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  1. The purple energy you have there is the result of the broken (never-actually-fixes) energy color that came with one of the hotfixes (the one where DE changed the background colors depending on your UI, instead of the default blueish we had-bad decision DE). It was much worse before a fix to that bug, now the energy is ok most of the time. As for the different shades you have there.. On Moonless pattern - those energy spots on the shoulder area affected by the fur color, especially by accents slot iirc. And agian - the pink is because the energy is currently not 100% fixed.
  2. All 6 kavats are solid color, meaning they have the same color in all 4 slots.
  3. WTS these nice looking companions Prices are for a set of 2 imprints, not selling single imprints Single rare athletic kubrows 40p per set
  4. Thank you for fixing kubrow furs, and the bug that froze the game when trying to view imprints. Still waiting on a fix for kavat wiskers and the fur plum on their backs. Also, removing the breed symbol from the imprints was a bad idea, theres a lot of us who own 50+ imprints, and its almost impossible to remember which imprint is what, unless we named our failed incobations with the breeds name. A suggestion - Bring back the breed symbols to the imprint, so we wont have to hover the mouse on each imprint Just to see the breed Or Add an option to the search - for example typing "raksa" in the search will show all raksa imprints (and imprints of pets that have "raksa" in their name)
  5. So the akvasto prime playing the wrong sound is an issue, but broken fur textures on kavats and kubrows are ok.. Cool.
  6. This is all great and stuff, but when do we get a fix on kubrow fur? Yes, we can see patterns now, but chimera broke the fur so bad, that the fact we can see pattern doesnt solve the problem. You guys fixed operator cosmetics, a visual bug, now its time to fix another visual bug - kubrow fur (and kavat whiskers + the hair plum on the back). Its understandable you had to adjust the fur to Fortuna, so there will be "room" for Snow on the companion when we out in orb vallis, but seriously guys, this is ugly, makes us wanna lock our 4 legged companions in stasis forever.
  7. Paracesis rivens and Gaze rivens (most likely all kitgun rivens) dont appear in the mobile app
  8. - Fixed kubrow fur When? You guys made it worse. Kinda sad you called that a fix.
  9. After Chimera evert single hotfix resets the colors Also, kubrows (and kavats)...
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