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  1. Some suggestions on the upcoming changes for this. 1. Instead of showing us what weapons the lich will spawn with when you down a thrall, give us an option to change the lich's weapon instead. In a lore standpoint, it doesn't make sense that the tenno will be able to see the future and know exactly the weapon the thrall would gravitate towards once he/she becomes a lich. 2. Make ephemara's token-based instead of rng based.Let's say you have to kill 5 liches with a cold weapon to get the cold ephemera. 3. Give us the option to retain the element of our current weapon on valence fusion. if my old weapon came with electricity, and the new one came with fire. I think it makes sense that we be able to choose between electricity or fire on the fused weapon if we do valence fusion. That, or allow us to fuse the weapon's elements to get combined elements (e,g corrosive, blast, etc.)
  2. Having to choose between PPP and CO is better for build diversity imo. Before melee 3.0 most, if not all my melee builds have both of these. Choosing only one gives us a free mod slot for more range, crit dmg, etc. Also, in a lot of cases, PPP is better than CO. It really defends on multiple factors (weapon, status%, atk spd, etc.)
  3. I feel you. Back in the day, my girlfriend and I planned doing the War within on some evening and didn't know its a solo thing. We just ended up telling each other what's happening and trying to sync the events via discord. Hope DE can do non-solo cinematic quests in the future (ehem New war). We are all tenno after all. It's not like there's only one of us.
  4. Vauban's gimmick balls Banshee's 1 (it's cool looking tho) Garuda's 3 - go kill yo self! (if you double press) Grendel's 2 3 and 4 - Can't do sh*t if you haven't eaten
  5. 20 more runs is fine or any set limit. I personally lost count of my ESO runs after the 69th
  6. Most ephemera's drop rates are through pure rng. I have basically given up on farming most of them because of the atrocious drop rates. Take for example the Blazing Step ephemera. It drops on rotation C of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught with a 1.01% drop chance. You basically have to sit through 20 mins of the game mode and have a 98.99% chance NOT to get the ephemera. I have nearly maxed out my focus schools and still haven't gotten that ephemera. The same goes for Vengeful ephemera's from lich. I've killed around 16-18 liches and none of them spawned with an ephemera. I just want my kitty to be sparky sparky shiny. Solution: Make every rng earn-able ephemera token based like the Tenebrous. Tokens should be different for every game mode. (E.g. Lich token, ESO token, Stalker token, etc.) I don't care if I have to run rotation C of ESO 20 more times just as long I know there's light at the end of the tunnel.
  7. Can you please fix the Sephfan nikana zaw sheath visibility bug? Its been more than a year now.
  8. Still no fix for the NIkana Zaw sheath bug. It's been more than a year and if you search the keywords "Nikana Zaw' in the forum, you'll find a lot of people reporting the bug. And yet after all this time, DE has chosen to ignore this.
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