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  1. lol I wish I could reach something 9m away of me with a swing with my hand.. its like im reaching the roof top of a building with 3 floors lmao
  2. I updated on melee arcanes, just realized it would be cool if exodia arcanes projectile effects be included in melee combos
  3. i'll buy it too, going to see what "donguri990" going to do in DMC5 if the combo system is more complicated and fun, I wish we have this crazy player in warframe one day lol
  4. if DE make weapon switch fast, we could play melee fashion and then switch fast to secondary/primary and shoot long distance target then switch back to melee and continue, this way melee players will be able to use guns aswell than just use spin2win melee only and this can build really cool combo fashion even better than DMC and also after DE confirmed we will have TennoDevilTrigger DMC will be old game for me lol
  5. hello, things melee 3.0 must have - aerial attacks must keep on air for few seconds when fighting enemy on air will get close to enemy - fast melee attack that throws enemy to air to perform the air combo easier and i suggest "melee block+backward movement+E" throws enemy to air - equipping 2 different melee weapons at once i mean that we can have venka prime and dark split-sword, and venka prime because its already equipped in hands while using another melee weapon - changing stance mods while inside the mission, so if i have a dark "split-sword" i can use any melee stan
  6. hi, [lightning dash] [heavy impact] this mods don't make the warframe more over powered, its just cosmetic and makes the gameplay more cool because lightning with bullet jump and impact on heavy landings cant kill anything, it just makes me feel powerful nobody uses it because it can cost capacity and mod slots, I better put more useful mods than this solution : install this mods without mod slot or capacity cost or make 2 new warframe mod slots for "cosmetic only" warframe augment mods are also not used because they are not so much useful as other m
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