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  1. Top list of things to fix: - Subsequent vault bounties not being t2 and t3 as expected - Scintillants spawns (or lack there of) - Missleading waypoints - Amps self knockdown Much needed QoL: - A way to check cycles BEFORE entering HoD - Fast travel to Loid after first visit
  2. Based on the patch notes they are supposed to spawn randomly in the vaults, like wisps in lakes...however I never ever saw a single one, nor anyone in all of my squads. Only saw it in youtube videos and people were saying they disappear after u kill the guardian, which would explain why I aint finding any...I (or someone in my party) go straight to killing it. Still, it doesnt seem to be intended...
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Cant gild rank30 pet in deimos VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Get a pet to rank 30 and try to gild EXPECTED RESULT: Expect to be able to gild it, since its rank 30 and I have enough tokens OBSERVED RESULT: Got the error message above saying I dont have a proper pet REPRODUCTION RATE: Happening 100% of the time with me. tried relogging and all. Also I have already released an exact pet like this, not sure if it has any influence
  4. After 20+ h farming vault bounties....I have 2 scintilants. And that was from the mech, cause I found none laying around and I did look around quite a bit. Maybe make them show up on radar? or make them easier to see? or more common? IDK, but it sure needs some tunning
  5. Farmed 10+ birdies...it always appears...its different than other animals though...
  6. Good fixes. Small to do list: -Fixing void dash in vault -Reduce time gate from vault while making stuff harder (more fun not longer) -A way to check cycles BEFORE entering (if you expect us to do 3 at same cycle we should know when the cycle resets, like in fortuna/poe its shown outside and on bounty selection) -Fast travel to Loid after first visit (didnt we learn this in fortuna already?)
  7. Yes, more time gate. Just what we needed for more fun and challenge!! Ty DE❤️
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Waypoint pointing to wrong direction in HoD VISUAL: This is where my loc-pin is (green mark): This is how it appears if Im a bit further away: REPRODUCTION: Just put a loc-pin in HoD and move around a bit EXPECTED RESULT: The waypoint should always show the direct path to it, not some underground tunnel hidden parth or whatever OBSERVED RESULT: The path only points directly to it if u are VERY close. Otherwise it seems to have a mind of its own REPRODUCTION RATE: All the ******* time
  9. List of stuff to fix: Necramech bounties unable to progress (nekra not spawning, Otak not spawning, Otak not moving and so on) Necramech bounties matchmaking Scintillant being exclusive to low lvl bounties Mandatory poop farming Necramech disabling operator dash falling through the floor endless when leaving vault zone and often other places too More to come!
  10. by sometimes u mean...most times right? 5 out of 5 here I couldnt finish...and we are supposed to do at least 3 in a row!!!
  11. This patch made the necra bounty really bugged. Sometimes he doesnt spawn. When he does spawn, Otak sometimes wont come. When he does come, sometimes he wont walk at all....come on!
  12. This doesnt seem to fix matchmaking...thats the worst from last patch... PS:fix for tenno amps causing self knockdown when?
  13. In case its not clear from the 1241158514 posts before...this update messed up matchmaking in HoD
  14. Remove Tenno amp kockdown when? they never had self damage, so self knockdown makes no sense and its hella annoying!
  15. Although this has been fixed...son tokens are annoying af to get indeed. Worst part of deimos so far
  16. Although this has been fixed...son tokens are annoying af to get indeed. Worst part of deimos so far
  17. Although this has been fixed...son tokens are annoying af to get indeed. Worst part of deimos so far
  18. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Went to Cetus before finishing Vor's quest VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: create new account and go to cetus (it says u cant, but u can) EXPECTED RESULT: expected to not be able to go cetus OBSERVED RESULT: You can go to cetus and even get first bounty, but the minute u try to start it u can a popup and it bring u back. and then u r stuck forever in orbiter cause u cant use navigation, foundry, mods. arsenal, nothing (relogging fixes it) REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% so far
  19. Is there a list of whats coming on round 19?
  20. Lame af. Removed mah like from original post to show disappointment as downvote aint possible
  21. Bro, this is so good, I thought it was a troll when I saw it at first. I think we have a winner here...
  22. Nope. I would be glad if they added exilus forma. Like, we have aura and even stance forma already...exilus deserve some love
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