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  1. This is of course something that changes person to person, but it's particularly bad for me, because my eyesight is not that fantastic to start with. The main reason I'm writing a longer post on this is because as the game gets larger and larger, this issue has also gotten bigger and bigger with me. Ok, so, the problem lies in the fact that Warframes have access to large amounts of skills that will paint the entire level all colors of the rainbow, many of which are persistent for long periods (Snow Globe, Mass Vitrify, Bastille, etc) among others that paint enemies or weapons that can fill large areas with color (Arc Plasmor), and yes, I have messed around around with GFX options a LOT. There is only so much you can turn down or off. As a result of this effects, there is a general "loss of vision" in a number of things, I'll give examples: In hectic fights, when a ton of effects overlap - and this happens all the time in higher level missions - losing track of enemies is very easy, and because Heavy units exits, it's not that hard to be standing right next to one and not notice until it's a bit late. As Trinity, I often have difficulty seeing players Health and Shields as red/blue/purple can be overlapped by effects of similar colors, and the numbers in the HUD don't have enough contrast against the background. In open areas, I often find myself being shot through grass even though i have no visual LOS to targets. This is sometimes compounded by tile sets that are "low light" by design and by enemies that very similar color to the tile sets they belong on, and I find myself often quick-scanning across an area and not seeing units that are stationary. As we all know however, the AI, once "map aware" has pretty much infinite LOS as to where players are and have no problem focus firing. At this time I have developed a strong tendency now to just play Frames that "tag" things for me. Examples are Nyx and Chaos, Bashee and Sonar, Trinity and Link. I don't do this ALL the time, but If I go on a mission that I expect visibility issues in. I also basically cannot function at ALL without having Enemy Radar running as I probably spend half my mission time looking at Radar then I do looking at what I am actually shooting at. So what would I want exactly? Well, the answer to that is that I'm not totally sure. Optimally, what I would probably like would be a global game option that auto-highlights (even in a minor way) any enemy that is ALREADY full-tagged on Radar. I mean, if the Radar know exactly where it is why not ALSO put a highlight on it? If that option is too powerful, then why not a secondary function to Enemy Radar to do the highlighting when equipped? If that ALSO too powerful, maybe ANOTHER version of Enemy Radar that is more expensive points wise but has that function? There is already a gun (the Argonak) that puts on a border highlight on enemies, it's not too much of a stretch that Frame tech could have something that does a similar job on a larger scale? I find myself almost totally unable to enjoy single shots accuracy based type weapons in most mission types because half the time I will lose track to targets because of a large AOE effect and I have no idea where the head is gone to do headshots, and have been sticking to shotguns and auto-weapons to compensate. Anyway, that's my 2c on the issue.
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