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  1. Final Update: I just want to communicate my disappointment in how moderation failed to provide a minimum acceptable standard to have a discussion in this post. They redacted/erased most of the abuse but IMHO it fell short. I kept making an effort, but some things are just out of my hands...
  2. Unfortunately the rarity labels (common/uncommon/rare) many times are useless/completely off the mark across many resources (even more after you factor in supply and demand), not just conservation across the game. I would also like to ask for ppl to refrain from flooding the thread with posts repeating the same opinion over and over, that is above all disruptive. If you aren't going to add any new info, pls dont spam...
  3. Update post with additional tips: Guys if u keep having problem with crescent vulpaphyla, normally first month of the grind is balanced more towards veterans / higher grind so can always wait a bit more if u having no luck/being too grindy for you !!!
  4. Thx for your feedback. Best advice i can give for now is to keep doing 2-3 runs on my spot per day and take it ez :). Also, according to my experience and what i read from other ppl so far is that by using pheromones u always get one of the rare subspecies, never the common sly, so that is an anomaly I cant reproduce/explain...
  5. 1- Coming out and blaming the players for not getting drops/spawns in a RNG system is incorrect/shows lack of knowledge about the subject, it is always possible for ppl to be that unlucky, they could even be way more efficient farmers than most ppl for that matter... 2- You can get lucky many times in a row, so again, this proves nothing... The information of your new run added nothing new. Only a huge number of runs / time would since we would have a large volume of data. I suggest u read up on the subject so we can have a more fruitful discussion.
  6. Whenever u got an RNG system, 2 ppl doing the exact same thing can end with very different results. Also seeing how many posts i read around about these crescent vulpas, and considering most of the playerbase arent MR 29 getting done with all MR content / pursuing crescent vulpas id say ur either lucky or theres many unlucky ppl like me out there... Hopefully this hotspot will be a solution for those who cant get one :)
  7. From my experience its just the same as fishing hotspots all the way back from plains of eidolon, they arent all equal at all... I used dozens of pheromones which always resulted in panzers in most hotspots, especially the one I refer in my post that always 100 % appears on the map and therefore the most tested with a 100 % spawn chance of panzers, number of tries on that one were around 16, very very far from your 50/50... As it was proven in the past hotspots locations matter/are not all equal and IMHO crescent vulpaphylas is exactly just another example of it. Normally i just google an
  8. Not in my experience which involves dozens of hours, of which at least 4-6 hours were specifically dedicated to catching tags, i never even saw a crescent vulpaphyla. It was the only MR content left so makes sense to target it :). Also only started seeing panzer vulpas in the wildlife/roaming after latest patches, b4 that only through calling in hotspots with pheromones...
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