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  1. I'll be honest, I'm not really looking forward to the Nyx changes looking at the post... Her passive is simply worse. "You don't get hit now if RNG" from the current "you don't get hit ever again if RNG". I'm not entirely sure what to think of Mind Control. The damage buff looks nice, but I still can't trust the AI to actually shoot and not just run around or hide. I'm also don't like how the damage buff needs to be applied. It essentially extends the "cast time" of the skill by four seconds of you having to pump as much bullet up your new, friendly Moas coolant pipe as humanly possible. Also, following behaviour is generally useless unless they teleport to you like pets. The reason is simple: speed. Mobs can't keep up with a warframe. And when they can than it just means there wasn't much need to follow anyway. Psychic Bolts sounded great before I remembered that the projectiles home in on the closest targets, which means you won't be really able to prioritise what targets to soften up. Also, slowing the infested is kind of... useless. I never once had a scenario where I thought "Oh, I wish they were slower.". Deactivating ancient aura can be good, depending on how it works. Do I have to hit the ancient for that? Because than it's back to square one with the homing, only worse since you will have other infested units between you and ancients most of the time. And even if it removes the aura from any unit you still can't prioritise targets. New Absorb is old Absorb, but now with rainbow damage, if I read it right. It's something, I guess.
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