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  1. The rework is looking good! I have one issue though... the passive can expire? This would be unfair for Wukong; he would 1) be the only Warframe that loses its passive after too many uses and 2) there is Nidus that has a similar passive, but can recharge its effectiveness after just a few stomps to a mob. I think instead of giving him only three death-cheats, it should be a cooldown for at least 2-3 minutes.
  2. Non-expiring cosmetics WHEN? I want to be pumpkin head forever! Anyway, I still have my Christmas decorations from last year
  3. Clem Wraith would make the most sense, being that Wraiths are Grineer
  4. Misery Noggle? MISERY IS COMING BACK CONFIRMED ... but the event ends tomorrow so..
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