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  1. This is my submission for this contest. Enjoy.
  2. It is sad. 2 updates ago, the whole problem started. The ball will just hit your warframe when you are aiming too far down, which wasn't the case before that and the check (default E) does have at least 2x speed and ranger. It would be really nice if it actually gets fixed. I has been more than a few weeks now.
  3. It is sad. 2 updates ago, the whole problem started. The ball will just hit your warframe when you are aiming too far down, which wasn't the case before that and the check (default E) does have at least 2x speed and ranger. It would be really nice if it actually gets fixed. I has been more than a few weeks now.
  4. Funki0

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.8

    It appears that animals like the Bolarola have no animation for getting up after ragdolling, which caused my game to crash. I have used an ability to do that to one of them and when it was supposed to get back up, my game crashed instead, costing me ~30 tags, which I have just lost like that
  5. Funki0

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.6

    I have to report that the drone rocket attack just goes through the rift, no matter if the player and the drone are in different planes. Another thing I would like to point out is that the check in Lunaro is still broken. The speed and distance is way too high.
  6. Good day. So Lunaro is still bugged as of today. Since the actual update, Lunaro will crash either when joining a public match, grabbing a ball or completing a match. In addition to that, the ball's gravity seems different, which causes the ball to be slower and it bell also seems to spawn a bit lower when thrown, causing it to hit yourself, which THEN causes IT to bounce of you, ruining the whole process of throwing it. Then the last big problem that was caussed is the check. It appears that since the update dropped, the check now has about twice or even a bit more range and highly increased speed, which breaks the whole gamemode (when the crashing doesn't happen already). Thanks for reading.
  7. Funki0

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

    Good day. Since the mainline update, there have been several problems with Lunaro. These problems (bugs) are: Checks going about twice as far, which also increases their speed The ball having weird physics, making it slower And the ball starting lower when throwing, essentially changing the trajectory, making it bounce off of you sometimes when thrown Thanks for reading this.
  8. Good day. I would like to enter with my clan's dojo. Clan name: Dark of The Sun Clan tier: Storm Clan Clan platform: PC My clan role: Centurion (Architect permissions) INCREDIBILIS The names of the participants from our clan in the following clip are: DoomVarg, Funki0, eXotic, TheFBD, Potitius, Dewkeeper, Felben1 and Yukain Here is a little clip of our dojo. Enjoy:
  9. Funki0

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.4.0

    As it was said by a few other people already, some of the new decoration doesn't seem to work. The ones I have tested were the ice stalagmites, the ice wall, the ice formation and the arrow for the architect. It would be nice if that would work proplerly. The problem about the ice ones is that they don't even appear when selected and the arrow only has the projector, but no actual arrow. (as seen here)
  10. Even with that. I would be fine if that happens, but it getting reverted. Limbo doesn't need to have that. Infact, it almost seems like a massive buff to his stasis, because you can pretty much be even more invincible like that. As it is now, you still have to unfreeze time or leave the rift to deal damage, which would still put you in danger, which the change would negate. And Ember was balanced, not changed so the community gets what they wanted, just because they either don't get Limbo or too many people either mess up or start trolling.
  11. Good day. Since I am mainly playing Limbo, I am absolutely not amused by having a 80sec cataclysm, but only a 40sec stasis. You actually don't need complete weapon usage inside the rift with stasis active. The Limbo just needs to know how to use his tools effectively and people who either don't understand him and his mechanics or just hate him because of no reason shouldn't complain about the Warframe, since it is not the fault of the Warframe, but the user. You can play perfectly well with Limbo is at this moment. But I will see how the changes will impact his gameplay, like many others too.
  12. Good day. I am from the clan "Dark of the Sun". I wish you a lot of luck with all the Obstacle Courses. This is the one I made. It is definitely a hard one. Let's see if you can beat it if you decide to give it a go.
  13. Thanks a lot for those changes DE, Atlas and Ember really needed those changes. And the others are also getting some nice changes of course. It's a step in the right direction to remove the cheesy "press one button and forget" nonsense tactic and give is a bit more substance. World on fire does get more damage, but decreasing the range and increasing the energy is a nice change. People just actually have to do something and move for the kills they desperately want and they have to keep an eye on their energy, since it will be necessary with those changes. Besides, energy management is really not difficult and in most cases it doesn't even require you to use any energy pizzas. Well, thanks for those changes and I hope they will be here for all to appreciate. Thanks again and good luck.
  14. Funki0

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.4

    Thanks. A change to the Lunaro ball interacton delay in form of a reduction to 0.2sec and a fix to immunity would be nice tho.
  15. Funki0

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.3

    Thanks for all those changes and fixes. The problem people who are playing Lunaro are having is the delay that has been added being WAY too long. 0.5sec delay before being able to interact with the ball again is too much for a lot of players and as we have written in the feedback section, 0.2sec would be just fine. Also that check immunity keeps breaking on most people (especially excessive on specific people...) Lunaro. Delay of 0.5sec is too long for people and 0.2sec is fine. Immunity is pretty broken and almost everyone hates that. Please.