. Made it with 2 units of life support to spare. Thank you for all the support and ideas. I think after a hundred or so losses I was entitled to use the easy button. :-)
  3. What would a successful/optimal build for Mesa for MR30 look like? It would be better for me to try that and see if it is my tactics (which I suspect.)
  4. The short answer is that I have failed something like a hundred times now (3-4 runs per day on average) with nearly every warframe that I thought might stand a chance. The best I have been able to get was to the start of wave four with a Volt melee build. I'll probably concentrate on that until I beat the test or uninstall Warframe. Not sure which will come first.
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