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  1. In a kuva survival fissure mission, three out of the four of us are having the same problem: Some waypoints appear much smaller than normal. They are many different sizes, but none seem larger than normal. Some flicker back and forth between different sizes. Screenshots:
  2. I really like the silent protagonist thing we have going on for most of the game. It fits with the Tenno's collective personality. The dialogue options in Heart of Deimos feel really out of place. It's like you're suddenly playing a different character. It would be better if it was like the rest of the game, with the Tenno silent or their lines implied rather than written out. This is one area where more choice isn't better.
  3. There's no reason for every power, or even every frame, to be competitive with each other. This is a PvE game. ---- I think MR 8 is too soon for subsuming. Maybe 12-14.
  4. Can you put a helminth unique ability and a subsumed warframe ability on the same frame?
  5. Five separate times today, I've gotten stuck in an infinite loading screen with a player named limazulu on Adaro, Sedna while using public matchmaking. I can't imagine that this is a coincidence. The only way to get out of the loading screen is to close the game. About half the time this doesn't happen, and I can load into the mission with no problems.
  6. The test cluster is still locked behind Steam? Why no love for your standalone launcher users 😞
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