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  1. I was the team leader and the score system was broken. On my side the score was reduced to 3420 but my real score was 5220 as well as my teamates. My teamates saw the real score on their side for me and them and regardless non of us got the right badge that we farmed two hours for. The real score: https://imgur.com/a/3fJUdSD False score: https://imgur.com/0HXMJxW And again we worked two hours for this and I get it that the Warframe team is working from home and it's not easy right now with all that's going on I understand that but some of us players come back and do this after work and by work I mean essential work, stressing work with people who need help in this whole outbreak and deserve what we worked hard for in our free time to try and get some time off this reality of what's going on. This is insulting to say the least.
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