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  1. I will probably be the most hated person here after saying this but well. Here is my take. The thing is majority of the people who are complaining about this were those who cannot be named that starts with "C". The top clans are actually having fun competing with each other. even now after the score wipe majority of the top 5 clans in their respective category are still in the top 10. DE did those bans because of the "C" outcry, Yet lets be real here. Those people who are complaining aren't even capable to duke it out on the Leader-boars even with a level playing field, So it should not affect them except for damaging their egos knowing they are kinda Meh. There was a reason why DE made the trophy acquisition to "You can get Gold/Silver/Bronze for X amount of points" instead of "The statue will be awarded to the to top X amount of clans". No one was loosing out here. You can get everything from the event by being a non competitive clan. The Leaderboards was there for the dedicated and skilled players who has knowledge to fight it out. Yet they got punished for it, which is unfair. They did practice runs for days and spent 6 Hours on a mission to get there yet this is what they get? sure wipe their scores, but banning them from the event is a bit too much. A lot of people knew about the Loki teleport but why aren't they on the Leaderboards? punishing the people who were skilled to pull it off and had the dedication to finish the run 🤨..
  2. I have to agree with the fact that this is indeed a bad replacement for alerts. They should at least adjust the prices in "Cred Offerings" or at least increase the wolf cred reward amount. Since the rewards rotate peer week most people in need wont be able to gather enough wolf credits to get what they want with the rate it's being given out atm. But other than that i like the new addition of rewarding players with unique items by doing weekly challenges at least it gives us something to do and gives DE what they want "player retention".
  3. Please keep Endurance challenges. It's called a challenged for a reason. Its there for a week and we already have people complaining about it at the first day SMH. People need to understand that this thing doesn't need to be completed within a day like everyone wants, it can be done within a WEEK.
  4. When will K-drive not showing as mastered even when you have gained all the xp from the 3 be fixed?
  5. Yes, Please increase the Wolfs spawn rate. i've been running missions all day and still have "zero" encounters.
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