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  1. Parazon mercy on 'normal' mobs is a quirky element. It doesn't happen too often, there is not much time to perform it, there's a higher likeliness of the mob getting killed by other means prior to mercy, tends to break your rythm, and also not much incentive to bother doing to begin with. The animations are cool and all, but it currently brings chance of glitches, lets opponents get into position to attack, you risk returning from animations to a rain of bullets centered on your location and when it happens in a lich mission, you could get confused for a second thinking, "Wait. Was that a thrall I had overlooked?!" Purpose, incentive, time to perform, when it can happen, sitting duck risk... Some elements to it should probably be addressed.
  2. The kill seemed normal, chose annihilate and animations were as expected. It was first when I reached mission completion that I noticed the lich was still stealing resources. I then went in to check if it was a bug and the requiem mods weren't correct after all, but the lich screen isn't showing that's the case. Afterwards I tried several missions to see if I could get him to spawn again, but no show. The lich part of the game is currently broken for me and can't progress in that area. EDIT: Forgot to mention that I had tried restarting the game, to no avail.
  3. In codex, we have a section for lichs (though it also apply for lich trading tab). That UI need fundamental rework, as in 'shouldn't have been shipped' -state. Nevertheless no one at DE seems to want to notice it or react to players bringing it up. It's focused around colors (I believe they were meant to signify element in question, but there are multiple shades for the same element, which even overlap with other elements) and secondarily names, which have little to no meaning to those who have hunted more than 3 lichs. Players address lichs primarily for weapons and their bonus stat, and secondarily ephemeras, but they aren't in focus in this tab. There is a search field in the corner of this tab, but nothing is searchable in this tab, weapon, element, ephemera, bonus stat, none of them. type any letter and immediately see that nothing can be shown. also a sorting button would seem quite fitting here. As a player who am on his 59-60th lich, that UI isn't useful in any way. actually rather gets in my way. especially when you try to trade a lich, but you can't find the requested lich in that UI listing. (not to mention that you can't look up your lichs when you're in the dojo, and someone asks if you have a lich for trade with certain properties)
  4. Oh yea, running away with the aristocrat's bag, gotta become a thing. Hell yeah, infestation in progress! Bring that depth of infestation base to the game.
  5. I was about to upgrade to 10, but that is worthless 😕
  6. Please look into squad making issue (most of clan can't be invited, as they are registered as offline, even though they appear online in chat)
  7. How much cosmetic customization will be available for the railjack? I've already heard people talking about they can't wait to fill the place up with floof, which makes me wonder what the scope of the customization options are.
  8. I'm just about to down my 33rd lich and have yet to find a single ephemera, which have been quite disheartening to be honest. It would be nice if the RNG at least was less deviating or you still worked towards getting one somehow in the end, so each attempt wouldn't be completely meaningless or better yet make thrall kills count for more for each lich you've killed, making the next one ever so slightly quicker to get to the conclusion of. That same aspect is true for those hunting a high damage roll on a certain weapon with a specific damage type. Also there are still a lot glitches upon attempting and/or finishing off a lich. UI is removed, with just a requiem murmur showing in red in the bottom and the only UI part you can call forth is the map by presssing M (otherwise you're left without waypoints, health/energy, teamlist, weapon info and so on.). There are also a lot of freezes during the attempts. The long delay when you've got the requiem murmur order right at the end before getting to the decision part, is way to lengthy. The parazon animation is cool, but often buggy and other players only see you and the lich freeze up until you make a decision a while later. Thanks for the hard work on them.
  9. Huge fan of getting those added to alert window. Thanks ^_^
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