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  1. I have come back after a break, and I find it very hard to play with the Sentinel constantly getting in the camera viewport, especially when you you turn left as the Sentinel lags behind and is suddenly in the center of the screen. I don't remember it being anywhere near as bad before. On that note: The "mission notifications" we get for say, completing something. These are a HUGE banner message smack on the middle of the screen, and this happens as we are in the middle of combat. It's just ... it's bad? I don't have another way to say it. Just for example, as I have been playing Guild Wars 2 recently, that game just pops a box in a corner and when you click that box (and the boxes can queue up) THEN you get a large window message. I'm not saying to copy that game, but having your viewport being blocked by multiple things all the times makes it hard to play.
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