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  1. DE cannot lay claim to the name Gauss. If somebody could, GamesWorkshop would have done it decades ago. Gauss Rifle, Gauss Cannon, etc. You are arguing against a man's name. We don't call Einstein 'In-ste-in' or Newton as 'Ne-wo-tong'. DE makes mistakes, it is okay to admit that. What isn't okay is dancing around the mistake and saying they're right and everyone else is wrong. Defending DE in this case is just . . . embarassing for you and for them. They don't need to correct the trailer as it is what it is, but they should pronounce it properly from here on in.
  2. Gauss was a physicist and is credited with creating the Gauss principle. It isn't 'Goss' or 'Gas'. Gauss is not a made up name. As an example, has anyone heard of 'Miranda' rights? Where the cops 'Mirandize' someone? Miranda was a man's name (yeah). It wasn't 'Mer-un-deh' or 'Mi-run-doh' it is 'Mi-ran-da'. You don't get to dictate how you pronounce someone's name, especially someone such as Friedrich. It's ridiculous and those that defend it are equally so. Imagine a world where you take names and twist them because you can't be bothered to learn how to properly enunciate. If you wanted to call Gauss 'Goss' then you should have thought about spelling it differently. What's more is that the Gauss warframe is loosely based on Gauss' principles of acceleration. Very loosely, but even so. Gauss. Not 'Gauze' or 'Goss'. I will correct those that mispronounce Gauss and direct them to look up Friedrich.
  3. I honestly don't know where to put this thread, but general feedback seems best. I hate Nightwave. Before anyone inevitably cries foul or defends Nightwave, DE or calls me ungrateful, because there will always be those people and particularly in the PC community, let me explain: Nightwave has caused me to actually loathe playing the game. At first I enjoyed going around and completing tasks as it was unique and new, however the novelty wore off rather quickly. Nightwave turned into an almost forced obligation to earn some rather cool looking stuff. It had awful tasks such as spending Forma and Gilding a weapon. Every week there was something new, and sometimes something that I was actually forced to sacrifice my Rivens to the transmutation gods to complete sorties. I am currently sitting on 95 rivens and unable to actually trade a single riven, I must trade 5. I know not why this is, but I digress. Needless to say, those of us that are over capacity were forced to delete or trade away our Rivens to complete Nightwave missions. Once the first Nightwave was completed I hoped it would stay gone for a number of months, to give myself a break from Warframe. I've been playing nearly everyday for two years so this feeling was awkward. While this is perhaps bizarre it is how I felt at the time. Much to my chagrin, Nightwave was followed up with a rather broken Plague Star event (delivery drones) and I felt obligated to play it. Increasing my frustration in being unable to complete Plague Star runs due to poor AI pathing. Then soon after Nightwave intermission showed up, layered with it the Glaxion Vandal/Spectra Vandal event. Bringing with it the same Nightwave missions, such as complete Sorties, spend Forma and Gild weapons. Now this second round of Nightwave is conflicted with the Dog Days event. It all feels like work to be honest. On one hand I feel like I want to collect everything Dog Days has to offer and on the other I still need to complete the majority of the Nightwave missions. I do not speak for anyone but myself, but I have a limited amount of time to play. I don't want to feel obligated to complete Nightwave on Warframe's schedule. I feel forced to play every week to Nightwave's tune and not what I actually want to play. To put into perspective on how much I am put off by Warframe right now, I received (miraculously I might add) a resource booster 3 days in a row. I cannot stomach playing Warframe to farm Kuva (another issue entirely) or gather resources to utilize the booster. I found myself running around on the Plains of Eidolon hunting down a Tusk Thumper and do you know what I felt? I felt the sudden urge to turn off the system and do chores around my house because I was so bored. Nightwave and the ensuing string of events has put myself and my friends (albeit a small group) off of actively playing the game. I used to spend as much as six hours playing on my days off to now just logging in, spending maybe 40 minutes deliberating what is going to happen next in the book I'm reading, which is very good. My experiences are personal. I don't feel like DE should stop whatever their doing just to appease the likes of me, but I felt the urge to put my thoughts down on digital paper. I think that what they (you) are trying to do is really great. An influx of things to do, events to run and new weapons and enemies? What's not to love? Evidently for me, it is the simple fact that Nightwave feels forced and it just isn't for me. I understand there is a full week to do the missions, yes. I also understand I shouldn't feel obligated to do them, but as I am the type of player to actually buy Primed Ammo mutation mods to simply have them in my collection I do. Perhaps a personal flaw. Nightwave looms overhead, not as a fun thing to do, but as a dwindling timer that reminds me what I *must* do. I also mentioned earlier that I do have limited time, and so to me an hour or less everyday doesn't really get the Nightwave job done. There are daily missions and those require attention as well. Sometimes they are quick (The Gliph ones are a particular favorite of mine. Hey, I'm lazy) but sometimes they can go slow (kill x amount of enemies with cold etc). Not to say that killing enemies is difficult, but it can become tedious in my opinion. I don't know. Maybe I'm just getting old, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about (hey, maybe the most upvoted respons will say that I'm just getting old). My concern is really more for Warframe moving forward. I hope that Nightwave eventually goes away, sorry and no offense to those that enjoy it; or better yet put all those rewards in Baro's rotation. Whether or not this all makes sense or not, I hope what can be gleaned from this is that Warframe now feels like a second job to me. I am sure I might be in the minority feeling this way but there it is. I just don't enjoy giving Warframe as much time as I used to, as the fun factor seems to be sucked out of it by Nora's cherry red lips. Whatever you take away from this critique is up to you. Call it whatever you will, I hope some can understand this perspective. Warframe is a great game, but if that game ceases to feel like a game can it still be called as such? Edit: I would like to point out an error. I originally posted incorrectly that I felt like turning off the system and doing chores while looking for a Tusk Thumper. I actually did turn off the system and do chores. I just felt the need to clarify. I can elaborate if anyone wishes to know.
  4. Okay, so I do have a couple questions. What happened to Atlas? He got skipped over! What is the reason for that?
  5. Why does the Viper keep getting hammered every time? Am I missing something crucial or do I need to slam another 6 forma into the thing? The Viper and Viper Wraith is a gun that is far from endgame. It's a more like a toy, really.
  6. Adaptation is a band-aid, not a solution. Nothing you've said here discounts the fact that what Trinity does, other Warframes do better. I never made the argument of using an EV build in Solo, and you passed over her horrible passive and long casting times. No invincibility period on Link is a death sentence on higher levels. Her passive a 'quicker' healing time (while using the Warframe not the operator) of 3 seconds as opposed to 4 is laughable and healing 'distance' is a junk concept. Enemies will shoot you while you revive and there is not enough range for reviving that will remove you far enough from gunfire. I don't care how dodgy you are Link will run out eventually and it isn't recastable as say, Mesmer Skin and no amount of Adaptation will save you. Adaptation runs on the basis that you can take damage in the first place and when it runs out the next hit will be full strength and you will implode. Using a mix of Rolling Guard and Adaptation are not, nor ever will be, a solution. Adding mods does not change the fact that Trinity is required to remain stationary to cast three of her abilities and her casting times remain some of the longest in the game for a non-chargable ability. Her first ability is nigh useless. It's good in a couple situations, but what it is good at isn't healing but trapping Synthesis targets and Kavats, a discounted Vauban 3. Enabling Link to be cast while in the air is a step in the right direction, but again, claiming 'Adaptation is the best! The bee's knees!' is as good as a pitch from a snake oil salesman. It has its limits as with every other mitigation mod. Adaptation can be slotted into every Warframe and is not exclusive, thus removes the point of 'Just use Adaptation!' because it can be used on *every* Warframe. Oberon is objectively a better healer choice overall. His passive is better when it boils to solo play and Phoenix Renewal outright removes the chore of reviving someone entirely. Hallowed Ground outright purges status effects entirely and is a great CC ability. There is no need for Oberon to be near any enemies to benefit from Phoenix Renewal or Hallowed Ground. The point I am making is that Trinity has fallen behind drastically. She is no longer the best healer in the game. Other Warframes do what she can do but with various degrees and points above her, without the mindboggling need to keep an eye on a death timer the entire mission. Warframes like Gara, Oberon, Harrow, Hildryn have no need as great to even use Adaptation to begin with which is why Adaptation is only a temporary solution to a deeper problem. Trinity needs help. It isn't enough to point out all the flaws within her kit, but I must battle against those who think 'Trinity is just fine!' without coming off as absolutely psychotic. Warframes fill various specific rolls and no amount of saying Trinity is fine will take away that she can't heal Status effects, her 1 is bad, her casting speed is snail slow, her passive is a joke, her 3 was nerfed, she can't give overshields as standard, she doesn't drop health orbs standard and Oberon can take an entire team further in the most difficult game modes as the team's healer and doubles as a CC and other Warframes fill her roll with better degrees of Success. Also, I would also add that Oberon heals as well as drops health orbs. By your logic he has no need to drop health orbs at all.
  7. I keep telling everyone that Trinity can not go end-game for long without support and a hell of a lot of pushing her uphill. She's a horrible solo Warframe and a Armor Score of 15 is just way, way too low and her casting speed for three of her abilities is positively atrocious! Her first ability is a bunch of worthless. She (currently) can't cast her first/second/third in air or on multiple targets! Her third has one of the longest cast times in the game coming close to a set up time of 3 seconds with no invincibility period like Iron Skin or Gara's glass or Nehza's Halo (I can't remember the ability names of Warframes). Trinity's passive is super duper trash. Her Passive is about the second worst in the game behind Banshee's (or tied with for worst). It has no solo player benefits when using a sentinel but only using a Pet/Moa. Worthless now that Amalgam Shotgun Spazz is a thing. It does what Trinity's passive does but nearly doubles the reviving speed bonus. Extra distance for reviving? Does anyone even notics a major difference? Don't people use mainly their Operator to revive in many cases? How is it that no one seems to understand that Trinity is a really bad healer? One of her EV builds cripples her survivability and was only used mainly for raids which are gone now! There is little use for it outside of giving out energy. Other Warframes can grant energy buffs to a lesser degree but do have other benefits and offensive abilities to them for crowd control and such. Trinity is Warframe's worst healer by far hands down. A split purpose Warframe is better than a dedicated Trinity due to enemy pop. control. Compared to Oberon she is a bit of a dirty joke. she cannot cure status effects or has a Phoenix Renewal type ability. Trinity is 'Dr. Warframe' . . . but a doctor that can't stop you from bleeding, wow. If Trinity was the only Doctor available in a hospital to save your life from internal hemorrhaging, your surviving family members would be suing for malpractice. She cannot drop Health orb pickups stock she needs an augment. No major offensive abilities (link can scale to enemy damage but the goal of the game is to not get hit) aside from her second with an EV build but her Durability is linked to, well, Link and reducing the duration of Link spells doom at levels 100+ with bleed and toxic procs as shields and overshields don't do anything whatsoever to stop these procs. Mag can grant overshields stock, Trinity needs an augment to do so. Same thing with other Warframes that can do this. Gara can grant a whopping 90% damage reduction buff! Trinity tops out at 75%? Harrow Can grant a total 100% damage resistance for a period of time along with a nice juicy Crit Chance buff! Which would you rather have? A 50% Crit Chance buff along with damage immunity? Or 75% damage reduction and being healed a bit? Both have the same range. Hildryn can cure status effects and grant overshields stock! She isn't even a dedicated healer and removing status effects puts her in a higher bracket than Trinity! Where's the outrage? There are more examples of this but these are just from the top of my head. Saying her durability can be increased with Adaptation and is just as good as other Warframes I say: "NO bad!" and I'd spritz you with water. Base stats are EVERYTHING. Trinity's 3rd ability is worthless in so far as damage goes after you removed self damage from being able to be used with it. It's an extremely horrible damage reduction buff as well. You need enemies to be close enough to you to receive less damage which is counter to what the game is: shoot at every thing that moves (yes, I am on safari). I have been saying this for a couple years now that she needs an overhaul and another look. She is also the only OG Warframe without a 4th Augment of any kind. No major argument against this, but even Mag's Pull has an augment no matter how bad said augment actually is. On the subject of Mag, please take another look at her first Augment and consider changing it. Instead of "Greedy Pull" call it "Polarity Shift" or "Reverse Polarity" (something like that) and make her first ability 'push' instead of pull. It interested me that as a clearly Magnetic Warframe Mag cannot do what actual, real magnets do. To close, I absolutely LOVE Trinity. I really do, but she just cannot enter the places I tread without other players. I am very passionate about Trinity and feel that she is being neglected maliciously. My friends often joke that "the creator of Trinity must've been fired and no one liked them, so they quash Trinity just because they don't like them lol" and sometimes Ibfeel like that might actually be the case. No Warframe should be hindered or punished in Solo play. Trinity has been languishing for awhile now and I would gamble that her play time is towards the bottom of the list even if she was given away for free on Twitch. There is a reason she is not used. Please investigate and rework Trinity so she is relevant in today's Warframe build. She keeps getting dusted by newer Warframes with better healing and defensive bonuses.
  8. Hello! A few thoughts: 1: When will, if at all, older operations be re-run? I understand that these operations' rewards were 'timed' exclusive but certain cosmetics are locked away. Harkonar Wraith was released from Baro, but bringing back some of the older Operations (some of this content is still within Warframe's files) would give us something to look forward to every month or every other month. It might have some lacklustre rewards (Ammo mutation mods anyone?) but some of the story ("This is for the Tube Men!") is locked away and seemingly gone forever so newer players have no clue what the Tubemen even were! 2: Now that the Shadow Stalker drops a cosmetic item, can we get the other two assassins to drop some? The items I have in mind are already within the game and are rarely seen: The Ascaris Bolt and Shoulder piece should drop from the Grustrag Three. This would bring back some relevence to them. I know that the Ascaris Bolt is a Negative item to have on a warframe, but hey Fashionframe is endgame. Zanuka Hunter would drop a sigil much like the bleeding sigil or 'body ephemura'. When a Warframe gets captured by Zanuka, an orange lightning effect dances across the Warframe. I would like to see this be a drop for Zanuka. Not only are these items within the game, but it gives new value to their beacons from Baro Ki'Teer, as they cost the same as Stalker's beacons (Stalker has loads of good drops). 3: When are we going to be able to use the original weapon skins on Prime Weapons? Prime Warframes have this capability, could you please enable them for the Weapons? 4: Removing Prime Warframe attachments from Skins. There are several Warframes that have built in Attachments that cannot be removed entirely merely replaced with another Armor attachment. Please add a hard 'none' item selection to the attachment selection menu. Ember Prime, Hydroid Prime, Mag Prime and a couple others have attachments that cannot be removed. Some Warframes have the ability to finesse them away, but this is tedious. 5:Immortal Skins on Prime Warframes. Let us remove the Prime parts. Seriously. The Immortal skins are not enhanced by adding all of the Prime Parts to the skin, in fact in my humble opinion, it makes the skins look worse! Can we get a toggle for Prime accessories on Immortal Warframe Skins? I really like Them but they are just marred by the Prime Warframe pieces. Thanks!
  9. Typical, so you'd rather take the fictional story and berate me on the sole basis of it being fictional. Regardless, the optics will not roll the way you would like them to. That's not the way things work. What exactly, is an 'unfair' trading practice? You have already been explained to on the value of platinum. No one forces others to trade, and if they somehow manage to do so then that is another issue entirely. What you are arguing for here is the punishment of players utilizing the tools provided to them by DE themselves. There are thousands of players that play Warframe daily. To imagine that a select group can dominate the market is quite a stretch. If you want DE to punish people on nothing more than "they make more platinum than me, therefore they must be punished because somehow they cheat" is churlish. No one forces others to give them thousands of plat for a riven. People choose to do so. It is impossible to not know the platinum exchange rate (real currency to digital) because you must go through the process of actively buying it. Still, you can pretend that things will roll a certain way, but it most likely won't due to the fact that all it takes is one bad video or decision to put people off a game. Sure, if you want them to make general changes go right ahead and attempt to gain their ear but opting to punish others for using DE's trade mechanic is rather stupid.
  10. Punishing players for using the mechanics given to them by DE themselves? This is beyond outrageous. The end result of punishing the players that trade using the rules DE has laid out would be catastrophic. You talk of trust and honor and other platitudes. How's this scenario? It will play out exactly thus: DE does exactly as you ask. It punishes players for playing the game the way they set it up in addition to changing the rules. Hypothetically: DE can change the rules at any time, as they see fit, when they want to and show they can rewrite their rules and punish those that 'broke' these new rules when the new rules didn't exist at the time, regardless if the old rules allowed it. New players would undoubtedly hear from the youtube masses that DE bans players for playing the game. Youtube being youtube and Twitter being the public court of opinion these days would cripple DE and Warframe. How, you ask? I'll explain in a few simple steps. 1) Players and non-players boycott DE and Warframe and stop playing entirely. They tell their friends, followers, family, co-workers that DE 'bans players for playing the game. Regardless whether or not that is what happened exactly, those are the optics. This will see a constant stream of negative opinions and possibly necro certain past topics and suspicions. 2) New players will be ostrasized by older players that have since stopped playing the game, putting potential playing customers off entirely. New players will inevitably ask older players this question: "What happened?" and will immediately be directed to point 1. This will happen, it does happen and to pretend it does not happen is a 'risky move' or a 'dangerous transaction'. 3) Players that remain will be reluctant to operate within the trading economy. Many players will not spend money on platinum to trade, the riven market will evaporate faster than spilt gasoline in Death Valley and the ingame market will see a sharp decline in sales and revenue. Due to the very fact that, as stated above, 'DE bans player for playing the game' will forever stick in the back of the minds of the players, platinum sales will decrease, not 'might decrease' or 'maybe decrease'. Why invest time and money in a game that can remove you at any time for any reason whatsoever? Does it matter if this isn't necessarily true? No. It does not. Any youtuber that covers gaming news, such as skillup, Laymengaming, Yongyea, Sterling and a string of articles and hit pieces from Kotaku and other such will pollute the airwaves in the extreme. The truth will be muddied and there will be no recovery. 4) DE has a parent. It might be ludicrous, but they do. It's a chicken . . . company, or rather it was at one point in time, but I digress. Their parent essentially decides what happens in the grand scheme of things. They may not have any hand in the game at all, but if money stops rolling in, suits get anxiety and with that anxiety the chopping block is wheeled out into the town square. If we follow the scenario explained above, they will excise Warframe as a non-viable product. This, of course may take years but if they deem the machine unfit and it is costing them more than they pull then it will get axed. It's a harsh thing, business, but harsh and viscious it be. This is exactly how your idea will play out. It won't be pretty and it will not smooth over any easier. Just as there are as many people that would agree with your plan disagree with it, myself included in the latter grouping. Perhaps DE grasp this fact and have played out these scenarios? Regardless of what actually happened, people will see the youtube videos and decide that is the truth. You yourself have decided that Faceless was not impersonated at all. You demand an apology and label others that question 'damage control'. Would you change your opinion if he was indeed impersonated? Or would you still maintain that the traders need to be 'punished'. Because if they are punished by DE, they will receive the above scenario. It may or may not happen exactly as laid out, but it will happen in some form or another. I strongly advise against such an action, as punishing a group for something someone else (whom may have been impersonated) said sows distrust amongst the player base, especially when this individual reported someone who was attempting to use their IP to generate profit, which is against the rules. Playing the game the way it is should not be a punishable offense, and punishing groups that have nothing to do with a situation caused by select persons is a bad idea. You will the group and beyond to be punished for the sole reason that they trade in massive quantities, regardless of who they are or how they behave. How 'bout some fiction?
  11. Hey! Just a um. . . question. How will this affect me exactly? Does circle become strike? I'd just like a little more information, because as it sits with my scheme right now, I'd get stuck in melee mode . . . I think. Maybe. I'm not sure. My key bindings are as follows: With Primary/Secondary L2: Aim R2: Fire O: Quick Melee With Melee equipped L2: Block R2: Strike O: Channel Thanks in advance
  12. First, I would like to address the idea of mob justice and witch hunts. Yes, it is a thing. No there is no gallows and rope, water testing, rock crushing or Judas' cradles about, this is besides the point. I recently got in an argument with my friend over this business. He explained that 'the entire clan should be disbanded' and Faceless should be banned permanently from the game because of 'Faceless' comments (of which he did not do). There are several players that frequent the forums, but there are even more that don't traverse here or even know it exists to begin with. Far more people watch youtube and only that. Witch hunts and smear campaigns are extremely damaging, especially in the Twitter courts of today. Tater's video has done some damage in regards to Faceless' reputation, whether you like them or not. It wasn't Faceless making rude comments, but alas, the damage is done and dusted. These blokes still receive trash and smack talk from loads of people. Why is that? Because they caught a snippet of the whole story. Some people don't even know that Semlar was attempting to sell a $5 app. A very expensive app I might add, in terms of how much the average app costs sans game specifics and their add-ons/MTX. Which, of course, against the rules. Does this mean I hate Semlar? No. Do I hate Faceless for reporting him? No. Do I play on PC? No again, but youtube is a proverbial bridge between the platforms. Do I think Faceless should be punished from reporting Semlar's $5 app? No. Why is that? Because the only person in this situation that has breached the rules is Semlar. If we move from that and tackle the 'market cornering' and . . . human tendencies towards monopolies. The market here in Warframe is controlled. Yes indeed but not by Faceless and his dastardly crew of capatalist cronies, but rather DE themselves. How is that? DE sets the value of Platinum. It is a hard cap depending on the platform and coupons and what not, but it is there. If we are talking trade between two players it is rather simple, Jack and John we'll call them. Scenario: Jack has a part (mod or otherwise) that John desires. Jack has offered to sell this to John at $5000 (or 5k platinum). John swiftly, but tactfully declines this offer, as is his right to do so. The reason why John declined the offer is because John knows the set value of $5000. How? Because he earned it. In the case of purchased platinum, the same can be said. John goes to work, makes money and spends said money on platinum. Thus, John is aware of how much money he has spent on platinum. If, however, John has spent $0 and has earned his platinum through trading with other players, John has still earned it. John is aware, in both how much time he has spent trading and only he places the value on his time. If his time is precious, the cost of platinum in his mind goes up but only for John. John decides if that sweet, sweet Kraken riven is defintely 5000p (it's easily worth triple). John decides if he wants to trade or not want to trade. The reason why arguments for regulating the market are poor is because the simple fact is Warframe's platinum is absolutely impossible to NOT know the value of platinum, purchased or otherwise traded for. The arguments are mainly geared for newer players and 'protecting' them from sharks. Yes, I get that, however, the only way John would obtain 5000 platinum is through purchasing it, which if we ring up both the Prime accessories and access we get a little over 5000 (under?) at around 130USD. If John trades all 5000, he is aware of how much real money he has spent on it. Personally, I wouldn't trade for any riven set at 1k+ that needs re-rolling (-damage against faction is not god roll, it is trash and needs to be rolled again) but I digress. DE sets the cost of Platinum, through deals made through them, and solely them. The cost of platinum can be increased or decreased by DE and DE only. The very idea that players inside their game has any control whatsoever is a massive stretch. Thousands of thousands of players play this game everyday. Do I endorse goosing players by goading them into bad deals? No. Selling or trading stuff outside the game? No. 'Selling' coupons? No. If anything, I want players to find a fair deal between eachother and walk away happy. Is ammo case worth 100p? No. So that's where I fall. Players need to decide for themselves if they'll be happy with their purchase. But if players play the game using the tools available to them, they cannot be blamed for the rules set in place. Here's a thought on market control: Prisma Grinlok, Tipedo Prime, Stradavar Prime etc. Literally overnight, DE snapped their fingers and said "Whatever happened to coptering? Wasn't that a thing back in the day? Yeah, let's do that" and made the Tipedo rivens crash into the ceiling compared to what they were. The same about the Grinlok, whom nobody cared about. And by nobody, I mean the riven market. It flows and can snap back. Just because it appears that people can control the market, doesn't mean they do. The very idea that DE needs to set the price for rivens is a bad one. At no offense to DE, they happily nerfed my beloved Viper and Twin Vipers rivens, yet kept the blank and the blank rivens untouched because "people rely on them to achieve 100% blank" which tells me a bit how their riven pricing would go. If anything were to change, I would want DE to explain the market better to newer players, explain rivens in more detail in-game, put the riven disposition in the stats after the second dream quest . . . there is lots they could do, but trying to say someone is evil incarnadine because they play Marketfarm(tm) and not Warfarm is a bit silly. If you really have an issue with players in this game, then look no further than the real giants around you that absolutely crush the market down around your ears so hard you go blind and deaf. The products you buy, the food you eat, the stores you visit . . . someone, somewhere is always making money and the people trading in warfarm are the least of my concerns. But hey, what do I know? I like the Kraken so no one needs to listen to an absolute mad lad such as I.
  13. A clumsy Moa! This moa would trip and boop it's nose on the floor, slide too far as if on ice, 'Scooby doo' run, and 'sneeze' and fall on it's bum!
  14. Even so, does it mean that everyone in the Riven Traders clan deserve to be raked through the mud? Sure, content creators can put tigether a youtube channel and use their input, like an Amprex guide for example, this is their own words and thoughts and opinions. DE doesn't own the individual. Further more, there isn't a paid gate on youtube. $5 for an app is pretty steep for what this one was going to do. Even if 100 players bought this . . . the earning potential for this app would have virtually no ceiling. Regardless of community backlash, we now have people actively harrassing (nagging, bugging, trash talking etc.) people with 'Riven' in their clan name, when Semlar gets to walk away relatively unscathed and is a 'victim' of the horrible and awful Riven Traders. Semlar was doing fine with the Patreon, but strolling into deeper woods like this app was clearly a dumb move. I just don't think collectively attacking a group for what a single person did is right nor fair.
  15. I don't know. I feel like that's counter-productive. There isn't a 100% gurantee that anyone and everyone else within their clan even knew what Faceless was doing. Regardless, if Faceless is banned what good would an apology be at this point? "Sorry guys, I'm going back to play the Fortnite" even if he apologized would it be accepted? Highly unlikely. What's more interesting is that I never even heard of Semlar's Riven Trader app until now (for a whopping $5? a mobile app for $5? Really?). If anything, the only person that really broke any rules here was Semlar. Sure, he apologized but he did attempt to make real money off of Warframe. Pretty sure that is against the EULA that DE has put in place. We've seen people get banned that show glitches/exploits on youtube! What gives Semlar a pass? Seriously, I would like to know. If glitching can get you banned (using in-game bugs, exploits) that doesn't involve platinum, then what makes the $5 app so special? Was Faceless a dork? Yeah, maybe. Is being a dork and a jerk against the EULA? Not really. Attempting to profit off of Warframe, an ip Semlar doesn't own? That seems to be a little more of an issue in the long run. Seriously, ask yourself the question: "Does DE need funding for Warframe?" The answer is yes. Does trading rivens for plat break any rules? No. Are there shady riven dealers? Yes. Are they solely relegated to the Riven Traders clan? No. Is attempting to sell warframe products without permission a no-no? Yes. I don't know whom to believe right at the moment, but if only one party was attempting to cash in on a feature of Warframe I would err on the side of caution with the Riven Traders. What if the mobile app was for a codex? A stat guide? A Happy Zephyr app and you try to sell any of those for $5 without permission? Good idea or a bad one? Faceless might be a jerk, but at least we know he's a jerk. Semlar trying to cash in on the Riven Market? Pretty shady to me.
  16. Kobra_83's Profile: Age: 36 Music: DARVO Movie: Fatal Attraction Likes: Whips and chains Dislikes: Safe-words, kraken jokes Story: Bad relationship. On reflection, he was a buzz kill and said I was ‘irrelevant’! So Plan B: Dating again! Won’t bore you with details nor ambush you: I have natural talent to focus energy on my career. Looking for M/F with simulor tastes: a loyal companion to ravage, great physique, vitality, charm & willing to sacrifice some freedom. Must be CLEAN (kavat-scratch fever, NIDus, etc.) NO Stalkers! Reply w/ pic or it's in the shredder! Swipe right if interested. I don’t bite. Much 😜
  17. Has DE not seen this massive thread? Seriously, most of these comments are negative. Say something, anything at all! Not even acknowledging this rubs salt in the wound. Give us more Kuva then. 500 per Kuva harvester should make this trash go down smoother, but hot garbage is still hot garbage.
  18. Guys, what is going on? I think you seriously need to reconsider offering Twitch drops if they're not going to actually work. It's disappointing because you *know* they don't work properly half the time. There isn't any real incentive to watch them or tune in for the drop alone. Please find a solution to this issue or don't promise things that cannot be guaranteed nor delivered. It feels cheap.
  19. Can we get someone to take a long look at Trinity? Her kit is completely obsolete. Her passive is bad, casting times are bad, being grounded to cast is horrible, 75% damage reduction is a joke on only a 15 Armour (Prime has 15 Armour as well), she can't cure status effects, doesn't spawn health orbs, her 1 is a joke, and her solo utility is nearly nil. Please, for the love of God, review this aged Warframe before introducing even more Warframes that out-class her as a healer. You took away the only thing going for her (self damage high-risk/high-reward) and everyone thinks I'm crazy. Her passive is 100% useless in solo play with a sentinel. Not all frames need to be OP, but come on! A healing Warframe that can't staunch the bleeding? Is Trinity not a Doctor or is she only the receptionist at the hospital? I have two Primes of Trin to try and make her work but compared to several other Warframes that aren't even dedicated healers she's just awful. Her 4 is also bad when compared to other damage mitigation buffs by other Warframes! I think if someone, anyone at all, tried soloing with Trinity for any decent length of time (a work week) I am convinced you'd see her shortcomings. She isn't built for long term solo survival and in pub/group often relies on other players to shield her (like Gara) so she doesn't fall over if a sortie level Grineer sneezes.
  20. I am pretty frustrated. I spent hours (Potato, Brozime, iFlynn, Mogamu, Burnbxx, Frozen and others) watching streams and have received only 9 or so items. I've tried mobile and browser on Twitch and the same issue occurs. Perhaps Twitch itself isn't logging hours? Hopefully in the future you'll have this sorted out properly.
  21. Really? Nerfing the actual Rivens in my inventory and not just the weapon disposition? That's a real scummy and lazy thing to do! How can you think this is a good idea? Not buffing the stats on Rivens for weapons that were buffed, but only nerfing the stats on nerfed weapons? Why? How can you not see how dumb this is? Theoretically you'll go around nerfing Riven mods themselves so eventually no one will have anything worth spit! And without buffing Riven mods in the inventory that means more Kuva farming! You think I want to sit and farm Kuva for a Riven that I've rolled? That is a big, giant, red, all-caps, flashing neon, 50M wide x 70M long sign that reads: F+++ NO. Kuva is Boring, with a capital 'B'. I have close to 2K hours into this game and this by far is the most asinine thing you have ever done, and this is coming from someone that farmed the Hema on his lonesome. The Hema's existence is not nearly as bad as forcing players to re-roll Rivens, use weapons they don't want to, and change their inventory without prior knowledge. I expect a company like EA or Activision to pull something like this, not you. You should be ashamed.
  22. I'm going to run these until I can close my eyes and still see the Hemocyte.
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