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  1. given the prices the trash ones are sold at i wonder how many hours we'll have to waste for the good ones. no thanks, i'll stick to eidolons.
  2. we did that and were unable to go to the flotilla. everybody was clicking it furiously but nothing whatsoever happened. we reformed the team like 5 times and tried and tried but nothing.
  3. No energize, no grace. Guardian and strike are the only useful mid-tier arcanes available. For all the good ones we basically got hosed massively as DE is telling us to #*!% off and farm double the amount we needed before. this is disgraceful.
  4. I can only start the space mission from the Scarlet Spear base but when i try to invite people there it says "maximum amount of players for flotilla blablabla". is this a purely solo mission? what is going on?
  5. i have no use for sentient cores (running eidolons every now and then). i assume those mods are tradable? if there are no rewards in the space mission that cannot be traded or are ultra rare, there should be no reason to run it. i will do some space missions today as well and update the thread if i find anything. thanks so far.
  6. ok, ty. is there any loot that's only available in the space mission? if not that's ideal, then i can ignore the space thing and just grind the ground mission.
  7. What is the most efficient method to farm the scarlet spear event? it has been out a few hours so there has to be a meta.
  8. it's not worth to build it as a weapon. there are tons of better melee options. but since it's a quest item you kinda need to.
  9. male? i would describe that face as "slightly androgynous angsty teenage girl".
  10. the idea ain't bad but it's not a problem solver in itself. in order to fix the riven economy a whole diverse upgrading and modification system would be needed similar to upgrading systems in games with rng based weapons. locking stats, upgrading stats, maybe as you suggested swapping stats, additionally a whole interexchange system between rivens, kuva, slivers and transmuters, and so on. the problem is, that it requires work because you can't just devalue tons of riven of people who have played a lot for them or spent a lot of plat on them. that would be an enormous hit to the most active player base in the game. therefore you need to scale upgradability in a degree where the time and resource investment required equals the market value of the rng roll. this is a quite complex process and i doubt DE is willing to invest any time into that. it was easy with kuva weapons because it was only a single stat that was affected with barely any economy around it and barely and dependencies for relatively new content. the amount of work necessary to provide upgradability for rivens and at the same time not crash the market and drive away a portion of the player base that could be considered among the most dedicated while at the same time managing to uphold the "veteran -> newbie - plat- pipeline" that rivens (as a commodity not a necessity in most cases) provide in order to enable viable f2p to those who are willing to earn platinum through ingame time investment is a very fine line to walk and would require a decent amount of resources. many other old systems that would have required an overhaul and the consequent allocation of resources have not gotten those even when the necessary resources were substantially less than a riven overhaul would require. therefore it is quite safe to say that rivens will never be touched and the system will remain as is because it is too risky to overthrow the current system with only little investment. edit: since i have heard the argument that rivens were never supposed to be a economical structure in addition to it's inherent use (an argument that i have read here as well as read/heard many many times before in other places/threads/communities) i would like to address that as well: while this might not have been intended, it is the reality now and crashing reality for an idealistic intention would do way more harm than good. no matter the intention it's in the best interest of the game to evaluate the reality of the current situation and not a long gone dream of "should have, could have".
  11. somebody said that this would not be a difficult or long task. that person doesn't have an echo or a shimmer of a clue regarding game design. those mods don't exist in a vacuum, they interact with any other type specific mod. not only does the mod itself need to be evaluated but it's interaction with other mods on every type specific item since raising certain stats might push some weapons completely over the top. maybe those +30% sc or whatever are enough to make an insane hybrid out of a pure crit melee weapon in combination with a riven. maybe this fire rate mod can break armor removal or whatever on this or another gun. all those things need to be considered and tested. so yes, this is indeed a lengthy and complex process you donkey.
  12. i am against this. a lot. given my average ttk in 2-3 seconds i'm already in another room, maybe even further. this means i would actually miss out on a possible loot drop. this would further slow down the pace of the game and i think in the vast majority of cases this would be counterproductive. however i would be ok with this if: a) the loot drops occurs at the time of them being downed b) there is universal vacuum i don't wanna wait around or watch animations if i could be finishing the mission faster instead. but i also don't wanna miss out on loot, as insignificant as it may be.
  13. are you sure about that? did you actually read the contract or is your info just hearsay?
  14. randoms are like q-tips. once used, they are immediately discarded as they are no longer useful and disgusting on top of that.
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