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  1. If the logic of not wanting to use Xoris is because you want to use another melee weapon, then well, even without increased dps from a Warframe other melee weapons can still kill them, it's just a hassle due to a lot of melee being bad at hitting enemies in the air. Although, even then, this would just be more of an argument towards weapon loadout slots being a generic 3 slots rather than Primary-Secondary-Melee. Then you would be able to take Xoris, your standard melee, and what ever ranged weapon. Celestial Twin, despite being... you know... can solo the first rotation, and at times get the second rotation reward on its own using decent primaries that don't require much precision. I noticed the weird level issue, but for me it had nothing to do with how many died, I had some start right at level 150 for some reason and at first thought I started in SP, and then randomly switching between 15, 54, etc.
  2. Abilities should have just used cooldowns, with the reactor providing some cdr. Some of the aspects around Railjack already had cool downs so... not sure why not apply that to offensive abilities. People are obviously fine with it given they'll use Lavos over bothering with infinite energy spam. It would also let people use what ever Warframe they want without worrying about it impacting the Railjack itself, that's what the Railjack parts are for, and the Plexus.
  3. I would hope they get the duration of a season right... There would be no need for ever increasing prestige ranks if a season lasted the intended duration. Part of NW's job was replacing alerts and providing a more consistent set of rewards, rather than no-life stalking alerts.
  4. If a mobile version leads to success in countries like China, it just means free income at that point, due to how heavy spenders mobile gamers in certain Eastern countries are. Most people are just looking at this so heavily through a Western point of view, completely ignoring the fact the other side of the world has a completely different culture in regards to how games are played and enjoyed. Mobile devices also wouldn't hinder the game anymore than consoles did. What gets ignored, is that a platform isn't just about hardware, but also how people interact with the game. Any game developed for console immediately has limitations set on it, and most of those limitations transition fine to mobile devices. There's also already games that are similar enough to Warframe being played on mobile devices, and mobile devices are better than when some of those were released. People really just have to accept the fact so many games are going to be on mobile in the future due to the popularity of mobile gaming in China. Non-Chinese games and other forms of media have already been censored for ages now to appease their government, it was only a matter of time before Western studios starting pushing for mobile games once that started growing.
  5. The issue isn't that they nerfed "melee", the issue is that they nerfed every single melee weapon that can utilize the mods regardless of their performance, while buffing every single ranged weapon regardless of their performance; while not even addressing single target vs aoe. They also didn't even address the totally "melee" ranged damage that gets to ignore the weaknesses surrounding melee. Despite that, the patch satisfied complainers even though the game is just as imbalanced now as it was before. Mission accomplished.
  6. There are also bugs that force failure/quitting. I've had enemies spawn in the ground or in walls with no way for the group to kill them on the, I believe Ceres, defense map. So we just kill ourselves with electricity proc on the rail. These forced failure bugs have happened to me on multiple occasions that add up.
  7. How does this change the fact K-Drives are useless...? K-Drives were/will be ignored because: -Not needed for progression -No boss required it; for other "ignored" equipment, DE had bosses that forced you to use it -Its only use is for mobility in Orb/PoE, but is outclassed by multiple options Making it "fun" or "easier" to do tricks doesn't change the fact they're useless. They could be the best thing ever, "fun" wise, and I'll still forget they exist. Improving K-Drives further beyond fixing the bugs regarding Yareli is a waste of development resources. Not that it really matters, since DE likes that.
  8. It shouldn't be a surprise, DE isn't keeping track of what's in the game. Limbo and SS, Khora "bug fix", the Dagger and shield gate, Hildryn+ES and shield-gate, the thrown melee, are a few somewhat recent examples over "oversights" Even if DE were keeping track, there's an excessive amount of combinations in the game to do so, and DE will realistically only look at what people are actually using. It's why they did nothing to Limbo until after SS, and he's not even the only Warframe to completely invalidate Sentients through abilities. Hildryn got to abuse ES until people started using it, etc.
  9. I personally found nothing challenging about them, they're basically just a Corpus unit that dies slower and comes with the obnoxious ability to teleport spam. The teleport spam contributes to the time they survive more so than their stats do.
  10. It's because you misunderstood why melee got nerfed, and the complaints. Melee was not nerfed due to usage rate, melee nerfs are one of the few cases where something is nerfed without being used more than anything else. Guns and ability use for dps is more common than melee play. The 'complaints' are mainly content creators starting their usual crusade against an imaginary problem to generate views, and their fans spamming it. They do this frequently. This is why in the past, it was mainly highly popular 'guns' that got nerfed, because that's what a significant portion of the player base uses. If you're only trying to use melee because it's allegedly "over powered", don't bother. In 99.9_% of situations ranged damage, whether it be abilities or 'guns', is superior to melee. You should only use melee if you actually enjoy melee play, and are using a weapon/stance you enjoy, rather than forcing yourself into using what's strong. I use melee more often, but I don't use some weapon types even if they're better due to not liking the stances. Also, if you're using Valkyr, and struggling to maintain combo counter, I would unlock and level up Naramon Focus School [Operator] and level up the "Power Spike" passive. There is also the "Swift Momentum" aura for the Warframe that adds 6 seconds to the combo duration timer. Either, or both, lets you not waste a mod slot on combo duration or deal with it resetting unless you die. If you mod correctly for the level you're playing at, I would not waste time with "priming" enemies either. Anyone suggesting this is offering horrible advice. The time it takes to prime enemies you could have just killed them using a strong gun, or could have just slapped them with the melee weapon. Statuses for CO is only relevant on a select few enemies with specific situations as it's for enemies that take many hits to go down. For your standard enemies, even in SP, it's a waste of time. You'll see smaller numbers, but high numbers are irrelevant if you're talking about performance, it's time to kill that matters. Lastly, melee performance, especially in a group, is heavily reliant on your ability to move quicker than everyone in your group, and basically be faster to enter melee range than it takes for someone to casually turn their camera and mindlessly launch a projectile. This is one of the things people ignore in melee vs ranged. People will count the act of aiming and the projectile flying to the enemy into the time it takes to kill enemies, but never factor in the time it takes to fly at an enemy and start the animations to deal damage. Nor do people equate to the frequent repositioning to being similar to reloading, not that all 'guns' necessarily reload either. I didn't mention mods since others did, and I personally use different set of mods for different weapons that vary based on the Warframe. If you're just doing basic star chart or liches, the mods suggested would be enough damage as long as you pay attention to the lich resistances.
  11. Celestial Twin already stops attacking if the player is genuinely afk. His high usage is partly tied to something not related to his Celestial Twin anyways. Cloud Walker is his only genuinely useful ability due to providing movement that has convenience. Cloud Walker was already nerfed multiple times. Your suggestion also does nothing to "fix" the problem, since well, the people aren't "afk". They're forced to move for the Twin to fight, and to get rewards, tapping 1 in between isn't going to stop the low effort play. It's also not as if this is exclusive to him. A variety of Warframes provide low effort playstyles in different missions. Nova lets you sleep through any mission without a kill requirement, same for Limbo for defending, etc.
  12. I have several thousands of hours pvping on multiple games. I play Warframe purely for the pve experience as a break from pvping. If I want to pvp, I play a game that is dedicated to pvp. Most games that try the whole pvp and pve thing don't do a good job at pleasing both sides. Probably because you have an extreme bias. These forums went through a period of non-stop complaints when Deimos was patched in with the forced animal/fishing/mining for progression; these complaints existed before. DE had to lower the requirements, and even took advantage of the situation by turning it into a plat sink to skip the activities people don't like. People complained about K-Drives, people still complain about K-Drives. You can even look at complaints over the recent quest and Warframe for more complaints. Railjack, despite still being something that's not a side activity, saw a lot of complaints. Look at how the corpus update amounted to turning Railjack into a glorified interactive loading scren where you "play" Railjack for a minute then proceed to your usual ground based mission. Even the sisters, is the same and transitions into your typical assassination mission. Scarlet Spear, the Railjack side was the same, literal taxi into mass kill or cc Sentients on the ground despite the fact the event already had the option of a ground based mission. The difference though, is "side activities" are rarely suggested, by comparison, pvp requests are posted frequently by the same handful of people. The first page after tennocon was full of the same threads about pvp. Meanwhile, the closest to "side activity" request was asking for playable Grineer/Corpus, which was met with people disagreeing with that.
  13. I personally don't think that's how Warframe is 'supposed' to be. It's not as if without bullet jumping the game is suddenly better from a balance point of view, especially not when we already have alternate methods that can be as quick, or quicker than bullet jumping which would require a series of nerfs to a bunch of movement. All that would change is making the game slower, and increased mission time. Although, there are already a lot of games that offer the slower paced, lower enemy count, combat.
  14. They give a date, it gets delayed, even if just by a week, then people whine about how they lied. You already know it's coming 2021, and there's only a few months left of the year.
  15. DE already stated they would just re-run the preview another time. The relay servers were being bombarded which prevented them from doing what they did last year due to breaking records.
  16. Cross-progression being a thing, does not mean everything follows between platforms... DE a long time ago talked about possible restrictions, and there's already other games that allow cross-progression between Sony and PC/Mobile, and not everything transfers over. Plat is different between each platform, and Sony has been restrictive on what's allowed to be shared between platforms for other games [historically].
  17. For Nightwave, DE just needs to have Intermissions at least repeat every ~4 months. We've already had multiple instances where more than one season could have been completed during the duration of just one. Nightwave was meant to be a more consistent revision of alerts, but that doesn't work when a season lasts too long. At least they admitted their mistake of trying to tie story to it.
  18. These are one of the few plat sinks that are long term. If DE cared about lowering forma sinks, they wouldn't bother with refunding them, it would have been as simple as lowering the amount of formas to reach level 40, not have made level 40 a thing, and wouldn't keep adding more things that use formas. Railjack uses them, despite not before, the amount needed for Necramechs, "buffing" weapons by releasing a new variant, etc. At the end of the day, games are still a business that require profit. Encouraging people to buy and spend plat, and the cash only bundles or how they make money.
  19. He's not the only Warframe with questionable decisions in regards to how the game plays out, especially when you consider multi-player. The only "fix" to the arcanes and mods is getting rid of kill conditions. There is no reason why they had to be a thing to begin with, there's no balancing logic to it. In any content with frequent enemies, all the meta weapons start off at max stats basically and stay there forever. Even worse when you consider DE suggesting weapon swapping should be a thing, but all these things stack based on the weapon it's equipped on [weapon it requires for a trigger], and not kills in general. This means your ability or dots last hitting denies the stack or refresh, and you're required to keep swapping to maintain all these silly stacks that were meant to be a "buff". It's also silly DE stated the previous melee damage caused a "divide" in the arsenal, and DE's logic is actually creating a divide. There's no reason why all these band-aid fixes DE adds needs to involve your arsenal fighting with itself, rather than just it all working together.
  20. Gunblades are more of an anti-sentient weapon than Paracesis would be. Paracesis does nearly no damage in comparison, and they actually do even less damage now. Add on the fact the weapon is useless when Sentient just fly around anyways, forcing you to use something else. The reset mechanic is pretty pointless unless DE massively buffs the Sentients.
  21. The previous randomness didn't make it "fresh" unless you ignore the fact you were doing the same missions regardless, it being on different planets doesn't change this. It was just as repetitive as it is now.
  22. If only there were multiple support abilities that solved this issue... I personally don't run into this problem, despite pugging everything in the game other than creating the lich/sister [for obvious reasons] or something mindless like fishing. Also, the issue has little to nothing to do with "nuking", even single target weapons are going to delete your shield, and then instantly burn your HP; or flat out kill you if they have toxin damage on their weapon.
  23. Well yes, sales do matter. It's easy to see this when it comes to Warframes. New Warframes or just Primed Warframes get their buffs and qol changes, and Wukong even got an overhaul that made him popular, and then took multiple nerfs long after. One of Gara's long asked visual change as well... Meanwhile, changes to Warframes are uncommon in situations that aren't tied to sales; some even have had bugs or in need of small tweaks, but well, they're not tied to any sale or popular enough to dedicate time to. DE isn't the only one that does this. League, despite being a competitive pvp game often buffs a champ, and then 1-2 cycles later they get a skin... then sometimes get nerfed 1-2 cycles after that.
  24. Sisters got insane damage reduction because during "testing" [what ever testing to them means...] Voidrig would one shot them... since keep in mind, you can use Necramechs in Railjack missions, and the ranged variant deals obscene amounts of damage. So... despite this patch being partly dedicated to nerfing melee weapons, they couldn't be bothered to nerf something that admitted to being insanely over powered.... instead, they needed to balance an enemy with their damage in mind. Of course, depending on loadout, they still die quickly, and looks like the Necramech still burns through them quickly anyways. Examples like this are why I find it to be a complete joke when people support any silly balance changes DE makes. They don't care about balancing the game, they just make changes based on what specific people whine about. If certain people didn't complain about melee, there never would have been any changes. If it weren't for SP, Khora would have never gotten any attempted changes. The aoe self damage only got changed due to Bramma causing complaints, which then led to it [Bram] being nerfed due to complaints and insanely high usage. It goes on.
  25. Melee as a whole doesn't need to be buffed, they just need to get rid of on-kill condition for Berserker and standardized attackspeed and crit stats as well as another change to enemy armor scaling. Most of the issues people have would have been solved with fixing enemy armor.
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