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  1. Nidus eating noodles! Cuz I like calling him Noodus
  2. The most lovely Eldritch abomination there is. Pen or pencil? Either one or both :3 AND YOU DO NOT MAKE THAT REFERENCE
  3. The most recent one (Dark Paladin Oberon) was a rushed one tho! Do expect to see more upcoming stuffs that are along the qualities of my Feyarch sketch :3
  4. Thanks much! I'll try to come up with more WF fanart (assuming I don't get art block) to Radial Blind you further xD
  5. Hey there guys! Seeing how I occasionally do Warframe fanart, I decided to make one thread to make sure none of my drawings go anywhere! My style kinda centers around quick scribbles and messiness (which kinda goes hand-in-hand with my lazy attitude). Do have a look and hope y'all like it :3 Oh and I'll be posting my old ones here too + which includes some really half-arsed drawn comic strips but hope y'all like it nevertheless! Recent - Nidus Noodus Noodles 3/11/16 - Dark Paladin Oberon 7/10/2016 - Manami (my Smeeta) > Sentinels 1/09/2016 - Me
  6. I proposed in a previous thread for it to turn into a 'Hallowed Armor', kinda like a variation of Ember's old Overheat ability. - Aura of holy fire (Radiation) that damage nearby enemies while granting additional armor. - Status immunity to himself and nearby allies. - Recast to 'shed' the armor and it becomes Hallowed Ground Would be very fitting considering he drops from Eximus units and that would give a bit of lore on how they have auras :B
  7. Eventho I pretty much used all of his abilities in equal amount, Hallowed Ground is the least used. Only used when I wanna negate Eximi's status aura or I don't wanna get knocked down (which is pretty handy when I wanna melee against Shadow Stalker!)
  8. Delphine reminds me the Fat Lady from Happy Potter. And yea, cats are always plotting something sinister in their mind, their face spells it out. I just hope dear Manami-chan doesn't plot out to kill me after all the love I've given her. CLEM DOESN'T HAVE TO KNOW, HE WON'T UNDERSTANDDDDD
  9. Well that puts the killer in killer cat I suppose. May I recommend the Grineer Test Tube Babies flavor instead?
  10. Idk, I just referred to the cat on the original Meow Mix box xD Forgive me for my ignorance, but who's this Miyuki? Everything's better with Clem in it.
  11. So I was just chilling in class and derping on forums and I saw this And so I decided to just whip out my sketchbook
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