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  1. We thank you so much for this fix. There are only a few other things that should need a fix, but this one was the most important problem. We look forward to more fixed for Lunaro. (hopefully) Thanks again and good luck.
  2. These are exactly the things the Lunaro community (which does exist, yes) wants. I do want to add some substance to the ball flying away when thrown in certain angles with this: And I do want to add that you can actually latch to pillars (and I think walls too) now. I don't know when that happened, but it did and it is really bad for Lunaro. It would be really nice if we would finally see actual fixes to the high priority problems in Lunaro. Like changing one value from 0.5 to 0.2 or 0.3 I really hope something happens in the near future. With that said. Good luck and have fun.
  3. So I wasn't able to play in he last few days, but the last time I could play was before the last bigger update. So I am able to play and since that, the sound will stop and make slight noises every second or two, also affecting the rest of my audio. I would like to know what it is and if I can do something about that.
  4. Thanks you for those fixes and changes. We are also pleased to see fixes for Lunaro in the last few patchnotes, but I would like to point out that there are still quite a few problems that really need fixing if you and intending to make the mode fun again. Thanks again for your hard work.
  5. Thanks a lot for the update. But we would really appreciate it if the Lunaro problems could finally be fixed.
  6. It appears that animals like the Bolarola have no animation for getting up after ragdolling, which caused my game to crash. I have used an ability to do that to one of them and when it was supposed to get back up, my game crashed instead, costing me ~30 tags, which I have just lost like that
  7. I have to report that the drone rocket attack just goes through the rift, no matter if the player and the drone are in different planes. Another thing I would like to point out is that the check in Lunaro is still broken. The speed and distance is way too high.
  8. Good day. Since the mainline update, there have been several problems with Lunaro. These problems (bugs) are: Checks going about twice as far, which also increases their speed The ball having weird physics, making it slower And the ball starting lower when throwing, essentially changing the trajectory, making it bounce off of you sometimes when thrown Thanks for reading this.
  9. Good day. I would like to enter with my clan's dojo. Clan name: Dark of The Sun Clan tier: Storm Clan Clan platform: PC My clan role: Centurion (Architect permissions) INCREDIBILIS The names of the participants from our clan in the following clip are: DoomVarg, Funki0, eXotic, TheFBD, Potitius, Dewkeeper, Felben1 and Yukain Here is a little clip of our dojo. Enjoy:
  10. As it was said by a few other people already, some of the new decoration doesn't seem to work. The ones I have tested were the ice stalagmites, the ice wall, the ice formation and the arrow for the architect. It would be nice if that would work proplerly. The problem about the ice ones is that they don't even appear when selected and the arrow only has the projector, but no actual arrow. (as seen here)
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