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  1. I'd normally recommend heading over to Folren's Riven Discord Server and use the bots there to calculate approx. price, but the bot is currently down as they finish reworking it to match with the recent changes made to the game. Best bet is to look at other people selling Sybaris rivens on riven.market and see which ones sell quickly, but are also good quality.
  2. You can kick everyone else then leave, or give leadership to someone else and then leave.
  3. [Presuming you are a PC Tenno] Try optimizing your cache via the launcher, just hit the gear icon in the top right when the launcher pops up, then under Cache click on Optimize, this can take up to a few hours depending on your hardware and where the game is installed, but it will clear out a lot of junk. If the game still crashes, go to C:\Users\Your name here\AppData\Local\Warframe, grab a copy of the ee.log file and send a ticket to support with that log file describing specifically what happens when the game crashes.
  4. Trade requirements depend on both the item you're trading for/what they're getting, some things are mastery locked. Second thing is to make sure you are at least MR2 and have two-step authentication on.
  5. The only get-around scenario I can think of is if it lets you grab the blueprint as a reward for ranking up with the Entrati, otherwise I don't think there's any other way, sorry.
  6. I believe there is a limit to the amount of drops you are able to acquire, considering there is only a set amount of rewards to earn from the drops campaign.
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