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  1. Instead of clicking into the equipment screen to see whether the weapon has or has not been mastered,but have it show on the main market menu. For example, I need to click on the Hek to see if it's been mastered, but I would only have to look in the corner of his screen space near the mastery requirement would be so I could scan over and see I don't need to recraft it for any mastery points.
  2. Oberon looks like he's using Reckoning, prepare for the radiation procs! Your evolution based idea seems to fit Oberon pretty well :P
  3. JazzaJarom


    I feel this style fits Valkyr pretty well, great work!
  4. aww that lil infested pup is so cute :3
  5. JazzaJarom


    Frost looks like it's one step ahead of you, no matter what.
  6. Aww look at the cute lil fella, he'll rip and tear Grineer apart though won't he?
  7. This feels so peaceful, yet the symbol of The New War promises chaos yet untold will soon be unleashed upon the system...
  8. After this, Clem learnt to bring his fort over as he waits for yet another chance at saving the beautiful creatures of Orb Vallis :P
  9. Nidus has been and most likely will continue to be my favourite Warframe, an excellent work of art in my opinion!
  10. If not the Warframes themselves [yet], as your skill grows, maybe make lil floofs of Titania's butterflies, or Nidus' maggots? Hope you do well with the magic of plushie-crafting, whatever other names it may go by :P
  11. #1591263 - Hole in the Personal Quarters door. Both sides.
  12. I'm excited. Like, really, I'm excited! Can't wait to see what you all pull off this update 😛
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