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  1. The Moa tries to get up on its tiptoes, tumbles forward onto its head, but quickly and awkwardly hops up again before looking around embarrassed.
  2. I was very confused why I couldn't summon vehicles. Glad that was addressed
  3. While the operator fashionframe is being redressed, can we please have an idea of ship date for new operator hairs?
  4. I appreciate that the team was thinking about improving the clipping on operator gear, but the styles of some of the pieces feels vastly different from how it was before. I had my operator nicely cosplaying as a faerie princess, with her clothes coloring flowing nicely together (koppra leggings/faulds, manduka suit, zariman sleeves). However, now she looks more to wearing a vest with weird clunkage on her belt. And the sleeves coloring channels is completely different, such that the vest effect is intensified instead of blending the top color on the suit to the sleeves. I'd be less miffed if there was a decent range of clothes to work around it, but there aren't so my endgame fashionframe is completely ruined. Edit: Better with a photo to show the difference.
  5. Sounds like it will be a nifty way to skip straight to the cosmetics. Since these login milestones will be categories, will new items be put in under weapons or sigils or cosmetics? Those who haven't hit 1000 have choices, but the tenno further out only have the option for a single new thing or an "evergreen" pack. Like with the occasional updates of those items to the base game, it'd be nice to see a few extra things added to this new system.
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