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  1. This is the thing: 1. I understand that my post might be in a ranting tone or appearance. It may not be what you expected to see on this forum. Maybe I sound frustrated, even angry. Someone pointed out that there would be consequences. 2. Now I feel both embarrassed and chastised. I’m wish I never posted anything anywhere, I hope none of you see me logged into the game and think I’m that crazy girl from the forums. 3. I took the time and effort to step up and say what a lot of people wanted to say. It’s something that you disagree with. My friends all felt pretty much the same. I know this because they said it to me in chat. People vote on this by simply not playing. I guess that’s what’s up. Thanks for reminding me that I could get in trouble by posting anything else. Thanks for reminding me that I’m the problem, I needed to hear both of those things. Sometimes we forget that speaking up just leads to more, and worse trouble than remaining silent. I’ll try to do better to say only the “right” things. I’m really sorry that I didn’t just do what they did and not tell DE. Not stupidly use the Feedback link. I hope the consequences won’t be too severe.
  2. My feedback isn’t valid. It’s just ranting. I need to git gud. Thanks DE for creating a thing that says FEEDBACK which I click on, give my feedback only to be attacked and that I need to git gud i put 2300 hours into the game, tell you I have an issue, some feedback only to then find out you don’t want feedback, you just want to tell me that I’m lame AF, that I’m trolling when I say that this game is hard and you nerf something that takes months to acquire and hours of study of the wiki and asking other gamers and YouTube and then take it away. Ok, cater to the elites. So why can’t I find a full squad for anything? Apparently DE doesn’t want to hear from casual gamers. If you only want elites playing, and my feedback isn’t legit, apparently NOBODY is playing since I can’t get a full squad. Because nobody is playing not even your elites. think! You’re doing something WRONG if nobody is playing and you refuse to consider my feedback valid even after seeing I’ve given so much time to the game and all I get is a bunch of replies telling me that I’m the problem. maybe consider putting your feedback area where someone at DE can read it instead of wherever this is. if after 2300 hours my feedback isn’t valid then whose feedback is valid? If you’re willing to attack me after I’ve put so much time and real world money into supportive you (I used real world money to support you not to buy stuff to aid my performance and I told other people that I think it’s important to support creators because the game is good). So I’m not valid, I’ll just go back to scrubville and shut my 2300 hour mouth. Don’t ask for feedback then if you just use it to attack your players.
  3. DE wanted feedback thats my feedback from a regular non-elite gamer who plays their game and I really guess I hit the wrong menu option because I wanted to create a feedback ticket and ended up in a forum. Sorry to bother other plsyers that# no5 what I intended. I didn’t intend to go on a forum board whining about my problem, I wanted to give real feedback to DE from a real player that grew to love the game in spite of the obstacles. bye.
  4. First of all I’m a late-entry to gaming, didn’t grow up with a controller like some people. Just using my left hand on the analog is hard. Imagine using a controller with your feet. That’s what my hands feel like on a controller. So you get elites complaining it’s OP. The players on forum are generally stronger players than the general population who doesn’t have time for forums. Catering to elites who say the gun needs a nerf ignore the fact that most of the players are not elites and that gun was a great weapon to allow accessibility to the regular gamers who find the game challenging. im getting ready to hear a bunch of garbage and replies from y’all but guess what, I don’t go on the forums at all. I have other things to do and this game is hard for me. It’s hard for a lot of people. It’s hard for most people who don’t have time to hit the wiki before every freaking mission. You need hours on wiki and YouTube to learn anything about anything in the game. Just to figure out what to do next or get stuff that you need to build stuff that you need to level to gild to forma and then focus and rep and then arcades to bla bla bla. its endless and to be honest compared to most games it’s pretty inaccessible and most gamers don’t have that much time to invest.
  5. You nerfed my secondary. You nerfed my riven for the rubico. the catchmoon is no better than an MK1 Braton. i worked SO HARD to get that gun. To build it, to get reputation. i worked SO HARD to build it up. To put so many forma. its the only gun that works. this game is too effing hard for me to start with. The catchmoon was the only way I could go into a mission and pull my weight. I started enjoying warframe more. I have 2800 hours of struggling in the game and maybe 200 hours feeling good about myself because of that gun. Now I’m back to feeling like the weakest most unskilled teammate and I’m afraid to go into multiplayer again because my gun doesn’t work. Thanks warframe. Thanks for catering to the elite gamers who complain “it’s too easy”; the rest of us who aren’t professional gamers have to pay the price because of the five people who said it’s too easy. Thanks for killing the only gun that made me feel confident. The hail wrong with you people. Catering to the elite gets you 5 people playing. Nerfing the gun is losing you 5000. Half the multiplayer missions are empty now. I can even find a full squad for a sortie.
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