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  1. The players who connect after the host when joining the duel may not have in their session some decorations I put to make the combat more interesting, this leads to the problem of me being stuck with some obstacles when the opponent can easily pass through.
  2. Then I think it's a translation error, 'cause in my language it clearly says both parts.
  3. This augment for the third ability of Loki has a problem, I don't know if it's because of the description or functionality. It says that both allies switched will be granted with invulnerability but it doesn't work on you.
  4. I would appreciate that you could implement a way (optional of course) to select an specific gear for each warframe so people could use their keybindings more comfortably and they don't have to adapt them when using a new gear item that seems more useful for that warframe, that way people only need to change the item in the same slot without affecting others frames. This would also reduce the necessity of scrolling the wheel to find your gadgets. For example, I want to use Ivara as a huntress when going to do some succesful conservations and I can just use her custom wheel to select with the same hotkey the tranq rifle, when in other frames I have a different item.
  5. Please, fix an issue with tanathos sugatra floating in mid air when added to a melee weapon.
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