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  1. As far as Warframe AND the Star Chart is concerned, would it not make more sense to go the other way? Rather then raise all the Star Chart - which would in many cases turn a low level mission into _exactly_ the same High level mission higher on the Chart somewhere, instead have more "challenge" style missions appear on low level Star Chart areas, with limits on points/builds/weapons/etc? I'm only suggesting this from a "fun things to do" perspective as at least this way we would have to play around with custom builds rather then just grabbing the "old reliable" 20 Forma, dual Arcanes
  2. I cant find solid evidence that this is how it actually works. This means I have to now go test it by murdering the entire Star Chart worth of bosses. I'll let you know what I find out. EDIT: For the record, if me personally had made the marks mechanics, I would NOT remove a mark if you killed the Stalker, only if HE killed you. I fail to see why he would stop hunting you, as he had not killed YOU yet. It is illogical for a hunted person to lose a contact on the head just for thwarting the assassin. I say "thwart" because he's not technically dead, so he can come again.
  3. What? Just die with some dignity, then the Death Mark is gone. Restart the mission and continue farming and now he won't show up until you get a new mark.
  4. This idea does not make the game "better", it just gives us the ability to get more killing power out of guns and nothing else. Forma should not exist in its current form. Rivens should not exit in their current form. There is no ability to "tinker with builds" because we have scaling enemies in a horde shooter, and the way to deal with that is not better tactics or in making a different build in order to tank a boss, or sniping or team support, we tinker with builds to "kill ever increasingly spongy enemies" and that is ALL we do. If you play Guild Wars 2, everything scales along wi
  5. No. If I was in Solo mode I'd just pause the game and turn the brightness up. It's not "immersive", it's just "I can't see a damn thing for no logical reason now". I'm staring at a big rectangle full of LED's one foot away from my face, not in a real environment. It's fake light with fake images, and you want to make it even harder to play my game by giving me fake darkness.
  6. My point is that he just becomes something to farm and TOTALLY loses any concept of being a threat. He is supposed to be something we actually fear appearing in a mission, and your line of thinking turns it into "Oh goody! he spawned! New loot!" Way to totally destroy some immersion this game might have. Congrats.
  7. It's and assassin, not a "loot chest". I fail to understand why he should need to drop loot at all. He's hunting you, not the other way around. If you want a "hunt mini-boss mechanic" then request a new one and leave the Stalker alone.
  8. No. This game is easy enough as it is. It takes a handful of runs already to max weapons if you know what you are doing and where to go - which should also NOT be possible - so I fail to see why it should be made even more trivial.
  9. Wow. It's a puzzle room, and it's repeatable until you do it, as far as I know, and you have a week worth of trying. Not frustrating. Not inconvenient. Not unfun. But they are optional, and they just came out, so just don't do them? Problem fixed. I don't mind them. Did the runs on two accounts, got statue first go, once on a Limbo, once on Excalibur.
  10. Better then Status? Speak for yourself. As you have stated "you have to take everything into account", and I have had Blast and Radiation on weapons and Sentinels and everything changes depending on how you modded thing. Watching an entire group of enemies drop when you proc Blast takes them totally out of the incoming DPS equation. This general mentality that "it's all about DPS" is what makes DE create things with Invulnerability stages and powers that shut our own down. Those would not be needed if we were unable to mod guns that one shot everything.
  11. No, YOUR attitude is why we can't have nice things. "More damage! More Power! More effects!" ... and for what? We end up with Simulor Mirage basically exploiting the AI with obscene amount of damage, and the game is no longer "ninjas running missions", it's "whack-a-mole". We did NOT need an updated Hammer that had AoE. We did not need a Hammer that was flat out, higher straight damage, we needed exactly what we got, which is a "variant" which you can CHOOSE to use, or NOT use, and since it's mechanics are NOT written in stone, if we show DE that simply having a single "ghost" is not
  12. I think the weapon is an awesome addition to our arsenal. The problem is the Lemming like enemy AI most of the time. Sometimes I imagine I'm looking right down at maps and I'm playing Gauntlet at the arcades. Green Nova needs health badly! Manic appears ... Blue Loki is now "it"! Red Rhino shot the &^%^** food! Gaddamit Rhino!
  13. Ok then. Generally speaking that is a good thing. All we need DE to do is make ALL the weapons fun to use. I simply refuse to use some because of how headachy inducing they are or that they basically blind me whenever I'm behind them. I guess I'm tired of people just pushing for more DPS all the time, and forgetting that we should have at least ONE damn game that focuses more on "just play it" then "go power creep yourself out of content".
  14. Oh, you will get a "nerf". My best guess just for starters? Simulor shots needing a charge up time before being fired, like a bow. Oh, and no sprinting while charged. There you go. Also, your most used weapons are: Synoid Simulor (32 million affinity), Sancti Tigris, Tonkor. You certainly don't have an agenda against getting OP weapons changed, do you.
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