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  1. My PS4 Pro on my 4k monitor with max settings already looks good enough. The only PS5 benefit is loading time so you can do 6x3 eidolon hunt which i don't care about anymore. Been playing for 5+ years, think its best to play new generation games first at release then start playing when there is nothing else to play. Since PS5 is better hardware maybe now would be a good time to bring LoR and JV back.
  2. You don't craft Umbra forma. It comes built if you got it.
  3. Pretty sure Eximus spawns after 5 min so how can you get 1 steel essence every 2 min? and 70 essence in 2 hours is 70/120 min lol
  4. Arcane Energize is the only way now. Use Protea with high duration and drop a dispenser, then go on your Necramech and use super to blow everything apart, when energy runs out come out of your Necramech, and use Protea 2nd ability to proc Arcane Energize, and go back to Necramech to use Super, and repeat. Similarly, to heal health, use Vazarin Dash or Arcane Pulse.
  5. None of what you wrote is correct bro. Simply kill your Necramech to save your progress and summon again. Works everytime.
  6. XP is bugged. In order for you to save all you have to do is kill yourself. But killing yourself will only save the progress of Necramech and your archgun, not the super gun. Nothing seems to save the progress of super gun. You also can not pick up energy orb or health orb. So to heal energy come out and proc Arcane Energize, and to heal use Vazarin Dash or Arcane Pulse.
  7. Its buggy, be patient i guess. To heal energy use Arcane Energize, to heal health use Vazarin dash or Arcane Pulse.
  8. You have to kill yourself to save progress. It's very annoying. You also can not replenish energy with energy orbs, have to use Energize to refill energy. The super weapon is bugged too. Dieing resets the progress so I am not sure how to level it. I forma'd it and now its stuck to level 10 and i can't seem to get it up.
  9. It's been happening since day one of Deimos. I am not sure if its a bug, it's possible its Necromech's ability preventing us.
  10. It’s a bug. Simply die in your Necramech to save your affinity progress. Don’t call another one. You also loose progress during host migration, so I usually tell the host to wait till I have killed myself.
  11. It wouldn't be called "Terror" if enemies affected were running towards Nekros lol. Nekros is totally fine the way he is, made even better by adding Mag's Greedy Pull.
  12. That's such a disappointment. Really hope it comes tomorrow orelse I just wasted my vacation. It's probably just going to be like POE, you play for 2-3 days and your done until next update which probably another 6 months lol
  13. So is it coming tomorrow or not? I already took vacation days Tuesday - Friday to for this.
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