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  1. TYPE: Mission DESCRIPTION: when the crewship explodes with the client inside in operator (destroyed by ordnance), the game glitches and loses most functionality with an invisible operator stuck in space, and requires a force quit even after the host returns to dojo. Access to chat/menus also lost VISUAL: <the cold emptiness of space, but with the operator's invulnerable UI on top> REPRODUCTION: Play as a client, enter operator while inside a crewship, have host destroy it with ordnance. May or may not need to be in void mode inside the ship EXPECTED RESULT: Should put client player outside the exploded ship in warframe archwing mode OBSERVED RESULT: end up outside the ship in operator mode with no abilities, invisible, invulnerable, and unable to interact with objects. only able to move on a flat plane, slide, and crouch. State is not fixed after forced return to ship by going to new mission/dojo. Can't tell the rest of the group that bug is occurring until the mission is moving on REPRODUCTION RATE: reproduced once after first loss of function. Second time bugged two players in the same mission
  2. I appreciate that they're recognizing that the content needs to be more accessible. A lot of the original implementation was disrespecting time spent (granted, the time gates to even touch a railjack seemed like a buffer to make the content last over the holidays, but...). This feels more like the direction of giving you the nice toy semi-outright and encouraging you to grind the accessories later on. I'm still a bit concerned about the asterite. I have a mkIII reactor, shield, and engines, but have not made a single mkIII gun because of the asterite required and the choices I have to make. I could go farm primaries and parts for my warframe and try them out, but the time sink to get more asterite to "try something" just isn't there. It feels like the equivalent of every primary/secondary in the game requiring orokin cells. If they ALL needed it, I'd be way pickier about crafting anything... But they don't all need it so i can keep up with the grind for the ones that do, and craft others to see if i like the playstyle.
  3. Reconfigure: The warframe rearranges its parts to focus more on mobility, attack, or evasion/tactics (mode switch like Equinox) Parts not being prioritized for use would be covered/replaced using energy; semi-permanent mode switch until activated again) mobility - +10% sprint speed/bullet jump/slide attack - +10% attack/crit/status evasion - +10% evasion/ability strength/aura strength Acquire: The warframe acquires the defensive attributes of the targeted enemy (ie, if fighting sentients, can target a sentient enemy and gain its adaptation to status types + intrinsic armor. If a robotic corpus enemy, would be less prone to bleeding/bio procs, etc.) Mimicry: Similar to everyone's favorite landing craft stalker, can temporarily copy the silhouette and ability of another warframe (4 on a cycle like Khora can change her Venari's focus around) The four skills would be a defensive, mobility/speed, dps, and evasion/support type frame's abilities. The effects of the ability would only last for the duration of the skill (a mimicked Frost globe would vanish after the skill ended). It would also temporarily remove the effects of Acquire/Reconfigure to become the base attributes of the copied warframe. (Ex Volt -Speed, Rhino-Iron Skin, Baruuk-Lull, Gara-Splinter Storm) Breakdown: The energy contained in the warframe explodes outward while the unpowered parts are fixed in place. Damages enemies along the lines of the tendrils using void energy, affected by range (sorta AoE, but the hit box of the energy tendril would determine whether the enemy was hit, so the ability would be more effective at close range, but could have a chance of hitting something through a wall if aim was good enough) Amount of damage done would rely on how much energy was used in Acquire/Mimicry to "force" the Breakdown to activate at a higher output. (tracked by a gauge) Passive: void energy costs for operator abilities reduced by 10-20% (would let operators keep more abilities active that use drain per second and use some more powers more often, due to borrowing energy from the warframe)
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