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  1. So I'm guessing it works based on % of damage done to total health pool? Just tested it in Simulacrum and even though it works, I can't get truly bloody until my operator is almost about to die. It's the same problem with my Warframe, if I want to look bloody I need to be practically on my death bed. Can't you make it an option to have the same sigil at 100% effect regardless of HP count? Maybe give players another sigil who bought the pack that has this. When I bought it I assumed the sigil would work like most of the other sigils. I felt pretty bummed out about spending plat mainly for the sigil only to have it not do as I thought it would. You guys could have better explained what the sigil did before I bought it.
  2. Honestly after all this time, it's still the same 'ol issues. You guys initially created the Riven system for the purposes of people using the non-meta weapons. I get that the meta is constantly changing, but you did essentially dig your own hole here. At some point you gotta question whether you should keep digging, because this Riven system isn't getting any better imho. I've seen plenty of suggestions on how to fix it throughout the forums. I don't see disposition as your saving grace in the long run. Also, with removing sentinel rivens, all you did was increase sentinel riven prices. People are still going to want them regardless if they seem lackluster on unveiling. Surely you'll add them to another riven generation pool not related to unveiling. Perhaps a system where you spend certain resources and some credits to choose what sentinel riven you want. Or smash together random rivens at a terminal and you can choose what sentinel riven you want. A lot of different ways you can do it without removing it from the game completely.
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