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  1. Spawned into a public game as a client, and found that both players and executioners were shielded. Steps to reproduce: unknown Did notice that there was one player who left the session before entering the map, however there was no host migration visible. Have looked into the event logs and found the following session details: 43.325 Net [Info]: JoinSquadSessionCallback. Session id=5d4a78f03f8d4a4a8a39f6d3, host name=<redacted> 43.325 Net [Info]: PlatformJoinSessionDone: 1, squad state: JoiningParty
  2. Understood, though the expectation here is that the description matches the drop chance within the relic (rather than all percentages < ~30% are Uncommon). Complicated by the drop chance depending on how refined the relic is (I know - there's some subjectivity in this).
  3. The relic content descriptions show "Common" as "Uncommon". The percentages look to be correct. This is occuring for all relics, not just the Lith B4 example provided below. https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html This text may impact third party parsers of this useful resource. Extracted on 18-July-2019 @11AM (GMT+1) Lith B4 Relic (Intact) Boltor Prime Blueprint Rare (2.00%) Rhino Prime Neuroptics Blueprint Uncommon (11.00%) Scindo Prime Blueprint Uncommon (11.00%) Nyx Prime Blueprint Uncommon (25.33%) Forma Blueprint Uncommon (25.33%) Ankyros Prime Blueprint Uncommon (25.33%)
  4. Quite possibly the first time that I've modded my frame to use maxed out arcanes (for the +1 revives). Robot Jox was one of several video rentals in the 90's that I regret. But... I can't wait until they use green laser 😛 Edit: and right after posting this I managed a complete solo run for the first time (didn't need the extra revives after all) - go figure.
  5. Have created a support ticket, with mission logs generated by the launcher, when this happened just now on an Ares Nightmare mode (Grineer Settlement tileset). As host I was able to complete the mission, but clients were stuck at a broken door. Occurred twice in a row.
  6. Have just seen this in the Exploiter Orb mission in Vallis. The first door on leaving Deck 12 would not open for a late joiner. Leaving the squad (for the late joiner) and re-inviting failed as we had passed an objective marker.
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