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  1. I have 15 solid color kavats that are looking for a new home. A new Tenno to run with! If you're thinking breeding a naturally solid color kavat is a piece of a cake, then you should try on your own first, we all begun somewhere :] You might even like it and breed your own naturally solid companions! But if you tried and it didn't work out or you just want a naturally stunning companion to farm kuva with or just let it free roam on your orbiter - then I have some to offer! Big discounts, these cats worth a lot more. Prices depends on color rarity (yes! It's a thing! despite the fact all natural kavat colors are available on the market - you cannot change the colors of a kitten or the colors of the imprints you're selling), look for morningstar999's price guide - most of these are a bargain! I have Adarzas too, feel free to DM for more details.
  2. Pure Vasca kavats Smeeta kavats Solid color twins Prices are for either 2 or 3 prints - as stated in each pic If I'm not online - add me and leave a note
  3. Both Feral kavats and their ghosts now tend to become completely invisible, as in you don't even see their almost transparent watermark like figure... Over 2 months of awareness and no fix? Why do companions related stuff are always in last priority? 😞
  4. Smeeta kavats Adarza kavats Prices are for a set of 2 prints Some of these kavats have only 2 prints available because the 3rd print was used for other projects. Some kavats have 3 prints, the 3rd print is available for additional 50-150p depending on the kavat. I honestly don't know why would you need 3 prints, simply because you need only 2 in order to incubate an exact replica of the kavat, but would prefer to actually sell all 3 if I have 3 of your desired kavat. If I'm not online - you can add me ingame and leave a note
  5. Link look is broken. Last time I was playing with the apply look it broke the kavats I applied the look to Some had the nasty broken energy color and nothing fixed that Some got the display smeeta/adarza colors as natural colors, but that can be fixed by simply changing the fur So yeah, the whole link look function is broken
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