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  1. Match making and related game mechanics are one of the things I really like about warframe. Even in a pug team person can always contribute, if you get matched up you can relax getting carried or fashion framing, if you get matched down you can have fun mincing fun amounts of enemies. More fun and more exp anyway. Only exception would be dificult/specific content but I dont think that pugs are best places to find people for (maybe outside of missions going endless if randomly picked team work well together). Edit: That is why I really liked nightmare alerts 😄 - better rewards and you often got matched with people who jumped in based on (incorrect) description, which nicely spiked up difficulty making it interesting (plus: no shield is fun modificator).
  2. Well, for me it only spawned in high difficulty missions (and considering farming stuff from lower levels) I do significantly less high level ones yet all my encounters were there. Then on top of that, in only one of those I was reasonably well equiped (but everyone just ignored hime and went for extraction, living much to little time to finish him). So the secret is: if you have high difficulty mission and a recently form(a)ed loadout (that can teoretically still pull it out, even solo) then why not make it both interesting and efficient 🙂 If mission is a bit above reasonable then you may mix in a ton of consumables or (close to) maxed backup weapon/pet. You may want to swap mods to their rank zero versions before polarizing so you can keep the build and just upgrade them when enough slots free up during leveling (many weapons really benefit from some unobvious builds - this make it a bit more difficult but there is no longer need to memorize weapons/warframes kinks). And also, for efficiency it is always good to aim for bonus objectives (caches, dragon keys, etc.). Ps. While I leave public match making on, I don't need/intend to leech since missions for which that would be the case would take too much time undergeared solo, and if someone joins that just bonus exp. Anyway no matter amount of people online or willing to take the mission, for some reason I don't recally single occasion I would be matched with anyone, while significantly undergeared, in those circumstances (consider it a hint you wolf "hunt" is going well -- if your aim is to get killed). And when you go maxed out, you get matched with team so OP, people end up fighting for the opportunity to kill that poor single enemy (prestige reasons I guess) they often even forget the objective.
  3. What (new) is happening now, to me is that warframe used to bring people together via alerts and nightmare alerts (all it needed was for them to reward tokens and someone trading them in similar fashion to Baro) and now it make it your job (friend & dojo quests from nightweave). Then it used to offer a lot of content to choose from but now it pushes you away from stuff it doesnt want you to do, turning one it want you to do a chore (job) ... Just like those other modern sh*ty "games". Ps. Am I only allowed to play one game? Also, that is kind of bad attidue - I would like to move one once I complete (or play through most of the contend of) the game, not just because someone throw in a stinker that broke it. That is not really viable strategy, me spending time and money getting SH. in return ~ what point ther would be to play anymore. Once I do that I may as well quit at all and hope it will contribute to another industry crash.
  4. I don't understand what mean by easy. Difficulty to me is: [How bad is your gear] * [How good is boss "gear"(stats)] * [how well one is matched against each other] * [Scalling "Magic"] As for me, since you can fight him in 60+ level mission with useless mods (like shield on inaros - just to scale enemies up) where he is not "easy" then encoounter difficulty is not really difficulty veterans speak about. It is my guess that what they say mean is that their gear (of choice, singular, earnned) is seriously OP and they destroy everything in their patch (while they use that OP gear). And dont get me wrong, it is not beating him that is a problem, it is that he is appearing in missions while I try to have fun with not-meta gear. If I want to do solo nightmare on MOT with non-potatoed Vouban and rank 0 (MR only) Seer ~ and I can actually pull it off, why the fk do DE think it is fair to spawn on me assasins one on top of another at UNREASONABLE and CERTAINLY NOT RANDOM rate? I can go over the top gear and most of the stuff is already boring (not so difficult after some thinking and testing (some things look good only on paper)) and I heaven't even unvailed single one of my rivens (even the banal ones). I dont complain it is difficult, nor that it is easy - I complain that Wolf (and other assasins albait to lower degree) is fu*ing with my ability to select encounter's difficulty, and game engine by itself IS NOT EQUIPED to make that determination.
  5. Maybe it has to do something with successful encounters you had prior to that? (I recently returned, so have any nor have any incentive really as I hear season end reset is coming). Alternatively, Sony may have some protective legal restrictions against psychological abuse in place, to keep their customers happy 😀 Edit: Just Imagine: DE.: This is new boss and those are his stats and behaviour. Sony: You must be joking... - No. Or it may be DE limiting themselves, because console being behind mean lower gear scores.
  6. Try top tier nightmares, possibly Tier4 void (unless they nerfed it while I was away) or something else of comparable difficulty with barely sufficient gear or debuffs (like keys). Wolfs (other ranom assasins) spawn rate seem to be around 25-50% there, at least in my experience. Edit: To be fair, that may be also/partially related to spending more time in most (possibly including spawn viable) mission phases.
  7. Its not only wolf, so it is something I have noticed for a while (although less annoying until now) but my sample is much more dependable than 6. I took possibility of an RNG into account but the spawn difference is too big to be hidden under it. As for level, mission level is not everything there is plenty of banal high level missions very low level missions may be exempt from him, but it seem to be much stronger linked to difficulty than to the level (hence, lower lever more difficult mission seem to get much more "random" spawns than higher level easy ones) ~ which is it is not I cannot complete it by picking better geared loadout - but then he doesn't spawn and mission becomes b-o-r-i-n-g. Wolf spawning whenever players chance's are negligable is an arfificial failure*. *This is intersting topic, very difficult to notice until you played a pvp (human skill range is so small, you take middle 80% of it and get a reasonable baseline) game where not-openly-announced system like that had failed. Wow used something like this as negative incentive to game more (=longer subscriptions = pay more). In here I'm assuming that this is used to emphasize the grind...? (imagine that - level up your gear while having fun of challenging mission instead of ton of low tiers or 10000th hydron...) Ps. Trying to do low level missions with 4 keys aquipped may be a good idea - will test that out, although even if I will met him constantly RNG is still nice excuse.
  8. Appreciate your feedback but this is actually the point 🤪 Will exagerate a bit to make it more visible - imagine that they introduced new boss, lets call him: Sheep, that would spawn from time to time in the mission and could be only defeated by making pancakes (owen, ingreadients other gear items) that would take let say 5-15 minutes of cooking during which it would patiently wait. My point is that I did not start mission X,Y or Z to make pankakes! I'm fine with wold being on a its own node, or it spawning after a mission as an opt in. But he effectively REPLACES whatever I chosen to do. Not to mention how limiting it is (being ready for the wolf trivialize most encounters).
  9. What I want is HONESTY. If the rate is higher than 4-6% at higher difficulty (AND IT IS) then why there is not information about it anywhere? Then there is a question of rate being affected by gear score, mastery level and amount of weapons. There is no information about it, and it is something that I think should be clear. If I have 75% chance of encountering Wolf, Stalker, Syndicate - if I jump into 60+ mission with full *unranked* set, then why not admit it? I did a ton of low level missions, Wolf hasn't spawn single time, then I do high level nightmares and he pops up constantly. Saying it is 4-6% across all missions is like an insult. Same goes for having to select between BRAINDEAD and ARTIFICIALLY impossible challanges. Blizzard did this sht with their -10L to +10L difficulty modificators on open world pvp ~ just so they can line they pockets. And they succeed - financially, for a while at least...
  10. To difficult or too easy it is pointless (incorrect) argument. And it is not one I am making. What am I complaining is that already difficult load-mission pair (because this is difficulty, BOTH challange and tool one uses to address it) getting RANDOMLY ("more or less") multiplied by random ever-presend unpredicable occurance - making it impossible for a user to choose its difficulty. I am not saying that I cannot beat them or successfully complete the mission anyway - because most of the time I can. The issue is very idea that it is ok to either waste a SH-ton of my time or put me into situation where I am artificially made to loose* (unless I use "solution" of having certain or/and overpowered gear). *And it is much common in gaming industry than you think (as can be seen by it being incorporated into some disgusting monetisation patents).
  11. So first of all, I returned few days ago after a short break. First thing I noticed - alerts are gone. There is nightweave now, pushing her/their community BS on me (friend, clan missions). Fine, whatever. Now for any reasonable outcome I should complete them daily - sounds like "fun". And anyway I am apparently late to the party anyway, so I wont get SH. even if I tried (due to upcoming reset). Well alerts weren't the only interesting part of the game anyway. And I like how ignoring them fixes game's neediness in the grind area. So I tried to play the game, and the second thing I noticed was the Wolf... And while he seem to spawn at wiki's rate at lower tier missions, for higher tier nightmares rate is noticaby higher (and seem to be also tied to gear score?) ~ which is quite annoying considering his SH-ty rewards (nightweave reputation I HAVE NO USE FOR, and bugs). So for example I attempted 4 higher difficulty missions on my gear leveling loadout, and had 4-aholes spawn (2x Wolf, 1x S.Stalker + 1x C.Vor, one was normal). Similar thing tended to happen on 4-key derelicts, forcing me into cookiecutter builds for difficlty type and purpose. And it is not only me - NOONE is playing those missions, and I assume for similar reasons... So now I have a choice: I either play it safe (in which case rarely anything spawns) dying inside from BRAIN DAMAGE LEVELS OF BOREDOM or try something more challenging but then game seem to have higher than statistical (certinly not the same, and it is not as "randomisation" algorithms cannot know gear level/stats or mission difficulty or modificators) chance to artificially ("randomly") up the difficulty from "Hard" to "F* YOU"... So, is there anything else to do between BRAINDEAD easy and F* YOU difficult? Is it supposed to push me to stick to open worlds, operator, sanctuary onslought stuff? Have they at least fixed rewards dissapearing if host leave after chaining bounties? Or is operator stuff not as much of a grind as it was in the past? I don't get it - WHERE THE GAME part of DE's business product is right now?
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