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  1. May I ask what exactly you did to get that number?
  2. So I couldn't find anything on it on the wiki and decided to ask people here. Does Rift Torrent effect ability damage? The mod only says "damage" and so does the wiki. If it effects ability damage I would have some helminth ideas but alas better ask first before wasting ressources.
  3. Yea that was my point. Just drop all the fluff. No one cares about the story of nightwave. I just want to farm potatoes and nitain.
  4. I wish they would drop the story and minigames. I don't care about any of it just lemme get my potatoes.
  5. It would give Roar some competion and actually create some interesting builds if nourish strike would create combined status effects on certain abilities
  6. Every companion needs a devolution like mechanic. Make pets immortal already. Either that are create a way to revive them when they're completely dead.
  7. Remove the bullet attraction effect from void damage or make it possible to hit headshots regardless. Not being able to headshot makes void terrible even as neutral damage.
  8. So I have been running T1-3 iso vaults a few times again today and I started to notice I'm suddenly not getting any argon anymore while before the hotfixes I used to get like around 8 without boosters. Am I having bad RNG or is anyone else feeling like they have a lower drop raze now?
  9. Could you take a screenshot or something so I atleast know where it's *supposed* to be?
  10. Where can I see my Necramech inventory slots? I asumed they're under vehicles but that just shows archwings. The mausolon shows up as an arch gun but what category is the mech in?
  11. Once I re-feed my Helminth (Ugh Bile...) I'll plan to tinker with the possible builds a bit and take good ol broberon out into the field again
  12. It seems to be a sleeping Wyrm akin to Vome. You can see the outline of the head pieces inside the walls of the cerebrum
  13. What about casting breach surge when mallet already has damage stored up
  14. 1000% agreed. I would jump back into some railjack if you reduce the RJ ressource amounts by a lot. Same with Excavation. All this does currently is just make me ignore everything RJ ressource related in bile and farm ISO vaults for argon instead.
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