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  1. The stats that sell best for each weapon are set in stone. It is not an opinion. You seem to be unexperienced so I recommend you use semlar as a reference for riven pricing since folrens bot has been down for a while. For reference: Sigma unrolled sells for around 60p. yours is past the 10 rolls where kuva cost peaks, and is worth more around 40p~ Azima has 2 good pos stats, where 3 would be preferred, and no neg stat. unrolled would be around 33plat. yours having 2 good stats, no neg would be perhaps 200 if im being generous. Zenith is also 60 plat unrolled. yours has 2 good positive stats, and a harmful negative, SD effects HM slash procs if they want to use HM/viral, which is one of the most popular builds on crit viable primary weapons. I would not pay any more than 500 for this, and that is again being quite generous, given how easy it is to a roll a 2pos, any neg riven. That brings the grand total to a whopping 760p, again being generous.
  2. DE pls bring back the laugh emote. ty
  3. As a long time Riven trader, I can confidently say these 3 put together are worth nowhere near 1900, they are worth far less. Sorry man, best luck on selling though.
  4. Just a reminder that I'm always on the market for a nice zarr riven. message me by replying here, dming ingame, or dming on forums. Just leave the riven stats and price. Thanks!
  5. SOLD for 2000p. Close thread pls
  6. nobody ever does, and considering 2000 is such a low bid on a god riven i figured nobody would care, but just to appease you, the c.o is by Dekaria 😉
  7. how exactly does the neg stat minimally affect the weapon.
  8. EDIT: Current Bidder has retracted his offer. He has been black listed from my riven dealing community and riven is now open to all offers 🙂
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