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  1. If it bothers you enough, next time you can screen shot the situation and report them for it through support: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Regardless of how strong or weak you are, it wouldn't be a justification for harassment. Especially not in publicly matchmade missions where the only real requirement is trying to complete the objective. If someone wants to nitpick Operator gear/focus, Warframe choice, damage output, etc, they can either play solo or a premade group.
  2. This still isn't enough to cover an entire area, or even close to it. You don't have to play the game near them. You personally not having the buff here wouldn't make a difference if the Wisp, and other allies, are going to be ccing enemies anyways. This still wouldn't be any different to Slow Nova, Chaos Nyx, etc slowing down every other camping play style, which the game shouldn't even be designed around, and DE clearly doesn't actually support. There is a way to deal with them, it's called premade groups with a zero cc policy. Every Warframe would need their abilities nerfed by requiring sight to cc enemies purely for the purpose of satisfying you. Your solution isn't really a solution. If you're frequently picking up the motes, somehow, then your gameplay will be disrupted by having to frequently go through the action of removing them. People still complain Volt's speed buff is disruptive, despite it being removable due to how frequently it gets applied. That's your own personal preference, and there's zero reason for DE to design the game around the personal preferences of individuals. You rely on HA, the Warframe itself doesn't. I have several configurations for Oberon, zero use HA, even when Blind Rage is equipped. Even regarding Oberon, Nekros is far more of a hinderance to him than Wisp could ever be in regards to energy management. However, even then, there's ways to deal with that, rather than complain about it like people have in the past.
  3. This applies to any Warframe with cc. At least with Wisp, you can just ask them to not put them in door ways, the motes appear on your map/radar, so even if you're unable to see them due to visual clutter, you can still completely avoid them. Unlike other Warframes with frequent cc, where the only option is leaving, or asking they not play the game at all. Then there's the obvious don't play with randoms if what they play bothers you enough to complain about it. Oberon, or any Warframe, doesn't need Hunter Adrenaline either.
  4. He seems extremely mediocre, because he is. His entire kit, minus augments, can be done by other Warframes with just a fraction of their kits/helminth. If all you do is standard star chart/arb, then his durability is fine; even then, all Warframes have fine survivability without shield-gate abuse there. If all that matters is living and armor stripping, there's significantly better options than Oberon, and they have better cc. In the end, it's not as if it matters. Weapon choice matters more anytime you aren't using a dps Warframe, allowing every Warframe to technically be able to do anything, even if that anything is literally nothing.
  5. PSF isn't needed to block self-staggers. All PSF does is allow you to do so with a single mod on any Warframe.
  6. If DE were to do this, they may as well just have it be part of the game itself. Trading is designed to feel bad, and is working as intended.
  7. This assumes people are actually interested in experimentation, which most people aren't. Otherwise, they wouldn't be copy/pasting the same builds from other people. Then there's the whole "new" people don't have enough weapons or mods unlocked to even pretend they can experiment. This change is far more beneficial to someone not new, to no surprise. Regardless, forma is meant to be Warframe's equivalent to leveling in the game. Lowering mod costs lets you equip more of them that cost higher capacities. Leveling the mods themselves and equipping is the substitute to how you level up your characters and enhancing weapons. Using forma isn't even a requirement early/mid game, which is yet another reason why this change to "benefit new people" makes no sense.
  8. The game already has other Warframes that can contribute to constant energy without even requiring an actual target. The only thing she does over the other options is both easy refill of health and shields, but in this day, providing shields is enough and some do that and more.
  9. If people want to "explore" the maps, they can without forcing everyone else to. Warframe isn't even an exploration based game. I don't understand why people play X game only to complain it's not Z, when they can just play Z. The game also already has multiple escort missions, and surprise, they aren't well liked. Defection/Hijack.
  10. Your own response to other feedback is appropriate to the "need" to make 1x forma per day:
  11. Completely skipping content, especially since this means guaranteed level 1 that dies the moment you show up without even thinking of your loadout, and an alternative to completing said content aren't the same things.
  12. Leveling in Hydron is a choice people make. Hydron isn't even time efficient, people go there mainly because they can level stuff while afk or because they're inexperienced with the game and for some reason people keep telling others to level in Hydron.... The low effort aspect is no different to how people show up to an ESO and stand there doing nothing for 1-2 zones to lazily max weapons. There's always the option to level gear by just playing the game, rather than going out of your way of doing so. Then for Warframes at least they aren't going to be starting with 0 abilities. DE just needs to get rid of silly Warframe level restrictions from content that has it [Sorties/Arb].
  13. DE likes multi-layered rng, and people here attribute any problems to player incompetence, rather than dev incompetence. Almost every single fissure run, I get 10 reactant right away. This means if the reactant system is meant to slow people down, it's failing. All it does is make those cases where reaching 10 isn't possible a complete waste of time for no reason other than because DE didn't want to put effort into making the missions actually different from the rest of the game.
  14. If some arbitrary [opinionated] theme being similar to Halloween really matters, then controlling people to have them watch their friends and family brutally murdered before they meet the same fate is Halloween themed. Current day Halloween and "necromancy" have nothing to do with each other anyways.
  15. How good or bad a skin is perceived to be has nothing to do with how a Warframe performs. With what they showed, I don't like the Hildryn skin, but at the same time, I don't like the Valkyr skin either. I find a combination of two Tennogen skins to be better, in my opinion. However, it's undeniable that Hildryn is a vastly superior melee Warframe than Valkyr, despite not being a melee focused Warframe and even has a ranged exalted weapon... and supporting melee weapons is all Valkyr is really meant to be doing. Hildryn has multiple functions in addition to that, even to the point of supporting Necramechs anytime DE forces us into using them. The only real bad part of Hildryn is the weapon restriction on her fourth ability and I suppose making her armor strip better. For most of the game, and even most enemies in SP, she just casts her second ability and they die. Helminth even gave her the ability to support allies in another way, at least until DE ruins the fun in the future [if they do]. I prefer Valkyr's aesthetic over Hildryn's, but I play Hildryn more often.
  16. Wisp motes may be good, but that's not really all she has. She has multiple forms of pretty much never dying, making the HP mote [for herself] completely redundant as well as the shock one. Then there's her silly DPS potential despite being partly a support. If she had to be nerfed, it would make more sense to lower her dps potential, rather than her support potential. It also makes no sense to focus on the low energy cost. Oberon's Renewal has 100% uptime unless an enemy deletes your energy bar, and doesn't have the drawback of needing to go back and pick them up, or having the Wisp recast them in another area; he only runs into energy issues if he tries to do anything else but maintain Renewal while having an str heavy build. Trinity has no issues with energy in regards to her heal due to being able to provide energy as a function, and she provides shield generation which is vastly superior to health generation in the overwhelming majority of situations. There are other Warframes centered around protecting allies that also do a better job than Wisp does. Her only real strength there is she does a better job at keeping Sentinels and Companions alive, given the mote applies to Sentinels and for Companions using link mods they get two health bonuses. Her only advantage over them is her base kit provides easy dps increase to weapons. Oberon requires multiple abilities to 100% armor strip to the point everything would be dead before he does, and his other weapon dps boost is tied to a radiation damage buff that takes up a mod slot, and Wisp even has her own damage increasing augment for herself. The alternatives that can increase dps either require many casts due to not armor stripping at a base level, or aren't popular outside of niche situations for nothing related to really being "bad". People just gravitate towards what is convenient over what is actually strong. Otherwise, Inaros would be sitting at 0 usage. Even Wisp's actual potential is just completely thrown out the window, because as this thread proves, to most people playing she's nothing more than a mote bot...
  17. The wiki would likely stat if it were a base stat increase that interacts with Vitality due to it being important enough to be mentioned, as other minor details that don't matter to most end up mentioned across many pages. People copy/paste the wiki because it answers a large portion of the questions posted here. Reading both the Wisp and Vitality wiki pages clearly tell you no, and someone here telling you no is no different.
  18. DE already supports endless runs by the fact it has rewards like everywhere else. Scaling rewards isn't the same as supporting, that's encouraging it. Scaling rewards hardly exist in "endless" modes within the context of Warframe's "endless". Other games with a similar mode have a hard cap on how far you're even allowed to go without either cheating or exploiting a game breaking bug. There's either an ammo limitation to where eventually enemies are too durable and you fail due to that, or the stages have a clear condition that become impossible to meet, or a combination of insane defense and offensive stats that you fail due to that or some other nonsense mechanic that forces you to lose. For Warframe, you can semi-afk in a closet for hours on end and not fail a mission. It makes zero sense to having scaling rewards considering this fact. It's also not as if any game needs an "endless" mode for people to spend all day on it. MMORPGs don't have an endless mode generally, and they had been targeted in the past due to people playing them all day each day of the week. You also seem to think anyone who mostly has gaming as their hobby all want to feel forced into sitting in a mission for hours. I have a lot of spare time, and don't want/care for endless missions lasting hours and being rewarded. I've done it multiple times in the past, then felt like I had to do it again when Steel Essence came into existence. It's not really fun sitting in a single mission for several hours straight, and this is even though I had set it to solo so I could actually pause the game and take breaks while hoping my client didn't crash. Even my typical limit for a mission for 2-3 hours is already extreme, and not even healthy. If you want to play Warframe all day, you can happily sit in a mission as is, and not like scaling rewards do much of anything. Warframe's resources quickly become useless, with Kuva being the only relevant resources, and this is only for people that even bother with Rivens.
  19. Hmm, so you're saying pressing 1 on repeat to command a clone isn't interactive or fun, and yet.... your suggestion is to have Wukong based around pressing 1 on repeat to command multiple clones. Regardless, any given kit doesn't have to be "fun" to you personally. Without Iron Staff, I find Wukong as bland as Inaros, and I don't need either of them changed, given people like them as they are.
  20. Meta "gun" setups kill Acolytes within a couple seconds depending on the weapon; some even spawn kill them which is quicker than melee unless the acolyte appears on top of the person using a melee weapon. Just as not all ranged setups can delete Acolytes, not all melee can either. All weapon types have severe imbalances between the top and low ends. Regardless, it's true that SP simply shouldn't have had rewards tied to it. The issue hasn't been x weapon is worse than y weapon, but DE continuously increasing the level/durability of enemies we run into it. It makes absolutely no sense to demand DE provide higher level enemies only to then demand our damage go up along with it; this just cancels out the fact enemies had their level increased. The whole point in enemies "endlessly scaling" is that you get to a point where you're forced to fail. Although, this is Warframe, and failing isn't supposed to be a thing unless caused by a bug.
  21. Yep, another copy/paste Wukong complaint thread with the usual dose of dishonesty. The damage amplification for example is triggered by casting the ability while CT is active. Last I checked, you can't be afk and legitimately be spamming the ability for CT to gain continuous bonus damage, using this is also too much effort for literal zero reward. The implication that CT heals and uses abilities is completely dishonest. CT simply copies the base Wukong abilities the user casts. CT heals itself when the user uses Cloud Walker, and that's only because Cloud Walker also heals the original Wukong. CT also already goes inactive if the player is actually afk. As for the greatest specter... yeah, sure. If you think CT walking backwards out of range and doing 0 damage unless you exclusively use long range aoe weapons to account for the fact he misses most shots even if the enemy isn't moving. He even misses melee attacks the same way enemy melee units miss their attacks even if you just afk. A Wisp specter is far more valuable. Wukong is only popular due to Cloud Walker, and this is the portion of his kit that took multiple nerfs. CT is one of the worst abilities to utilize even if you wanted to farm useless low level endless missions, because CT is equal to a person using only guns but without the ability to freely move and think; meanwhile alternatives delete enemies as they spawn by occasionally tabbing back into the game every 30 seconds.
  22. You can't demand DE have Warframe be exactly the same across all platforms while supporting the main offender as to why games are different on a per platform basis in todays world. Individual consoles having exclusives or different standards to PC is normal, and it's even worse in regards to Sony and how they'll demand gear be locked to PS4/5. If you didn't agree with it, then you shouldn't have given Sony money.
  23. I suppose I'm lucky, I've never once been mistaken for MR1. I get comments, but more so along the lines of "congrats on reaching LR1". It only takes years to reach MR30 because we were gated entirely by the lack of gear. If you make a new account and started now, it wouldn't even take a year. As more content is added, the easier it is to reach MR30. Either way, expecting anything for MR30+ is equivalent to expecting disappointment. How often does DE reward a small portion of the player base? Even Eidolons eventually had their main reward distributed elsewhere. It didn't take DE long to alter SE gains to not heavily favor afking in a mission for hours. DE has generally for a while been about accessibility. "End game" like content generally have little to no rewards, and much of the game's grind are at low to mid level with some content going as far as making our loadouts useless or an attempt at a soft-reset. I was expecting MR30 to provide nothing meaningful to myself, as well as any follow-up ranks DE came up with. Realistically, the only thing I would personally value is getting an extra mod capacity per rank past 30. Additional mod capacity would gradually remove silly restrictions due to how polarities function and my refusal to craft duplicates of everything I ever use. Meanwhile, any resource, or anything related to additional resources, is of absolutely zero value to me.
  24. They're mistaking not liking simulacrum to choosing levels. DE did state they didn't like simulacrum being used for videos lazily, and represented the game poorly. However, they had also stated they opposed what is essentially custom missions. It's possible I missed them promising this [mentioning=/=promising], but I did hear/see them say they weren't going to just let us start at what ever level we wanted. Even SP enemy durability was reduced from test to release. Regardless, enemy level and difficulty aren't even related. Anyone who's done any lengthy endless mission should be willing to acknowledge it isn't difficult. The only reason people struggle even at SP isn't because it's "difficult", enemies just have higher defensive values which necessitates higher damage, and the combination of higher offensive values and increased enemies means you can't just mindlessly walk around without dying unless you're using specific loadouts. Most people have loadouts that are functional for most of the game, but are non-functional in SP. This is also why so many people hate Disruption mission type, because of how durable the enemies you're required to kill are for said loadouts, even though I personally like the mission due to how quickly rotations go and the less standing around a general area.
  25. A game having multiplayer doesn't mean it's balanced for multiplayer. Warframe has generally been no different to single player games that have multiplayer as an option. Warframe has no rewarding content that requires other players in the same way an MMORPG does where some content flat out can't even be started without a minimum set of players, or impossible to complete solo due to strict timers balanced around a full group. All content is "balanced" around a single player, and DE doesn't even test the game from a client perspective [at least not well]. Many of the game breaking bugs have been exclusively for Clients and not the Host or in Solo mode. The game is even designed around a single player having 0 reliance on another player for anything. A single person can sustain their health, shield, ammo, energy on their own, all while being able to mass apply cc and boost their own dps. The game has also had many instances of being able to pretty much afk through endless missions solo. DE has also nerfed enemies on multiple occasions, while recently increasing the DPS of the average player base, further showing DE isn't interested in putting in any effort in ensuring there's multiplayer balance. Anytime there's "multiplayer content", it devolves to x amount of people soloing an objective far apart from each other. On the other side, a game being "single player" doesn't mean it doesn't require balance. Typically, single player games are where most "challenging" games are going to be. It makes absolutely zero sense to download a game like Warframe, especially given it hasn't even been marketed as difficult, only to complain that it's "too easy".
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