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  1. In a void fissure disrption mode, don't put the last key in until all the squad members have 10 reactants.
  2. How about addressing the leechers that enter the mission and die like every minute or so. Why do the good players need to be "Burdened" because other players keep dying? I'm fine with the revives, but the burdens need to go. So let's say we used to get 1k Endo from rotation A that lasts 10 mins. Now we will get 250 endo in the 5 min and 10 min mark which adds up to 500 kuva. Half of what we used to get. What? What's happening? Does DE think we're dumb? The emdo rewards are fine, just don't dilute the loot table pls DE Lastly, seriously can't wait to use that Bloodletter mod on Saryn..
  3. It would be cool if you could remove your eidolon lens so you can craft a lua lens with it.
  4. No changes to the reward table in Disruption nodes? It's really unrewarding. Also, still no fix for the Nikana Zaw holster visibility bug.
  5. The new Disruption modes are very unrewarding compared to other same-level missions. Kuva Disruption vs Kuva Survival - I've been testing this for a few days now and Kuva Survival consistently comes on top in terms of the amount of Kuva gained per minute even with an organized squad. Kuva Survival allows players to make use of boosters or Kavat buffs that increase the amount of Kuva gained. Apart from that, you can get relics as reward along with the Kuva. Lua Disruption vs any other high level mission - Yes, Lua Disruption drops the new Lua lens, but apart from that, there's nothing. Other game modes of the same level reward players with Axi relics. But no, DE decided Axi relics shouldn't drop on this (high level) mission. Here are some suggestions: In Kuva Disruption, increase the amount of Kuva that drops from enemies from 50 to 125. Remove the 200-350 Kuva reward every round and replace it with Relics. And for both Kuva Disruption and Lua Disruption, in rotation C, if all conduits are completed, it should have a chance to reward you with an Axi Relic. Its a shame, because Disruption, in my opinion, is the most fun game mode DE has implemented thus far. It's very engaging and generally requires a bit of skill. Unfortunately, you can't roll Rivens with fun, or acquire forma from relics with fun. I hope DE hears this out.
  6. Another update, still no fix for the Nikana Zaw.
  7. I have 17 Zaws on me and I have built a few more that I've thrown away because I had to re-adjust the stats. My favorite ones are: - Nikana (Sepfahn, Kwath, Jai II) - Hammer (Rabvee, Koostra, Jai II) Although the ones above are not my best or most powerful ones, I enjoy them the most. Here are some more examples that should be better dps wise. - Polearm (Plague Kripath, Plague Bokwin, Jai II) - Heavy Blade (Dokrahm, Shtung, Jai II) I use the Jai II link most of the time because it has balanced Crit and Status, so you can go with a hybrid build. It has a high attack speed at the cost of damage. I, then choose a grip to either compensate the loss of damage, or to add more attack speed depending on the weapon. Lastly, Jai II is one of the easiest Link to build if you're a Zaw hoarder like me.
  8. Still no fix for the Nikana Zaw sheath visibility bug
  9. If you enjoy a frame, and think he/she is good, other people's opinion shouldn't matter.
  10. I'm sorry but this should really be a bug. I'm not fond of having Vacuum on my Razorwing. No other Warframe has a channeling ability with built in vacuum. If I want vacuum, i'll add the Vacuum mod to my sentinel or Fetch mod to my pets. If I'm down 1 energy, the energy balls get sucked, and it triggers Arcane Erergize giving me 75 energy. That's 74 energy wasted. If I'm in need of energy, I'll swoop down and get it. I don't want it sucked right into my face.
  11. Now that's a good suggestion.
  12. You know what coming. We all had that random teammate that goes AFK in arbys after dying once. (If you're that person, don't be that person. Get some help). The ones who remain alive keep getting the burdens. And if you want to get rid of those burdens, you have no choice but to keep reviving that same dead player only for that player to die 5 seconds later. I mean, I don't mind getting a revive mechanic in Arbitrations, but getting a revive mechanic that punishes the players who didn't die seems unfair. The one who died should be the one that gets punished. I'm only posting this since it's been months since DE added Resurgence Burden to Arbitrations, and correct me if I'm wrong but, I think majority of the community was not thrilled by it. Personally, I used to enjoy Arbitrations, but I've stopped playing the game mode for this reason. On rare occasions, like nightwave, I only play with a single friend or alone, never with a squad of randoms.
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