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  1. I've been using Ignis Wraith through some various missions (ext, surv, def, sabo, and capture) while playing/leveling Equinox Prime, but occationally the reload of ignis wraith, seems instantaneous. The ammo number in the downright corner UI was instantly replenished and the reload sound got compressed to about 0.2-0.3 of a second. It happens a bit to randomly to be sure of the circumstances, but I believe that I was in Equinox Prime's day-form, with 3rd and 4th ability active most, if not all the times it occurred.
  2. This is the second week in a row that I find a weekly act become undone right as we're nearing weekly acts reset. It seems to be only one act each time and an act of that week, but then it stays and remain after the reset as well. Above shows minutes before weekly reset a Weekly Act "Find all caches in 0/3 Sabotage missions", that suddenly showed as not fulfilled. Above shown the same act remaining after weekly reset.
  3. Those who successfully completed the 40-wave defense prior to the change, who also have eximus-act showing now, were their progress forfeited and have to do this act too or can it be ignored?
  4. I've still got the rare fishes from plains -one and 3 wages in index although I've already completed them and everything seemed fine until checking nightwave later. Can you give feedback on that issue if it's a bug we can ignore and the standing have been given or how we have to react to them?
  5. 1660972 - [closed] - Map hole 1671222 - [closed] - Mob def terminal placed inside tileset object.
  6. First off, I love the new ephemera. I've managed to get hold of 4 of them so far and I'm really playing around with their effects. It is a bit of a drawback that they in general use the warframe's energy color even though they're equipped under attachments, which have their own energy color to begin with. To some degree you might even be inclined to say they would be better off if they have their own seperate energy color. Some think they are too expensive or too hard to get, but personally I'd say they would lose their charm if they were simply common items and I'm possibly only enjoying them to this extent because I had to work and sacrifice a fair bit of resources to get them. I was expecting much from the freezing steps, but I've found myself generally changing to other ephemeras due to the limited color variation you can apply. No matter how an extreme color change you make, it still seems you're only changing a secondary or even tertiary color. They do seem to have a clear distinction some of the ephemera are a body effects, while some are footprint effects. As such it could be cool to be able to use one of each type in the future (for instance a yellow/orange smoking body and a orange/red blazing step would go well together, or perhaps bleeding and freezing step, in a sort of blobs turning to ice on impact kinda way). There are still some hickups where only about half the time they are visible to me. Be it in orbiter, profile, in mission, in relay or dojo, doesn't seem to matter. Though I do get mixed feedback as some are seeing it even when I can't and the other way around. It might because some of the epehemeras are lighting effects, but many would had looked awesome in black, but several of them nearly vanish if you change to black color. Bleeding turns to a tar looking effect, while shocking becomes nearly unnoticeable. You're welcome to add to the thread. What's your favourite experience with ephemeras so far? (Mine is turning smoking body into a trailing fire effect)
  7. What do I have to do (mission or challenge) or buy in market in due time, to get Wisp's alt helmet WITHOUT that terrible cloth on her back. (Ass and sexiness remarks aside) I find it trashing the appearance of an otherwise exquisite looking warframe with that alt helmet change.
  8. Without that duration, 2nd ability is still as far reaching as 3rd or 4th ability. Upwards to 4 seconds delay instead of instant when you still need complete hitbox line of sight to each target, doesn't add up to much with excess range, especially when they have to stay alive in that time for you to get the effect.
  9. Several seconds delay (2sec base + whatever duration added from modding) on a recovery skill that you have to time with when mobs are in line of sight and whom you also expect to stay alive until you receive the recovery, while now with lower defenses. This is just playing with insane handicap. Also, my current build: Duration: 13% Efficiency: 160% Range: 175% Strength: 224% I have no idea what you are talking about with trash range, my range is fine
  10. I find her to be a fun new warframe to play. She still have some kinks to work out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ___Strengths___ Skill synergy using 2nd, before or during 3rd/4th skill and being able to use 1st skill during 4th skill channeling. She gives some variation to energy starved or energy reset missions like sanctuary onslaught or index. Tried her out in a lowlvl defense mission where some new players joined and they were all "What is that ray of death?! That is so cool". So she certainly is impactful on people meeting her. 2nd ability provides some mitigation to mob scaling and not just by damage scaling. Her ability to recover shields by her own means (2nd skill and idling)(only realistic means too though). -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ___Weeknesses___ If a mob is partially standing behind something so that you for instance can't see a grineer's foot, but the rest of him is visible (thigh, torso, arms, weapons, head all visible), then he can't be targeted by her 3rd or 4th ability. Ex from mission run last night: Stood on a small single square crate in a defense mission at one point and a corpus crewman ran over to the crate from afar while 3rd ability was active, without getting hit (melee'd him in the end). The mob was fully visible and in line of sight the entire time, but because that small elevation difference, the crate's edge was enough to block the ability from activating. She's rather noisy for other players to be near. Can't determine if her 2nd ability doesn't always work or if the targeting is so restricted that only a mob jumping high into the air (ex jumping to a platform) with nothing in its surroundings will be guarenteed hit by the ability (if applicable). If you activate her 4th ability during a jump you won't know where you'll end up. Tried activating it while jumping over a crevice that normally isn't an issue, but 4th ability simply made her unescapably slowly hover straight down into the crevice until she was out of bounds. A bit unclear which attacks actually bypass her shields. With her 2nd ability useless against infested and generally are without overshields as a result, several types of infested bypass shields with their attack. Can't use weapons nor 2nd ability while 4th ability is active. External resupply of shields from energy drops or shield pads are just about worthless to her. The pale matt texture on more than half her frame, limits what colors that works with her (not to mention attachments since their colors aren't even similar). A shame since it seemed like a very small area of metallic appearance was achieved in her design (she could had handled more). Duration is such a limiter on her 2nd ability that it isn't even funny. This should be instant and non-affected by duration. I'm currently playing with only 13% duration, simply because I wasn't getting her skill to work decently until I changed my build and ripped all the duration off I could. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that she has her own dash animation instead of roll, it would be cool if you build onto that. doesn't seem so much as an evasion anymore than more a tackle. perhaps a knockdown added to it, would seem fitting.
  11. Please, I need the coorporation of some DE employees. Please give your colleague a headpat if they allow it, for all the hard work over the years. Sincerely, Just another one of the people enjoying the game. P.S. The people behind Wisp's movements and figure; ruffle their hair a bit as well.
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