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  1. can we get back the proper riven values on the mod console back? i know there are kuva weapons now which require some sort of fix but can we not make it horrid to mod the other thousand weapons because of 15 new ones please? just make a checkmark for "[ ] kuva variant" or something like you did with gilded variants on the zaw/kitgun build screen.
  2. it's not for you to decide which thread is for who. and yes, spin2win is better gameplay than standing in a spot hitting quick attack 30 times.
  3. ty, i was off by a factor of 10 and yet i am still appalled by the chances.
  4. big slash proc, nothing new. now to this to an entire room at once. what? you can't? you're telling me i have to walk up close to every single of the 50 enemies to do that instead of oneshotting the entire room at once like before? that's like kill speed - 50000%
  5. and now caculate how many you need to kill for max stat. the range is 20-60%. my wild guess is above 15000.
  6. i'm right there with you. at least with rivens it only costs 10-15 min of farming kuva to reroll them and not half a day of borig grinding in order to kill the lich and roll a new one. this is content stretching at it's worst. they are making us farm the same weapon dozens of times in order to force replayability on a meager drop on content.
  7. would be very nice if we could get rid of the rng on the weapons element. the weapon is rng, the element is rng .... the chance of getting the weapon you want with the element even near the maximum might take months if not years of grinding. never ever until now have we had an rng element on weapons. i liked that. rolling rivens is enough rng. at least rerolling a riven only costs 3.5k kuva and not half a day of grinding. would also love to have the option to opt out of the whole kuva lich thing. it has been frustratingly annoying the first few times and i really don't care about the weapons as long as they're rng but i get forced to participate just by accidentally killing a larvae or whatever they're called, losing rewards left and right while having no intention to either fight or kill those damn liches.
  8. because the largest part of the warframe community, including the devs, which are all casual roleplayers assumes that you lack a chromosome if you actually dare to minmax your gear.
  9. so basically you're saying it's ok to only be allowed to run 1 or 2 warframes at maximum potential and #*!% the rest, do i read this right? there should be no choice in maxing out a warframe. imagine other mmos only allowing you max gear on a single character ....
  10. which is completely arbitrary and an awful strategy since we can only minmax 2 frames a year at best that way. they could have also randomly decided to make normal formas or exilus adapters extremely rare or make arcanes only drop once a month. they didn't do that in order to allow players to modify their warframes freely. which is why i don't understand why they suddenly decided to restrict us with umbra formas.
  11. tbh i wouldn't mind that. even if i had to reforma some stuff and lose some endo. but as long as they exist and i want to reach the numerical maximum value on my builds restricting me in doing that is just plain mean.
  12. the argument is literally in the sentence above.
  13. then de should also stop rivens from being traded and should stop offering weapons and warframes for plat and should stop selling normal formas and should absolutely stop selling prime access. your argument is invalid. as for the argument of them not being necessary or whatnot i have to disagree on that. nothing is "necessary" in warframe. but just as with other mods people should be able to use them on their frames as they wish. one could also say that primed mods are a power creep over normal mods, yet they are still there and i can use them freely and forma my frame or weapon accordingly. with umbra and sacrificial mods that's just not possible. they don't need to be "common", they can be rare or expensive. that doesn't bother me. but having multiple frames in the pipeline to use one or even two umbra mods on them and having the knowledge that by the time i finish that there will be 20 new frames that need them just frustrates me to no end. when i have to leave the exilus slot empty and forego 15% strength in order to be able to use 2 umbra mods it just makes me want to quit. it's a scarcity that is completely artifical and doesn't need to be in the game.
  14. because warframe is played by more than just a handful of people from a place with an overglorified military.
  15. can we stop this artificial scarcity thing? we need more than 3 umbra forma a fricken year, umbra mods are pointless otherwise. i have like 10 frames to minmax with that stuff so what, it's gonna take me 6-8 years? i don't care if you sell it for plat or whatnot, just don't make me wait 3 months for another. there's nothing special or fun about it, just a pile of frustration while looking at warframes that are diminished in their potential due to lack of resources.
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