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  1. I've been playing other games recently but catching a stream here and there. Just wish there was additional time to grab some drops. Some of those stream times are brutal for certain regions. The drops are kind of funny because I just last week grinded all the fish/boot trophies lol. I like the grab bag idea, but 30 mins apiece is cutting it close in my opinion. It's nice to at least get something every week. I remember when drops weren't a thing. Players be entitled af right now for some reason, geez.
  2. I think rather than spending so much time looking over which rivens need nerfing and which need buffs why not spend some time looking into why they need changes? The base damage values and overall DPS of some of these weapons are lacklustre to say the least. Certain weapons are used over others, not necessarily because of the riven disposition. I remember the spin-to-win that was the standard for many weapons and whips especially. Maiming strike was nerfed (not complaining) and whip usage dropped significantly. Also, not everyone will obtain a riven for certain weapons and, sadly, some we
  3. I had dreams of a lucky shrine in my Dojo, Golden, pristine, the heady scent of incense as I prayed to the RNGods. . . alas it shall not be so. My hopes have caught a sword in between its shoulder blades, visions of my lucky kavat shrine shinking, fading away as the tears of betrayal drift to nothingness. A single, lone Golden Kavat waves at nothing, to be admired by no one but myself, to be left in darkness. My joy cannot be shared and thus: it is joyless. I can only obtain one? Just. My. Luck.
  4. Could you folks please test this out on mobile to see how it functions there? I don't really have the luxury of a laptop or a desktop, so if the mobile app fails to work then I'm up a creek. I'd hope it works day one but remain sceptical as Twitch has had its share of issues.
  5. I'd watch it but don't want dupes clouding my inventory. Would those that have them get something else instead?
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